I'd love you to love me

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A/N: Well, a cute Taito drabble. Took me about half an hour to write, and it's awfully short. I guess I'm just in a lovey-dovey mode and needed to get this out of my system.

Beware of fluffiness. Lots and lots of it.

I'm often described as the beautiful one. And well, to be honest, I do look good. But he…

His skin. That's his major trait. It's tanned all year around; makes him look healthy, like a summer day.

His body. The muscles very visible and he moves with a confidence that I envy.

His hair. Well, a lot has been said about that hair. It's big and bushy and messy, but when you touch it it's really soft and it smells so very… him.

His eyes. They're this chocolate brown colour with a bit of gold around the pupil. I could look into those eyes for hours and hours.

And then there's his personality. He's the most wonderful person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He's the leader, the clown, the friend, the big brother, the soccer star, the kid and the careless joyful spirit all in one. He's my best friend, he knows how to handle me and I think he knows me even better than I do. People may think he's stupid, but he's not. He's very intelligent when it comes to a lot of things, like saving worlds or giving advices to friends or inventing excuses (okay, maybe we should scratch that last one).

There's just one thing about him that's not perfect. He's not mine.


Did I mention his voice? It gives me goose bumps…


"Mhm?" I answer absently.

"Yama, you're drooling."

I flinch. His face is just a few inches from mine and his grin is enough to make my body tingle.

I can sense his smell, that very special familiar smell. I want him.

"Yama, what's up?"

He sounds worried and his smile fades.

"I'm fine" I manage to blurt out.

"You sure? You're acting all… weird."

The classroom is awfully quiet, everyone staring at me. I don't usually loose my coolness.

He's still close. Too close. His soft red lips were looking rather inviting.


I can't resist. I simply can't resist. So I kiss him.

I can hear people gasp. But I don't care. His lips against mine sends a shiver down my spine and I'm in heaven.

When I pull back, he just stares at me. I can hear our teacher cough by embarrassment and maybe disgust, I don't know.

Taichi looks as if he's been hit by lightning. Then he grins widely.

"You taste like strawberries" he says, and this time, he's the one kissing me.

I can hardly breathe. My Tai. My gorgeous, wonderful, beautiful Tai.

A cough makes us pull away from each other. Our teacher is staring at us, her eyes wide open and her face deep red.

"Outside. Now", she stutters.

We obey, ignoring our classmates' looks of disbelief.

The teacher is pushing us out of the classroom and closes the door behind her.

"I'll talk to you two after class" she says. "Stay here."

She turns to open the door, but then she suddenly turns back to us.

"That was really sweet. You're a cute couple" she adds, her eyes sparkling with held back amusement. "But don't tell the principal I said that."

Then she leaves. We look at each other, not knowing how to react.

"I love you, Taichi", I say bravely.

"And I love you."

I kiss him again, my Taichi, and I realise that he is completely perfect. Because now he's mine.

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