Here I am happy fans of Baron and Haru pairings… Will this be the chapter that they will dance? Sorry it took forever, but you know, I wanted this to be perfect! We all do, do we not? My grammar does bite and yes, I know that my present and past tense mixes up. It comes with a public school education. Hope you enjoy this… I wanted to pound this out to all you kind readers!

"Do you remember a little school girl named Haru Yoshioka?" A soft wind whispers in the trees. A raven waiting outside on the castle roof lifted his head to listen to the wind. "Wonders never cease." Thought Toto…



"Take a deep breath and chin up." Lady Sorceress Haru repeated to herself. Her discreet entrance foiled, as gasps and murmurs greeted her, she knew that she was drawing attention from the room. She took her slow steady steps down the stairway, and as she did, she spotted the Snow White Queen in the midst of them, like a white rose in a garden. The Snow White Queen silently greeted her across the ballroom, with a raised brow and a smart grin to her lips. Lady Haru, knew that Yuki was probably thinking, "What timing, Haru, just you wait till I have word with you!"

Lady Haru smiled warmly to Yuki, until Yuki turned in her waltz, to see that her partner was non-other than Baron Humbert von Ginkkingen!

Lady Haru turn her eyes away as if she was still looking about the room… feeling the blush rise in her face. Feeling those eyes on her, she could not be rude. She could only coyly smile to him, while the drum of her heart beat against her ears. Baron Humbert von Ginkkingen nodded to her, politely. However, she could not read his face, because she had to pretend to be admiring the view of the other ballroom guests.

Lady Haru gulped down the knot in her throat, and hid her nervousness with a polite smile and a confident step…



Baron tried not to get distracted yet…. Like the sun setting on the down on the horizon, he watched this mysterious lady descend the steps gracefully. Scanning the room, looking for someone, her eyes browse through the ballroom, until it stopped right to him. Her steps slowed and a coy smile touched her lips in greeting. Baron Humbert von Ginkkingen, could only nod in return, yet continued to gaze as if in a trance. Only until he heard his name repeatedly, that he realized that he has neglected his dancing partner, the Snow White Queen. "Baron Humbert von Ginkkingen? Are you in there?" The Snow White Queen asks.

At first Baron Humbert von Ginkkingen blinks at the Queen, "Excuse me?" as if he was just waking from a dream, then realizing his faux pas, he apologizes, "Oh, how rude of me, please forgive me."

The Queen feigns insult, as she admonished him lightly, "It is unpardonable Baron, Perhaps your heart is just not in it." the Snow White Queen look to Baron with a knowing grin, "Perhaps I will forgive you, after tonight. I have a favor to ask of you."

Baron Humbert von Ginkkingen raises his brow in question on what the Snow White Queen had in mind.
The Snow White Queen look to Haru and tilt her kitten head to the side, "She seems to have really drawn attention to the room, hasn't she?"

"Yes, she most certainly has." Baron Humbert von Ginkkingen said absently, as he gazes to the young woman approaching.

"She has grown so beautiful and elegant. I am so proud of her." the Snow White Queen mused.

"Yes, she most certainly has." Baron Humbert von Ginkkingen said again in trance.
The Snow White Queen observed the baron's reaction and smiled in amusement by his expression.

"So much she has done, since you last seen her. It has been sometime since you've seen her last, hasn't it?" The Snow White Queen observes while seeing his reaction as he still gazes at Haru.

"Yes, she…. pardon me?" Baron Humbert von Ginkkingen looks to the Snow White Queen in baffled.

"As I said, it has been sometime since you have seen Haru, hasn't it?" the Snow White Queen repeated playfully to the Baron.

"Haru?" Baron Humbert von Ginkkingen gasps in realizing, that the young human woman approaching him was non other than the young girl he rescued long ago.

"Her correct title now is Lady Sorceress Haru Yoshioka or just Lady Haru, if she allows it. Perhaps I shall reacquaint you to her." the Snow White Queen looks to Lady Sorceress Haru as she approaches them…

"Lady Sorceress Haru?" Baron Humbert von Ginkkingen had so many questions going through his mind as he saw her approaching.

It was as if she floated to them than walked, her warm smile on those elfin lips. Her warm chocolate eyes, sparkling like dark jewels by the soft glow of the room. Yet she was not even looking to his direction, only to the Snow White Queen. In her path towards, them, many guests deviate to her, with some giving polite and gracious greetings, to vie for her attention. Lady Haru, curtsy with smiles, to the guests, while she excuses herself politely in as she approaches. Finally, Lady Haru paused to wait among the audiences, who were watching the Snow White Queen dance with the Baron Humbert von Ginkkingen.

Baron Humbert von Ginkkingen could have sworn that Lady Haru had nothing in her hand, yet with the flick of her wrist, she had an elegant lacey fan fluttering over her face. The scent of plumaria touched his senses. Trying to focus back to his dance, Baron Humbert von Ginkkingen turned away from the yellow rose beauty, to focus on the white rose dancing with him.

When the song ended, so did his dance with the Snow White Queen, as she merrily clapped for the orchestra, and to her partner. "You're a marvelous dancer Baron Humbert von Ginkkingen, though in the end, you did seem distracted." The Queen pressed her white paw to her chin as if in thought, "Perhaps it was for good reason, Baron."

The Baron could only raise his brows and his face seemed to warm at what she was signifying.

Before the Baron could reply, the Queen looks to Lady Sorceress Haru and beam a welcoming smile, "If you will excuse me, Baron Humbert, for I have to greet a very dear friend of ours."

Baron could only bow deeply to the Queen, as she return his graceful bow with the nod of her head and polite diminutive curtsy. Then Baron offered his arm to escort her. They joined the rest of the audiences.



Lady Haru, was fluttering her fan while they danced, noticing how Baron Humbert von Ginkkingen, was stealing glances at her. She had to hide her blush and cool the warmth in her cheeks.

"Does he recognize me? Is he looking to me, to remember?" she thought a little disappointed. "I may guess with all he has gone through, he does not recognize me. In addition, I have to take to account; I am not that pupil from long ago. I have changed a bit, so I cannot fault him for that. Baron though has not changed a bit, still as dashing as ever. Even at this moment, I feel like he can just read me, as soon as I look into his eyes."

As soon, as the song ended, Lady Haru clapped along with the others. She applauded to the orchestra's magnificent song, and to the dancing of her dear friend the Snow White Queen, Queen Yuki.

"Chin up, and take a deep breath. Focus, on Yuki… After all, she is the reason I am here. Baron is just secondary. Remember his full name, is Baron Humbert von Ginkkingen. I cannot refer to him by just Baron anymore. Unless he asks, of course… still even then, I will refer to him in full. After all, this is a ball, and this is no time for nonsense." With that thought, Lady Haru squared her shoulders up, and focused solely at the Queen, as the Queen smiles her greeting to her.

As the Snow White Queen approached, Lady Haru curtsy a deep genuflection, that was appropriate for the Queen,

Lady Haru bent her head down, "Your royal highness."

"You may rise, Lady Sorceress Haru." Bid the Snow White Queen, and then held her arms out for a hug, where Lady Haru, despite all the civility, hugged like the old friends they are.

"You made it by some miracle! I would have guessed it would have been too much to dream for you to be on time?" teased Queen Yuki.

"You never know, wishes may come true." joked Lady Haru.

"By my nine lives, is that before me, Lady Sorceress Haru? Is trouble at our doorstep, storm crow?" a suave masculine voice asks.

Lady Sorceress Haru turns to see the Cat King, King Lune.

"Your highness, pardon my unpunctuality." Lady Haru curtsy deeply to the Cat King.

"Rise Lady Sorceress Haru, I pardon you for the simple fact, that we love you. Now by royal command, come here and give me a welcoming hug also!" the Cat King chuckles as he beckons to her with open arms.

Lady Haru also clasps her arm about the Cat King. She held both her dear friends the Queen and King close.

"It has been too long my dear friends. I miss you so much." Lady Haru thought to herself, as she relished their hug and warmth.



Baron Humbert von Ginkkingen stood by the side as Haru and her royal friends relished in their reunion. His gaze entranced by the strange being before him. So many questions stirred in his mind…

Baron Humbert von Ginkkingen thought to himself, "How did Haru Yoshioka get here? How is it, she is here without turning into a feline? She has changed so much from last I have seen her. So much intrigue surrounds her now. Yet I have to admit, more than just my curiosity has been struck."

Baron Humbert von Ginkkingen tried to see her more closely until he felt someone brush by him. Lady Haru looks up and that is when Baron Humbert von Ginkkingen thought that she was smiling at him.

Lady Haru turns to Baron's direction. She gives a deep curtsy and looks up smiling softly, with a look of familiarity. Then she holds out her arm in greeting, "It has been forever since I last saw you!" Baron Humbert von Ginkkingen could only smile back and just as he was about to respond, he felt Prince Lucero brush past him.

Prince Lucero looks to her awestruck, "Haru? I mean… (Clears his throat nervously) Lady Sorceress Haru?" Prince Lucero seemed unsure and yet he tried to approach the trio, but was hesitant… Baron Humbert von Ginkkingen could only chuckle as he realized that the prince was also awestruck by Haru. It seemed like a small comfort to baron to see someone else taken in surprise by the Lady Sorceress.

"Come my lad and greet our dear friend and your godmother! She was there and held you in her arms, from the first day you were born." The Cat King, King Lune boosted and the prince could only look nervously at his father then to the Lady Haru.

Memories flood back into his mind and for Lucero it was as if time froze….



Haru holding her arms to him, as she climbed up to retrieve him from the constructed tower. He was frightened and gotten stuck so high up. When Haru flew up on her broomstick after him, he cried to himself. He thought he would be the only cat frightened by heights. Nevertheless, Haru just smiles and him in her arms, she hugged him and whispered, "Look at up, into the horizon. Do not look down, until you are used to it. Isn't it breathtaking?" At first, he refused to peek his head out from her arms. Then slowly he peeked from one eye… where he gasped from what he saw. The horizon, was so beautiful and the large white cotton clouds rolling about in the blue. There was the sparkle of the great cat lake. They were approaching it, and curious as the kitten he is, he warily looked about to see Haru was riding on a broom. Still in her arms she was flying, with magic!

"Are we going to fall?" Little Prince Lucero asked.

Haru tightened her hug to him. "Don't worry my prince. You will get used to this. I found that out long ago." Lucero held on to Haru. He really did get used to it. However, he did not get used to its beauty. His whole kingdom and the sparkling lake lay before him, below.

"We're flying so high!" The prince bounced and laughed happily in her arms. His fear of heights forgotten and lost. He began to jump around excitedly, "Can we go fast in this thing? I want to go faster!"

Haru gave a wry smile to the prince, "Oh yeah…" and with a kick of her heels, they took off into the distance.

Racing through forest and between trees, where everything raced by in a blur! Prince Lucero was first startled. Then the feeling of fear became one of excitement and fun! His laughter ringing out as the flew just few inches above the lake, his own reflection looking at back at him, as he reached out to touch the water, "I want to touch a cloud!" cheered Prince Lucero.

"Alright but what's the magic word?" Haru teased as the crossed over the lakes bank startling a few cat anglers.

Prince Lucero cleared his throat, "May we touch a cloud, please Haru-Chan?"

Haru smiled back at Prince Haru and in the snap of a whip, they were off to the sky! Prince Lucero always wondered what a cloud would feel like. They always looked like large cotton balls and imagined they were probably the softest thing ever in the cat kingdom!

"I am going to bring a cloud back to mama so she can use it as a pillow. It will be the softest pillow in the kingdom!" Prince Lucero exclaimed to Haru.

Haru shook her head and tightened her hug to the kitten prince, "Sometimes my little prince you say the cutest things that makes me love you even more. But these clouds are not cotton… as you will find out."
Prince Lucero hugged her back, "I love you too! I will grab a cloud back for you too! They should not be heavy because they float all day, so they have to be light! We can take a really big cloud!"

Prince Lucero eyes scanned about at all the white fluffy clouds, just itching to be picked.

He pointed his little paw to one. "That one is perfect! It is just right for mama. She will be so happy!" Haru obeyed the little prince and approached the cloud.
"Prince, I need to wrap my cloak around, for safety reasons." Haru opened the front of the cloak and hugged the kitten prince to her. Then she tied the cloak around them both and pulled the hood over her.

"Are we sneaking up on the cloud, so it won't run away?" Prince Lucero asked.

Haru laughed at that, "No my sweet prince. (Laughing softly) It is because clouds can be dangerous."
The kitten turned to her, "They can?"

As they approached, Prince Lucero reached out of the rich thick robe to pinch the cotton softness. However, it seemed when they got closer. It would just be out of reach.
"It's running away! We need to get closer." Just then, Prince Lucero looked around and felt the air nip on his nose. His paw was soaked and the sun was blocked. It was like a thick fog. Her cloak had droplets glittering the thick velvet coat. He felt Haru rub her chin to the top of his head, in comfort and her hug tighten.

"This is a cloud? Isn't it?" Prince Lucero said in a small-disappointed voice. His dreams of bouncing on clouds and feeling their cotton burst. He felt like crying, "Clouds are just plain old fogs!" Prince Lucero wanted to cry from the disappointment.

"Why Prince Lucero, clouds are not plain! Their not plain at all!" Haru chided to him. "Just because you saw clouds one way and then end up finding out they are not what you expected, does not make them lesser in your eyes! They play a vital role on earth and where do our think storms come from? They are not just cotton balls in the sky. They are actually quite dangerous if you not careful!"

The little prince looked doubtfully, "Dangerous?"

Haru nodded and in a moment, they were in the cloud even further.

"As you know, clouds are made from water… that evaporated from earth. When it is hot, the water goes up into the air."

"Like when the water in the kettle gets out, you see the steam. Oh, I get it, the steam! The steam is a cloud, right?"

"That's only part of it." With that, Haru flew higher, and there Lucero could see where he saw swirls of steam. "When it cools it gets heavy, yet not heavy enough to fall. Just enough for you to see it. Just look, the droplets are so small, they are molecules, See?"
To Lucero's amazement, Haru pulled out a strange magnifying glass, where Lucero looked in, and saw millions of droplets spinning around.

"Those are molecules. You can see them with my magic eye glass."

"So the water molecules just sit here and dance? What happens when it rains?"

"They get pretty heavy with water. When it gets too heavy, they cannot keep dancing to stay afloat. They fall, and make raindrops. Yu know how important rain is, right?"

Lucero nodded, "It feeds the land… Oh, I get it! Then it gets warm again and comes right back up!"

"It is the cycle of the cloud." Haru nodded and nuzzled Lucero.

Through the eyeglass, the molecules danced even more frenzied.

"They are dancing really crazy!"

Everything felt statically.

"Uh oh! Your know how storms come from right?"

"From angry clouds?"

"In a way, yes. The hot air and the cool air are too drastic. Like in the fall or spring. They do not mix too well, and the clouds have a sort of tug of war. The molecules get crazy from the temperature changes… then you get…. WATCH OUT!"

Haru flew to the side in a dash, there in a distance; a lightning streak flies by in the distance, below them! A moment later, a loud deafening clap of thunder rumbles over their ears.

"LIGHTNING AND THUNDER!" Little Lucero yelled out covering his ears.

"That's right! You are so clever! The billions molecules dancing like that, makes a charge, like when you shuffle your feet too much on the rug. Except here instead of a static shock, all those molecules make lightning! the thunder is when the lightning erupts."

"Clouds are dangerous! It's like their magic!" Prince Lucero was in awe at the powerful magic of the cloud that surrounded him! "All this to make rain drops? Well that seems a bit much for that. Talking about being over board!"

"Don't be so catty! Clouds make more than raindrops! Nevertheless, let us depart here. Lightning can kill even a mile away!"


"Well, lightning always look for the fastest way down, looking for what we call a conductor. We might not have any metal, but the energy in my magic and your energy will make an excellent conductor. The power of one lightning rod is extremely powerful! That is one reason flying in clouds is dangerous. "

"One reason?" Lucero asked warily.

Haru nodded, "Well here we are."

Just then, he felt a thunk on his head. He looked up angrily to see what hit him! Another thing just whizzed by him, and like the cat he is, he instantly reach out and snatch what whizzed by him. At first, it looked like a crystal ball! However, the cold told him it was ice! An ice ball?

"This is hail." Haru exclaimed taking the ball from his hand. "Blocks of ice. When it is cold the molecules stick to each other and freeze, turning into sleet or hail."

"Something like that can really hurt someone!"

"Sometimes worse than that! Some hails have been recorded to be as large as basketballs! Causing allot of damage!"

"Clouds are dangerous! Is it hailing below? Will anyone get hurt?"

"No, the hail is too small and by the time it reaches below, it will melt into raindrops."

Haru pulled an apple from her pocket, and threw it up into the air, so high, little Lucero could hardly see it in the clouds, then when it cam down, Haru smartly caught it and showed it to him. The apple was in a block of ice!
"Sometimes it gets so cold here that if some people who have fallen in clouds had become encased into a block of ice!"

"Wow! Thank goodness, I am in this warm cloak with you. But are we close to the North Pole?"

Haru chuckled at that, "No little prince, we are still in the cloud. Take a look at this!"

With a wave of Haru's hand, Prince Lucero could see white fluffy stuff swirling around.

"This is snow!" As Haru reached out and grabbed a handful of white fluff, to show Lucero.

Lucero poked it a bit, "Is it snowing on the Kingdom?"

"No, this will all melt before it reaches there. Taste it!"

Lucero took the snow, "It's cold, but so soft!" then he licked it, "I like it!" Then Lucero stuck out his tongue to catch the snow on his tongue, "Too bad, I can't bring anything pretty for mama. The clouds are great and everything."

"I haven't shown you the last thing clouds make."

Lucero pulled his head in. wary for any other hail that might thunk him. He looks up to Haru "Really? What else is there?"

"Take a look around."

Prince Lucero poked his head out to look and to his awe, there was falling around him, beautiful large snowflakes. Every one of them, twirling around like a ballet dancer. The he could hear Haru humming to herself a soft lullaby. Then he could hear it too, the sound of an orchestra…

Swirling and twirling, dancing in the sky. They say we live but a moment and the next moment we die, but that small moment we all learn to fly.
Yet what they do not understand that a snowflake is a snowflake forever. They say it so sad how we all just melt. Turning to raindrops the moment we are felt.
Do not be fooled by your eyes.
We are eternally dancing and twirling in the sky.
We change our dresses and the moment we kiss
then come right back dancing a moment as this.
We all change our costume and then we begin again,
swirling and twirling dancing in the sky. We have done this before and after you die.
In this small moment, we dance for you. Swirling and twirling we dance in the sky. Always changing but staying the same.
This is what we call our little game…

Prince Lucero looked in awe at all the beautiful large snowflakes swirling and twirling around him. Each one is breathtaking yet different from each other.

"No two snow flakes are ever the same. I know a wizard who spent two centuries trying to find that true. He has recorded billions of snowflakes and their types, but every day there are never one alike the other. A lot like kittens, and people."

"They are beautiful!" Prince Lucero reached out to grab one, but when he looked into his paw, to his dismay it melted in seconds and turned to a raindrop! "I can't grab one!" He cried in anguish.

"Oh, don't be sad. That is how it is. They melt the moment they kiss your hand."

"I wanted to take one to mama. I wanted something really nice for her." He said in a small sad voice, letting the small drop fall from his hand.

"A gift from the heart. You truly are a prince, Lucero." Haru smiled and caressed his cheek. "So let's find a snow flake!" Haru swirled her hand in the air, and her eyes flashed. She raised her voice, "Each snowflake is beautiful yet different as we are. It will be unbreakable like the bond between a mother and her child. It will shine like the eyes of your mother when she looks to you with love. You seek a gift for love, out of the purity of your heart. So will this snowflake be as pure, eternally."

In a flash of sparkles glowing before him, was a beautiful snowflake. It floated to his paw. It felt so light yet it did not melt or feel cold.

"Will it break?" Lucero asked holding it like it was fragile.

"No." Haru placed her hand over his. "This is a wonderful gift for your mother, my mighty cloud hunter."

Lucero hugged her again and off they flew back to the castle. Now clouds were not just cotton balls in the sky. They were full of magic and danger, and yet beauty. When they got back, Lucero showed his mother his gift, and she was in utter shock on how beautiful it was.

"Lucero it is so beautiful! Not because it is an eternal snow flake, but that you thought of me, despite your adventure. I was always in your heart. This is better than any cloud you could have brought back!" with tears in her eyes, Yuki hugged her son and look to Haru. Haru stood by the side with her carpetbag in hand.

"I have to leave now, but I will be back. I will miss you my prince." Haru waved. Yuki gave Haru a tearful hug.

Prince Lucero began to cry and hugged Haru tightly, "I love you Godmother! I know that even if you're far away, I love you!"

Haru hugged him back, "Then I will never be far away. I will carry you in here." She said pointing to her heart.

Prince Lucero look to her with tears in his eyes, "I wish I got you a snow flake as a gift. I wasn't thinking when we went out there."

Haru shook her head, "You already gave me a gift, silly. Being your godmother is the best gift of all." With that, Haru gave little Prince Lucero back to Yuki, climbed on her broom and flew off to the clouds.

Prince Lucero leaped out of his mother's arms and chased after Haru, waving and calling out, "Goodbye Haru-Chan! I will miss you, and be careful of the clouds! Goodbye!"

Haru waved goodbye back, until she faded into the clouds.

Prince would remember that summer as the summer of Haru-Chan.



Now back to the moment, the prince saw before him, Haru. Yet she was so different yet the same since he saw her last. He was older now, but she seemed so eternally young. Only now, his boyhood crush seemed to blossom again in his chest. Prince Lucero bowed back to Lady Haru politely though his nerves were going haywire. He took a deep breath and smiled back to her, "It is so good to see you godmother."

Lady Haru rose, "It is good to be seen, your highness."

Prince looked around. He wanted to hug her so bad too! The Baron whispered in a soft voice, "Take command, and do what your heart tells you what is right." Baron Humbert von Ginkkingen nudged politely.

Prince Lucero look to him and nodded. The baron was right! This was not just a subject! This was someone very dear to him! What good was it, if he could not hug and welcome someone that had changed his life for the better?

"Lady Haru… I mean Haru-Chan?" Prince Lucero held out his arms and Lady Haru with tears in her eyes, went over embraced the prince. Prince Lucero wanted to purr in happiness. The familiar smell of plumiera brought back dear memories.

"My mighty cloud hunter." Lady Haru whispered to the prince, and he tightened his hug.

She remembered! After all her adventures, she remembered him and the clouds!

"Haru-Chan." Prince Lucero whispered shakily.

It turned out to be a tearful reunion after all…



Baron Humbert von Ginkkingen feeling a little out of place stepped back a bit. It seemed that the prince was rather familiar with Haru. It was hard to believe that before him, was Haru Yoshioka. She was quite fetching before, but now she was breathtaking. Baron Humbert von Ginkkingen could not blame Prince Lucero for his fondness.

Baron Humbert von Ginkkingen also noticed that her fan was now gone. Did she drop it? Given to someone else? Baron Humbert von Ginkkingen could only speculate that she may have magicians' hands. The manner, which something menial that was needed, always seem to be at their fingertips.

The Snow White Queen turned to Baron Humbert von Ginkkingen and waved her paw for him to approach. Baron Humbert von Ginkkingen stepped up to the group and bowed to the highnesses.

The Snow White Queen and the Cat King acknowledged his polite manner while Lady Haru fluttered her fan over her face. Cooling the blush rising in her face, she averted her eyes.

The Cat King, "Baron my good fellow, I am so glad that you have arrived! I did not give you proper greeting when you first came in. How we missed your presence here at the Cat Kingdom."

Baron Humbert von Ginkkingen smiled back his greeting and the Cat King and Baron clapped each other's on the shoulder. "I can never repay you enough for your assistance and most of all friendship!" The Snow White Queen smiled to Baron Humbert von Ginkkingen and took Lady Haru by the arm to stand closer to her. Queen Haru wanted to be sure that Lady Haru did not try to vanish.

The Snow White Queen waved for Baron Humbert von Ginkkingen to approach, "I am sure you have already acquainted yourself with the Lady Sorceress Haru?"

"Please to see you once again Lady Sorceress Haru Yoshioka. Is that your title now?" Baron bowed and kissed her hand like the gentleman he is. Yet as he kissed her hand, he inhaled the scent of her skin and the softness of her hand in his gloved one. His lips pressed to her silken hand, feeling a strange and welcoming feeling jolt inside him.

Lady Haru wanted to close her eyes and enjoy the feeling of his touch and the warmth of his hand holding hers. His kiss sent a strange sensation in her that made her blush even deeper. She had to flutter the fan over her face to cool her cheeks.

"Salutation Baron Humbert von Ginkkingen, and as for my title, I just use Haru most of the time. I try not to include my family name for… personal reasons. It is a pleasure to see you again." Lady Haru said, feeling the slightest squeeze of Baron Humbert von Ginkkingen hand. She did not want to be let go of his hold.

"The enchantment is all mine. Forgive me but I do have to admit that I did not recognize you at first." Baron Humbert von Ginkkingen said looking deeply into her eyes.

Lady Haru felt a twinge in her heart, "I am not a silly school girl anymore."

Baron Humbert von Ginkkingen responded, "Well I do not remember a silly school girl. I do remember a girl who had a good head on her shoulders and spoke from the heart. Now I see before me that the bud had bloomed to the rose."

Lady Haru swallowed his words. Her eyes warm and glisten with unshed tears.

"I had not forgotten you Baron Humbert von Ginkkingen. You were the one that helped me open new doors in my life." Lady Haru said in a calm and warm voice. Yet inside she felt awestruck by his words.

"Lady Haru never forgets anything actually. She always remembered even the most minuscule detail" defended Prince Lucero. He did not seem to realize what was going on between Haru and Baron.

"I believe that a certain cat has this first dance." Snow White Queen looks to Baron Humbert von Ginkkingen. He looked amazed at the Snow White Queen, in the chance she was referring to him.

The Cat King took a hold of her paw, "Your absolutely right my dear. The first dance will go to non other…"

Baron Humbert von Ginkkingen braced himself, both anxious and keen to dance with the lovely Lady Haru.

"May I ask you for this first dance?" Prince Lucero asked in a polite bow to Lady Haru.

Lady Sorceress at first was startled, and then a smile spread her fair face. She answered with a smile and a curtsy.

"Prince Lucero will have the honor of dancing with the Lady Sorceress herself!" The Cat King exclaimed happily.

The Snow White Queen tried to hide the disappointment in her face by smiling to her husband yet whispering under her breath to him.

"Her dance card says it goes to Baron." She smiled at her husband, despite her chiding tone.

"I know what you're doing. Can't pull the fur over my eyes, my dear." The Cat King whispered back through the side of his muzzle.

"I don't know what you're talking about…. Besides who can stop the path of true love? I want Haru to be as happy as I am." Queen Yuki looks to her husband, batting her eyes.

"My father did too. So he tried to marry me off to her, remember? Let the fairies of love play this game. Besides everything is good as is." With that, the Cat King held out his arm and accompanied the Queen to a waltz.

"Look to your side, already the Baron is awestruck." The Queen said in a piteous tone.

"I understand how he feels. I felt that same manner when I first saw you. Yet it could be just curiosity for her. I know that everyone is curious of her, which is why she is so striking to felines." The Cat King observed.

The Snow White Queen sighed "They are struck by more than just curiosity. They are struck be her grace, and when they know her, even more so than that."

The Snow White Queen looks to the Baron Humbert von Ginkkingen. A feline delegate approached him. She was in the east style attire with golden eyes. She blushed and Baron Humbert von Ginkkingen bowed and held his arm out for a dance.

"At this rate, my grandchildren would have to get them to dance together." The Snow White Queen sighed.



So poor Yuki is trying to help Haru once again with the matters of the heart. Baron is curious of her. So many questions and so little answers. Now the prince is in the mix as well. Her admirers are growing, but who will take home the prize?