Title: Reason to Smile
Author: a1y-puff

Genre: General/romance… maybe…
Disclaimer: I do not own Prince of Tennis.
A/N: Just a random thought popped out in my mind while staying up late. Almost three in the morning yet when I wanted to sleep, the idea poked me, LoL. I'm sorry if there's a little OOC-ness. I'm typing with my eyes barely open xD


"Why do you always smile?"

The sudden question made Fuji blinked. It's not like Tezuka to start a conversation during their study-together-time. Not to mention asking some random question out of the blue.

"Why do you ask?" Fuji asked back with a smile plastered on his face. The kind of smile that seemed to be the result from force of habit.

"Just curious," Tezuka replied as he turned his attention back to his book. He didn't really expect Fuji to answer anyway. He even didn't know why he asked in the first place.

"Well," Fuji started to speak, still with a smile displayed on his face. "Probably because I don't like to show myself to people. Since, you know, they don't seem to want to see the real me anyway. All that they see in me was I'm being a tensai, and my tennis skill and stuffs," Fuji answered in a rather nonchalant tone.

"That's why you're wearing a mask?" Tezuka asked again. This time, look straight into Fuji's eyes.

"You can say that. If no one wanted to see the real me, then I might as well hide my real self," Fuji replied in a lower tone of voice, though the smile was still on.

Tezuka diverted his attention back to his book. "Then," he said as he flipped a page of the history book he was reading, "You don't have to smile while you're with me," he continued.

Fuji stunned for a moment, but then an even wider smile was formed on his face. "But I want to smile," he said.

"Why?" Tezuka asked.

"Because I'm with you."


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