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Author's Note: Okay, I swear I am working on Chapter 6 to "For the Love of His Son", but last night I watched "Transformers" AGAIN, and realized to my horror that I could quote the entire opening monologue and so I made up words for it while I made dinner, while I brushed my teeth and then when I went to bed I realized that perhaps little Naru-chan would enjoy my word game as well… that, and I'm sure it would piss Sasuke off. So, forgive my drabble, I know not what I do.

More Than Meets the Eye

"Before time began, there was the cup…" The blond haired boy of 17 opened the cupboard with reverence and slowly lifted down "the cup".

"We know not where it comes from, only that it holds the power to create better days and fill them with warm, salty broth." A smile split across the faintly scarred cheeks.

"That is how Little Naruto had grown;" After setting the kettle on the stove, the teen turned on the burner.

"For a time, he lived in harmony, but, like all great power, some wanted it for breakfast, lunch and dinner; others NEVER!" The boy's hand grabbed the orange shirt over his heart in soul numbing disbelief.

"And so began the war; a war that ravaged the Uchiha complex until it was consumed by evil smirks, dark glares and childish pouting." The whistling of the tea kettle drew the boys attention to adding hot water to "the cup".

"And the cup was lost to the far reaches of the grocery store," the boy bowed his head as if in mourning, shaking it sadly.

"Naruto's clones scattered across the village, hoping to find and rebuild the awesome feeling the cup had given him," He moved to sit at the table, still watching the clock as he waited for three minutes to pass.

"Searching every store and private home." He drummed his fingers on the table.

"And just when all hope seemed lost," With another toothy grin, the boy ripped off the lid and positioned his chopsticks.

"Message of an Uchiha sleeping on the couch was received," the boy slowly lifted the chopsticks to his mouth.

"And "the cup" mysteriously returned, along with harmony… yay!" The sounds of slurping filled the kitchen.

"Hn. Are you quite done?" The midnight haired boy who had been sitting at the table throughout the entire dramatization inquired.

"Huh, I guess." More slurping.

"I don't know what disturbs me more… the fact that you've seen "Transformers" enough to have memorized the lines, or that you turned it into some ridiculous ode to ramen." With that, Sasuke stood, pushing in his chair.

"Hey bastard, when I finish here, lets watch "Transformers". I'll make popcorn."

"No, Naruto. You've ruined it for me. We are never watching it again." Sasuke turned to leave.

"Ne, Sasuke? So, if I ramen-ized the dialogue to, oh, let's say "Naughty Nympho Ninja's 3", not that there's much to begin with, we'd never watch that again either?"

Sasuke stopped, not turning around, fists clinched at his side. After a moment, his head fell, "I'll put "Transformers" in, hurry up, dobe."

As he walked away he distinctly heard Naruto muttered, "I fell in love with an Uchiha. Turned out to be a moody, horny bastard. Who knew?"