I do not own Baron Humbert von Gikkingen, Haru, or any of the characters from "The Cat Returns." I am just an insignificant insect that is just a fan. All characters belong to Studio Ghibli and Disney.

This is my first "The Cat Returns" fan fiction. I always loved that movie, ever since I first saw it on long ago. I got the DVD as soon as it came out, and never looked back. The English dubbing is just as wonderfully entertaining as the Japanese one, with my favorite stars in the cast. The voice of Baron being the favorite star that I loved in the "Princess Bride" and in "Men in Tights." If you see my profile, I am mostly a ZAGR writer, and if you have no clue, what that it, well come see it, in my Deviant art site. I drew a picture of the Baron and Haru in dance, which inspired my writing this.




Here I made Haru truly believe in herself. Most fan fictions have her turning into a cat, though for me, that seems the opposite of what Miyazaki truly intended for this female character.

She is in her true human form, because she now trusts in her decisions and has gained wisdom over the years. She had taken chances and decided a path for herself in her own life. There was always something special in her, which she has harnessed to develop into a very prominent woman. Despite wanting to see her dear friends from her past, her life now had taken her to far off places, and she learns that there is a difference between "wanting" to see them, and "needing" to see them.

In her life, Haru learned to become one of those helpful sorcerers, opening a doorway of a different world to her. Her apprenticeship and schoolings though difficult, she had excelled in. After that, she had many adventures, meeting and making new friends along the way. She had many jobs and duties to fulfill, sort of like an Indiana Jones and Mary Poppins like manner. Though she is modestly known in our world, in other worlds, she has become renowned.

Over the years, Haru knew that despite everything, there was still one person whom she held secret in her heart, on a pedestal. Through late nights of study or perilous mazes, she pictured in her mind's eye, the Baron. What would he do, and think of her if she failed? She would shake off that feeling, calling it nonsense and precede on with anew vigor. The only one, she had ever let on, in her curiosity for the Baron's welfare was to her closest dearest friend, Queen Yuki, or now known as the Snow White Queen. The Queen would suggest she visit them, but Haru would hesitate and dismiss it, being that it was childish.

Unknown to Haru, the Snow White Queen had other thoughts to help her dear friend Haru. What perfect event to insist them to be in the same room? Than in the Harvest Moon Ball?




The night was rather warm, though, for summer, that is quiet commonplace, yet for this night, special events will take place. Friendships, merriment, and intrigue will ignite the night like the fireworks in the Moonlit sky. This is a special night, called the Harvest Moon night, where night falls in the Cat Kingdom… at last.

In the midst of this night, there is a very special ball being held for the Cat King's objective. The objective is that this night be celebrated for the good wealth and prosperity of the kingdom. Many visitors had come from all corners of different worlds, that link to each other. Cultures and species, that are courteous to each other, and for this night, were to be merry, in proper aspect of course. To refuse such an invite, not only, would cause the new Cat King, to question your intentions in being sociable, but your frame of mind, for missing a night of such rare entertainment.

Among the invited are the cats from the Far East, fashioning their gowns in a style cross between the European ball gown with vivid Indian patterns and sari drapery.

Every different representative had their own exotic yet very elegant panache to their gowns and suits.

The music, of course plays lightly while the guests arrive.

The carriages bringing the guests in were of all style and amusingly, different objects. The Indian South East had their carriage of flying oriental rugs adorned with throw pillows to seat the cat guests, as they arrive from the sky. Others arrive by carriages of odd shapes and color. One from the South African royal nations had their carriage like a large carved gourd, with wonderful engravings and bright beads lacing the exterior. At the stop, the Gourd had no doors, but beaded curtains that opened on their own. Stepping out, by the assistance of the Cat King's men, beautiful tall and elegant Onyxes cats, with large bright colorful leopard markings, exit, nodding their thanks to the men. The women wore a western style gown, with high long gold ring collars and an African pattern shawl over one-shoulder claps by a large raw ruby clip. The males are dressed in tuxedos. In high heavy collared jewels and rings on their paws. The strap African shawl draping over one shoulder, clasp with the golden shield with the emblem of their nation, proudly on their right shoulder.

The Northern cats, were dressed in almost like Christmas fashion, as the merry troop of cats, came in with a sled like carriage pulled by snow white rabbits. The carriage adorned in reds and greens, of rich holiday flavor. The cats exit out, merrily chuckling and the females exit first. They wore elegant yet rich warm styles and colors. The deep pine green and bright warm reds made them look more like a Christmas occasion then a summer ball. Still it was every bit as beautiful as the night. Their Russian fashioned troops assisted them, dressed in fur hats, and heavy boots. The female felines in Russian style summer festive wear, with high collars with bold and intricate designs. Laughing and smiling as the male cats, exit adjusting their collars and the strict white suits the male cats wore with heavy green and red trimmings.

All was merry and festive, with light music, keeping the guests entertained while the rest of the invited are to be waited for the real celebration.

Cats of all its shapes and sizes arising from every part of the world and different worlds, started to arrive as the sun was setting. Beautiful and elegant each of the carriage, though despite the differences none was less breathtaking than the next.

In the midst of all the humdrum and busyness of their arrivals, the Cat King overlooks from his high balcony at all the guests arriving. Smiling, as every one of them seemed to be merry spirits. At his side, resting her head on his shoulder and holding his hands with the Snow White and beautiful, Queen, smiling, and yet her eyes searching for her personal favorite guests to arrive. She felt a slight tremor of nervousness in the pit of her tummy. Her elegant evening down was pearl white with delicate and beautiful trimmings and pearls hanging from the trim. At her neck had a pearl collar, with a tear shape pearl in the middle. Her tiara had elegant and beautiful sparkling gems lacing around a large clear, crystal. While her husband wore a crown, but the gold snaking lizard that encircled his head and the place where the head and tail met secured a large, beautiful gem of Sapphire.

"Do you think that they may arrive a little bit late?" Snow White Queen asks to her husband. Her husband gently patted her hand in reassurance.

He turned to his beloved, "Worry not, my love. I am sure that they are just waiting for everything to settle down just enough to make a modest entrance."

The Snow White Queen wrung her hand nervously and sighs, "I just wish she was here, in order to help me, to not feel so clumsy right now. I feel like I might fall over my paws the moment we are introduced. Or that my crown slips over my eyes."

At that thought, an image going on inside the mind of the Cat King, he tried to hold back a soft chuckle that escaped. She looked at him disapprovingly at first, but then a smile broke out in her firm façade and she started to laugh softly.

"Oh thank you so much for your support Your Highness," she joked and patted him with her fan.

"Oh, please do forgive me. But such imagery can only come from the imagination of my beautiful Queen who has nothing to worry about, because elegance and grace is something that is as natural to you as the love you bring."

At that, the Snow White Queen bowed her head and blushed. "I see that you are still taking poetry from a certain friend of ours." The Queen whispered to her husband as she stole a quick kiss to his cheek. "Yet, I just cannot wait to see my friend; I haven't seen her for a while now. Usually, she returned, and we will chat and sit back, reminisced about the past, yet fascinate me with her adventures." The Snow White Queen look to the stars longingly, "I miss her so, months passed. Yet I always catch myself thinking of her and wondering what she may be doing at that moment. She probably thinks I'm so dull."

The Cat King put his claws to her chin and turned her to face him. "She would never think that. She would never have thoughts of such. You are her friend. As far as she is concerned, who opened doors to her that would never had happened until you came into her life. She does not think you are dull. She does nothing but praises you and loves you. You make yourself nervous for no reason. Your favorite friend, though, has a lot of reason to be nervous for herself. It seems misadventures are always at her step. If I were to be nervous, I would be nervous at what will happen when we finally re-introduce those two again. They are going to be in the same room, like long ago. Last time that they were together, it changed the face of the Cat Kingdom. Those two will finally reunite. Though, I wonder what it was that kept them separated for this long."

The Snow White Queen lowered her gaze and whisper "She always had certain shyness when it came to him. I know now it is not like her, with her achieving so much. Yet, she does have her reservations. I cannot say more about it, only that it's something that has been brought up when we have our women talk." The Queen looks to the stars as if searching for any sign of their arrival.

The Cat King, look to the heavens and whispered to his Queen, "Has she disappointed you yet?" The King gave her a quick kiss on her cheek.

The Queen smiles and nodded, "No, She has not. Though it is not, whether I will be disappointed, but rather surprised. That, she has never failed to do, is to make an entrance rather surprising."

In the ballroom, the orchestra changed the mode of music as the clock struck the hour. It marks the beginning of the festivities. Almost all of the invited guests had arrived, with all the regal ennoble cats waiting to be introduced. The Cat King turned and held his arm out to his queen, smiling to her with kind eyes, "I guess, there goes our chance at catching them arriving. They will once again surprise us, as always."

The Snow White Queen looked to her husband, sighing, "It is not fair, it's like they're waiting for a chance for me not to see their arrivals. Therefore, they can take us by surprise! I want to so much too one up them for once! As Queen, perhaps I shall make that a royal rule."

Both chuckling, they exit the balcony, to the grand ballroom to make their welcomes.

The grand ballroom was nothing short but breathtaking, for there was a grand orchestra, to play the music, and the lights were set illuminating but crystal chandeliers, with hanging prisms that lit the grand hall with a soft light and little rainbows, dancing across tabletops and the polished marble floor. The music stopped and changes tempo, to announce the audience of the royal highnesses arrival.

Waiting for them at the door of their entry was non-other than their oldest son, and soon to be crowned prince, Prince Lucero, trying to keep a very serious façade at being in his first major event in his young life. The young teenage cat, trying to behave grown up, to make his father proud.

The Snow White Queen Yuki, put her snow soft paw to her young son's chest, and beamed. "You look so handsome, my Lucero."

The prince's firm look gave way to a nervous grin, as he sighed to his mother, "Oh mother, thank you. Yet I cannot seem to stop my tail from being a nuisance. It's twitching so much."

The Snow White Queen, Yuki look to her son, and leaned in, whispering, "So is mine… but I thank goodness to the long dress I am wearing, to hide them. For you, my dear, I would think that you just stand a little by my side to hide it, and act as if; you are escorting me by arm. When you feel that it has calmed, then you may step forward a bit. How is that?"

Prince Lucero nodded, "A well thought plan, as always mother."

The Cat King nodded at them both, then adjusted the coat of his son's collar and ribbons, "Well, this is a great event to have your introduction. I am very proud of you my son." the cat prince nod to his father and beamed at his father's praise.

"Shall we?" Prince Lucero asks as he took his mother's hand and rested it to the crook of his elbow, while his father led them onward.

From the top of the steps, they emerged, with trumpets announcing them. They both raised their hands in greeting, to all. As applauses rose, the King and Queen nodded at them in recognition. Then, the prince, Prince Lucero, took a step forward from his mother's side

"Welcome my dear honorable guests to this grand and wonderful event this evening. As the crowned prince, I bow to you, and thank you for arriving to partake in the celebration of the Harvest Moon tonight. The Cat King shall now make his salutation to all. Let us, give a round of applause to our beloved King, The Cat King." At that, applause rose and cheered as the Cat King, stepped forward.

"May comrades of neighboring kingdoms and worlds, let this be the beginning of the celebration and a manifest of the good fortune that will last. We are blessed by not just wealth, but by the wealth in our hearts and alliances. I hold this celebration not for myself, but to all of us, as a sign. Despite the distances, we who carry tonight in our hearts will truly never be parted. Let the celebration commence!" The Cat King raised his paw and with a flick of his wrist, a dragonfly of beautiful splendor that sparkles and blaze like a star, flew from his paw and over the ballroom. At that signal, the orchestra started to play, a wonderful melody to dance and be merry.

Everyone partners up and wait on the side. While the Cat King and the Snow White Queen stepped down to the dance floor, and took the first dance. The both, still very much in love, waltz like pure poetry and the Snow White Queen whispered to her beloved, "Oh my dear Lune, I love you so." The Cat King looks into her eyes, and whispered back, "As I love you my sweet Yuki."

Many watched the royal duo, sighing in envy and whispering how lovely they are. The prince nodded at seeing his parents still very much in love. The audiences sway and tap their tails to the music.

The Cat King, "Still as lovely as the first time, I saw you… so long ago." With that, he gave her a slight twirl and dip. In the midst of their dancing, certain events were taking place outside….

When the music, ended with them taking a pirouette and then they parted in a bow and curtsy, as the music ended, each reveling in each other's gaze as if time stood still. A gentlemen's voice spoke up breaking through the silence, "I would like to give a toast, to the Royal Couple, who have graced us with their exemplar waltz." The familiar voice perked the royal highnesses ears.

The Snow White Queen turned her head to the sound of the voice, smiling to see the familiar voice belonging to the very familiar and cherished face of their Baron, "here, here, The gentle cat is right. Let us give a toast to the Royal highnesses!" Called out, the voice of the African nation cats in their African accent.

"CHEERS! SALUTATIONS! SALUDA!" The enthusiastic audiences cheered. They all held their glasses and a cascade of clinking crystal ring through the ball. "If I am not mistaken, my dear, I do believe our late guest is next to your dance card." The Cat King smiled, and wink to his Queen. The Snow White Queen rolled her eyes at her highness and held her soft Snow White paw out. Stepping out from crowd, donning a dark cape with a red inner lining, and polished, elegant lace top boots, was an orange tabby, gentlemen cat, which everyone knew all too well. The Baron approached the Royal highness in confident yet respect steps. He took the Queen's hand, gave her a deep bow and a kiss on her paw.

"I will be honored to have this next dance." , said Baron.

"My dear guests as you know, we are all familiar with the infamous, endearing ally and friend, the one, the only, Baron Humbert von Ginkkingen."

With that introduction, Baron Humbert von Ginkkingen, turned to the audience and gave very respectful bow. The audience all gasped and spoke to each other in hushed tones of the famous cat from the Cat Bureau. Making evident, that the Baron's reputation precedes him.

The Snow White Queen began to waltz with the Baron. His Royal highness, the Cat King offers his own arm to one of the female delegates for a chance to dance. All would seem complete, if it were not for one late guest, who was still arriving.




"I hope we're nottoo fashionably late my dear lady." Says a young male voice.

Up in the night sky high in the clouds passing the stars was a strange flying object. On the other hand, would rather be strange if we were in our world. At a glance, it was a flying carpet. The Oriental rug had a particular and peculiar caped and hooded passenger.

"Nothing happens without a purpose. We would have been perfectly on time, if we were not perfectly on time, for what had made us perfectly late. I would not pass the chance to help another. Besides, we still have plenty of time. The event has just started, according to my clock." Reply a perk, elegant female voice from under the hood, to the male voice.

The male voice spoke again, "It is not as if I do not understand, is whether they would understand, that worries me. This is an important event, the Harvest Moon, and here we are riding along trying to catch up with the rest of them." There was a disappointed hiss coming from her satchel. "It would have been grand to be announced in with the rest of those pretty delicate folks. To be announced with trumpets and fanfare."

"My guess with you riding on my shoulder, hoping to be mistaken for some collard jewelry?" the elegant Lady reply, as she was checking herself in her compact mirror.

"If they were not so eager to use me as a cat toy I would love that! Instead, to be put into your satchel, next to the compact mirror! The only time you get to speak to me is if you want to powder your nose! How is this helpful to my dear mistress?" The male voice pouted in her satchel.

The elegant female wag her finger at the satchel, "Now, now, don't you try to butter up your way. That is unbecoming. I let you ride along almost all the time. It is just that for tonight, you just do not match my evening gown. Also, taken to the fact that cats and you do not get along. If I had it my way, you would be right there greeting the guests as you so endearingly do. Though sometimes I think the reason you rise up and say hello is to startle the unsuspecting."

The small male voice reply, "Only if I need a laugh or two…. Yet you cannot account me for that."

The elegant woman tightened the dark cape and hood drawstring around her neck. "Indeed." Then she smiles as the lights and the Cat Kingdom castle appears in the horizon. She placed her cool hand to her beating heart, trying to still the quickening drum.

"Why so nervous? You have been to these kinds of things before! Is there a certain reason?" the male voice asks with a hint of tease.

"Well, my cheeky friend, I am not. If I were, the reason would be, that tonight, the Harvest Moon ball is a very important and diplomatic event." Then she took a deep breath and sighs, "So everyone will be there…everyone." With that last word, an image of a certain someone appears in her mind's eye. She clears the lump in her throat. "There's the castle now."




The castle rose to view to the hooded woman, as she flew closer on her magic rug. It was lit up like fireflies and stars in the horizon. Even on such a distance, and with the wind in her ears. Her sharp senses could hear the music playing.

"There's the castle in view, and it is beautiful as always, since the first time, I laid eyes on it." The shrouded woman, sighs, "I seem to have missed the first dance. Oh how tragic, I would have loved to have seen them waltzing. Oh well, there still the rest of the night."

The flying rug took a breath catching dip, to the castles direction. The cloaked figure nodded at all the familiar and gorgeous scenery, noting the new arrival's carriages and such. There were other larger magic carpets. The magic rugs shook their tassels in greetings to the smaller flying one, the lady was riding on.

"I say, I think it would be best to circle round, discreetly." The robed lady suggested. The magic rug adheres and circles about the towers and pillars, slowing a bit, at the windows. The robed lady took note that all was peaceful, and safe to land.
"Well, seems like everything's going smoothly, and safely here. I say we honor our invitation now. Hopefully we can enter without much fuss."

The robed figure flew the rug safely down, at the front, where all the other guests had arrived. As expected, two stern guards approach her, with arms at the ready of drawn swords.

"Halt, by the Cat Kings guard's command!" one guard demanded firmly. The other guard asked of her, "Who are you? Do you know that this occasion is by invitation only?"

"I am who I should be and always will be." The robed character stood up on her magic rug. She showed the palm of her hands, had nothing there.

"It's a human! A woman!" The guards stood back in a gasp, then recollecting themselves. They lowered their weapons a bit, but still at the ready for this stranger.

"And I do have an invitation." in the flick of her wrist, sparkles flew and an elegant cat style card appeared at the tips of her fingers.

"Magic! Then that means... means..." both guardsmen cried in unison, taken aback.

"As you may have guessed, I am a little late." The mantled lady lowered her hood. Revealing to the Cat Guards, the elegant, breathtaking beauty of a Japanese lady. Her hair with an Audrey bob hairstyle, clipped by a quartz crystal barrette on one side. Her soft warm coffee eyes sparkling like the stars above. From the shoulders down, the thick velvet cape of midnight blue hides the rest of her.

Both cats at first stare at her mesmerized by this human beauty before them. One almost raised his hand as if he wanted to touch her, to see if she were real. "Your... you're the Lady Sorceress Haru... "The guards exchanged a quick realizing glance to each other, and then they look back at the Lady Haru, and fell to their knees, "Forgive us Lady Sorceress. We did not mean to offend..."

Lady Haru, wave her hand to dismiss their apologies, "Please, a polite hello would do. There is no need for you to go to your knees. You'll mark your uniforms."

"Please Lady Sorceress; don't turn us into anything... like frogs. We have duty tonight, and families." One soldier begged.

"No, no, pleases, I am just Lady Haru, and I will not turn you into frogs. How ridiculous, that would be a waste of two fine gentlemen felines, like yourselves. I understand you were just doing your duty, it is most understandable."

Both sigh in relief, then one guard eyeing the other, rose to the Lady Haru, and offered her his arm. "If I may Lady Haru, escort you in? I would be so honored if you would."

The other cat guard narrowing his eyes, at the obvious usurp of his guard partner, ran to her other side, "Lady Haru, you honor me tonight with your presence. If I may, can I escort you in, and be your guide?" He smiles to her, and then over to his partner, gives a smart grin as if saying, "Take that, buddy!"

Lady Haru glance at them both and bow her head modestly, "Well, with a royal guard at each arm. I shall feel safer going in." However, despite her feminine appearance and demur manner, within her, stormed a woman of great power and sorcery. Yet she never lets on, as they, both took her by the arm, and walk her into the great doors of the Cat Kingdom's castle.

They escort her to the door, where another set of guards cross spears at them, "Invitations please."

The guard on her left rebuke, shaking his paw, "Invitations, please? Do you not see who you are speaking to at this manner?"
The other cat guard at her right rose to her defense, "Where are your manners when speaking to such a refine Lady?"
The door guard sweated and stood back at being admonished by the two other guards, "I was just asking. I did not mean to offend. I am just doing my job here."

Lady Haru raised her hand to silence the cat guard beside her, and then turned to the door guard smiling, "There is no need to fuss. See? Here is my invitation. I hope I am not being a bother" The Lady Haru handed her card to the door guard.

"Oh no, you seem much too nice to ever be that." The door guard smiled at her, succumbing to her beauty as well. The cat guard looks to the letter, amazed at whom he was speaking with.

He fell to his knee, "Please, forgive me for my..."

"Oh not this again... please do get up" Lady Haru please gently.

"Yes, we already did that! Don't you know, that a graceful bow and..." chide the cat guard to her right, and then he took her hand and stood back a bit to demonstrate. He gave a deep bow to her. "A graceful and polite greeting, like 'Welcome my lady, I am Rex, an honored guard of the Cat King, how do you do?"

The other guard at her left rolled his eyes at such cheesiness, "Show off." He grunts under his breath.

"My snide partner is my twin, Lex."

Lex took her left hand and bent to kiss it, shouldering his twin Rex aside, "As he said, I am Lex, a twin, to my dear and yet, grating brother Rex… forgive his boldness, he knows no better…"

The hair raised in the back of Rex's neck and head, "Grating? Why you…." Then stopped short at the sound of a soft chuckle.

Lady Haru smiled at them and gave a small brief curtsy in return to him. "Thank you, and that is a nice demonstration."

Lex the cat guard, offered his assistance, "May I put away your coat?"

"I can put away your purse for you!" Rex offered.

"Why thank you, yes you may." Lady Haru handed her satchel to Rex, "Please be extra careful where you put him, I have a friend inside, and I wish for him to be somewhere very comfortable..."

Rex took the Satchel, while the satchel insisted, "Yeah, put me somewhere nice and warm! You heard the lady!"

Rex gawks startled at the satchel, "It can talk! A talking purse!"

The male voice in the satchel protested, "No the purse can't talk, it's what is inside the purse that can talk. My name is Fiddly, how do you do?"

Lady Haru put her hand over Rex's and warned, "Please do take care of him. He is my dearest friend; may I trust you with him?"

Rex looks into her eyes, and held the satchel to his chest, to still his beating heart, "I will guard him with my life my Lady!"

"Excuse me… but your guarding the breath out of me! You're squeezing me too hard!" Fiddly whined.

"I will guard your coat with my life as well!" Lex interrupted endeavoring to get her attention.

"Thank you." Lady Haru, untied the drawstring to her cloak. Lex assisted with her coat, and as it fell away from her shoulders, their stood the Lady Haru in splendor.
The dark blue, cape parted from her to reveal her ball gown, like a midnight sky parting to reveal the dawn. Her gown a soft sunshine with patterns in silk and satin of cherry petals in flaxen shades on her silky yellow gown that seem to fly, and spiral upward to her bodice. The quartz stones set on her bodice of heavy silk and satin, the intricate lacing and patterns entwine on the chiffon with the boning curved and compress her slim form. The very elegant hoop skirt had the top skirt fall in swags over specially pleated ruffles that seem to shimmer and change in the light in every angle. The falling yellow petals seem animated like in the breeze catching the light as it fell.

Her bare shoulders, though fair, seem to have a peachy glow to them.

The cat guards all around, could only catch their breath. All rendered speechless, at the sight of this young woman, in her brilliance.

Lady Haru took no notice of their reaction. She could only focus on what was ahead of her now.

"My guess this is where I take my leave of your company. You will need to return to post, I presume?" ask Lady Haru, as she lookup to Lex and Rex.

Lady Haru, look at one then the other, as they numbly nodded.

"Alright, then I will be expecting my coat and my satchel at the coat room?"

Lex and Rex nodded silently to her, still unable to respond. Lady Haru raised a brow and look to each of them thoughtfully.

"This is where we part ways tonight. I hope you both have a good evening and thank you for assisting me tonight." with that, Lady Haru curtsy then turned from them toward the ballroom's entrance.

"Struck you dumb, huh? Well she is alluring. When you two stop staring and looking like two gaping gargoyles, may I suggest we go to the coat room now?" Fiddly piped up from the satchel.

Lex and Rex look to each other, and sigh, "I always thought of the stories of her were greatly exaggerated, but now I see, they were understated"




"Ok, take deep breath, shoulders back, and chin up." Lady Sorceress said to herself, right before she descended the stairs. Yet as she took her first step down, she could hear the gasps and whispers, from below. Guests turn their head to see the one human among them, who by her beauty alone took the attention of the room.

"Is that lovely thing, a fairy?"

"I have never seen such a creature before."

"My, what loveliness she is… such soft fur on her head."

"Her gown is so elegant, is it French?"

"I have never seen her before."

"In a way she does seem familiar. However who could ever forget a lovely like her?"

Gasps and whispers began to permeate the great hall, as the ballroom guests took notice of the young exquisite human descended the steps.

"Is that Lady Sorceress Haru?" one guest gasps loudly.

With that, the rest began to murmur and soon even the guests who were observing the highness dancing with Baron Humbert von Ginkkingen turned and began to whisper.

Lady Haru kept her eyes forward, thinking to herself, "There goes discretion." Lady Haru scans the room coyly to find her dear friend the Snow White Queen, known to Lady Haru as Yuki.


The Snow White Queen spoke to the Baron in their dance, "It is always so good to see you my dear Baron Humbert. All is well in the Cat Bureau?"

The Baron smiles warmly at his grace, "Of course it is, as it should be. My friend Toto is here, when you like to pay him a call. Though Muta still has his, as we can call it, reservations, in making a public appearance."

"But we had pardoned him fully. He should not worry about imprisonment." The Queen said.

"Oh no, it's not that. It's the suit and ties, also for a cat he has two left paws when in comes to waltzing…. This may be not his forte."

The Queen at first looked bemused, and then the picture of Muta trying to dance and knocking down half their guests pops in her mind. The Queen began to laugh quietly at that thought. The Baron also grins at the Queen in her amusement.

"That is quite right. Oh but how amusing that would have been. Oh nonetheless, he is missed. I would like to pay visit to your abode. Yet my duties do restrict me. Perhaps the residence of the Cat Bureau would pay us a visit?"

"I do not see why not. Your kingdom is always a marvel to visit. I think it would be wonderful."

The Queen looks to him, with a teasing gleam hinting in her eye, "Yes, that would be wonderful. Perhaps Haru would accompany also. After all, she is to be here soon and I am sure she would love to greet them again. Though, she is welcomed there, is that right, Baron Humbert?"

The Baron smiled back and nod at the Queen, "Of course it is, your highness. After all my doors will be always opened be it day…"

The murmur and gasps from the crowd around them, took the Baron's attention from the Snow White Queen. His focus lost in their conversation as it turns to the site of a certain someone descending the steps.

"…or night." The Baron whispered in sharp intake of breath, astounded at the yellow-gowned human, descending the long steps of the ballroom.



I hope you enjoyed this chapter; this is in a very different manner I usually write in. I am much more vulgar and rash in style and vocals. This is a different story though, with different people and different mode. I am refraining from allot, but I find that the O/C character Fiddly, may help relieve that. What and who is Fiddly? Well you shall see… I hope. Enjoy this, and please give some input, when you can.