This is set in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. That's all you need to know.

Our shared magnets pulsed with excitement. This was why we had joined Rescue Team Angels, these battles for the safety of all. Or in this case, the safety of our own team. This Regirock had said we must be exterminated, but it would find our team more powerful than it anticipated.

We maneuvered around the creature, going to the side so that our teammates Torrent and Breloom could attack as well. Then we let loose. First a Supersonic to make it dizzy and protect our weaker teammates, then simple brute pounding with our favorite attack, Sonicboom. Out of the corner of our eye we could see our teammates fighting just as hard. Breloom's Sky Uppercut was a thing of beauty, her lithe form cutting through the air fist first. Even we, a sexless trio of magnets, could appreciate the sight. We can only imagine what was going through Torrent's head as he covered her getaways with a powerful Hydro Blast. Even the newest member of our team; a Drowzee who had joined us not three levels into the Buried Relics, was putting on a valiant show. We had always respected the power of the psychic type. It was a pleasure to see Psychic used on our foes now, instead of us.

The Regirock showed no physical signs of tiring, but some instinct told us that it couldn't hold up much longer. We intensified our assault, already exulting in another victory for the team we led.

Everything went white…

We were falling through a white void, our senses utterly scrambled, yet we heard a voice at once utterly foreign and somehow familiar echo in the blankness.

"Fuck! The batteries!"

We smile at our two companions; Breloom and Torrent; before we float into this new dungeon. It will be interesting to see what the Buried Relics hold in store for our rescue team. We wonder why we feel so uneasy…

I wrote this after I was playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and working my way through the Buried Relics for the first time. I hadn't even noticed my batteries were getting low when they cut out. Right in the middle of battling Regirock. After screaming in frustration, I sat down and wrote this. This is the first one shot I've ever written. Amazing. If you can figure out what kind of Pokemon is the narrator, I'll send you digital cookies.