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Sasuke groaned as he awoke. He immediately knew something was wrong- although it was obvious he was still in the Valley of the End, he felt uninjured. In fact, his clothes were unblemished, minus one small modification that seemed to have been made while he was knocked out during his duel with Naruto- there was an extremely long chain attached to his back that seemed to go on for infinity, and a much smaller chain attached to his chest, that was about ten feet long. Merely touching it burned him, so he decided it best to leave it alone for the moment.

Looking around, he saw a very surprising sight- there were two Narutos laying on the ground not far from him. One was obviously very injured, with a long, broken chain. The other was as unblemished as Sasuke himself, with only two chain links protruding from his chest, one of them broken. Sasuke wondered what the significance of the chains was- did they mean that they were dead- nothing more than ghosts, with their bonds with their bodies broken forever? If that was true, then wouldn't Sasuke's body be around, too? It took him a moment to realize that they were on the bank of the river that flowed through the valley- it wasn't too hard to imagine his corpse floating down the river. Then again, the chain on his back seemed to be moving, if only slightly- could it be possible that he was still alive? But Naruto only had one chain, and it was on his chest. So where did the one on his back go...? He grimaced, faced with the decision of staying with Naruto or going to find out where the chain went. He gulped, and made his choice.

As Naruto woke, he became immediately aware of another presence aside from his own. He sat straight up, and looked to his right- standing next to him were Kakashi and Pakkun, who were looking away from him. Curious, Naruto followed their gaze, and was horrified to see his own bloody corpse laying there, with a long chain attached to its chest that crawled into his direction looking down, he saw that the chain was broken- and the last link matched the break in the chain that was mysteriously attached to his own chest. Before he could even really ponder what they could mean, Kakashi spoke. "If only... I had gotten here sooner..."

Pakkun sighed. "It wasn't your fault, Kakashi... I don't think anyone could've seen this coming."

Naruto spoke up. "Uh... guys? I'm over here."

However, they didn't react to him at all. However, someone else did. "They can't hear you, you know." Naruto turned to the source of the very familiar voice- standing behind him was none other than the Sandaime Hokage, dressed in black robes, with three katana strapped to his waist. He was also wearing the same bandana he had been wearing in his fight against Orochimaru.

"Wh- ojii-san? B-but.. aren't you..."

Sarutobi sighed. "Yes, Naruto. I am. And I hate to say it, but so are you." Naruto's eyes widened as the shock settled in. Sarutobi's eyes settled on the extremely short chain attached to Naruto's chest, which had begun to corrode the moment Naruto realized the implications of those words. An instant later, red energy began enveloping Naruto- the Kyuubi's spiritual energy. The energy formed a hand, and ripped the chain from Naruto's chest, revealing a hole that went all the way through his chest. Some kind of white liquid poured from the hole, and flew to his face, covering it almost completely. Before the substance closed on his forehead, however, Sarutobi dashed towards Naruto and tapped him on the forehead with the pommel of one of his katana, and Naruto became enveloped in a bright light and then disappeared. Sarutobi sighed once more. "Looks like I got to him in time... I wonder how he died, though..."

Kakashi's eye widened. "P-Pakkun, did you feel that?"

Pakkun nodded. "Oh, yeah. What do you think it was?"

Kakashi looked down at Naruto's corpse, which he was now carrying. "It felt like the Kyuubi's energy, but also there was something else... something even darker than the Kyuubi, if that's possible."

Pakkun sighed, and looked at Naruto. "Come on... we should go back to the village. It would be best if we could get him a proper burial. I sincerely hope that it wasn't Sasuke who did this... though the hole through the heart says otherwise. Tsunade-sama will not be pleased."

As the two of them disappeared, Sarutobi sighed yet again. "Sasuke, huh? I'm going to have to get Naruto to tell me what's been going on lately. Though it appears Tsunade is my replacement... that's good. Better her than a lot of people I know." A moment later, a door appeared right behind him and opened, with nothing but light on the other side. "Well, I guess I better get back to Soul Society... I need to see if I can get permission to search for Naruto. Though I'm sure I can get it, especially if I ask the right people." As he walked through the doors, they closed behind him and disappeared, and the valley became eerily quiet.

As Naruto awoke for a second time, he noticed something was on his face- taking it off, he realized it was a some sort of fox mask, not unlike what the ANBU wore, but this had a more menacing feeling to it, if that was possible. Deciding to hold on to it, he took a look at his surroundings- he was in the middle of a street in a town, but the place was quiet- too quiet. Looking around, he realized that there were people, but they were all staring at him. He growled. "What? Is there something on my face or something?"

A little boy meekly spoke up. "Well, th-there was..."

Naruto looked down at the mask in his hand. "What, this? Don't tell me that this was all you guys are afraid of..."

A man's voice came from behind him. "What, do you mean that you're not a Hollow?"

Naruto looked towards the man. "Hollow? What are you talking about? I think I just died, like, ten minutes ago."

There was a major sigh of relief throughout the crowd. A man in a robe just like Sarutobi had been wearing pushed his way through the crowd. "Alright, what's going on here?"

Naruto looked up at him; his spiky red hair kinda reminded him of Shikamaru, while his attitude almost seemed like Kiba's. Great- NOW his life decided to flash before his eyes. "These guys think I'm something called a Hollow or something like that. It's all cleared up now, though."

The man glared at him. "Is it, now? So you had that mask when you died, then?"

Naruto gulped. "W-well, no... you see, I was talking with a guy who had a robe on like yours, and then there was this big pain in my chest, and there was all of this white stuff, and then he hit my on the head with the pommel of his sword, and then 'POOF', I'm here!"

The man softened his gaze a bit. "I see... a konso during hollowification, huh? Never heard of that, before... I'm sure the higher-ups are going to want to meet you." A black butterfly fluttered next to the man's face. "Speaking of which... they just called out a Rukonkai-wide search for you. You must be something special, boy..."

Naruto sighed. "Why do I feel like that this whole after-life thing is going to be one big pain?"

The man smirked. "It normally is at first... you get used to it eventually, or so I'm told. Name's Abarai Renji. You're Uzumaki Naruto, right?" Naruto nodded slowly. "Well, come on, then- I've got to get you to Seireitei."

Naruto gulped. Renji had brought him into this large city guarded by very tall walls, with a very tall gate, with a very tall gate guard. After they had walked through, they were stopped by somebody. In front of him stood another one of those men in black robes; he guessed it was the shinigami uniform.. This guy had spiky blond hair similar to his own, but longer. He also had similar blue eyes. And, just as Sarutobi had still been wearing his Konoha helmet in death, this man was wearing a Konoha hitai-ate, and had two katanas tied to his waist. The man's lips parted to ask a question. "Uzumaki Naruto, shinobi of Konohakagure no Sato?"

Naruto nodded, and gulped. He felt like he knew this man from somewhere, but he couldn't tell where from. Not only that, but the man had quite a fearsome aura- just being in his presence was intimidating. The man walked up to Naruto, and Naruto broke into a cold sweat. The man stood right before Naruto, and before he knew what was going on, Naruto was being... hugged. The man sobbed. "I'm so sorry, Naruto... I'm so sorry... my son."

Naruto's eyes widened. Was this guy really his father? Naruto saw Sarutobi approach the scene. "Uzumaki Naruto, meet your father, Namikaze Minato... the Yondaime Hokage." Naruto began tearing up. "The Yondaime is... my father? I guess that explains a lot..."

Renji stared at the scene. "W-wait a second, this boy is the son of the Namikaze Minato? B-but... if he just died... then doesn't that mean that Namikaze-san was... fooling around with a human?"

Minato obviously didn't hear him, as he didn't deviate from crying into his son's shoulders. Sarutobi sighed. "Abarai... Minato died the day Naruto was born. I assure you that Minato wasn't the type to fool around... at least, not after he met his wife."

Renji nodded. "I don't mind, I guess... though it must be kinda cool to go back to the living world after you've died. Me? I was raised in Rukongai, so I wouldn't know what living there's like..."

Sarutobi frowned, but didn't say anything. Minato backed off a little, but kept his arms on Naruto's shoulders. The late Yondaime Hokage didn't bring his eyes to meet with Naruto's. "Naruto... I hope you can understand... I never meant for my decision to hurt you... the villagers... I didn't know-"

"Dad! That's enough... it wasn't your fault... besides, didn't ojii-san tell you? I had people who cared for me... people who'll chase off the ones who would dare dance over my grave... people who will always remember the good stuff about me... and besides. I died fighting for Konoha, and that's all that matters when it comes to getting your name carved on the Hero's Memorial Stone."

Minato smiled. "Heh... you really are my son... alright, then! Why don't you become a shinigami, like your old man?"

Naruto's face was priceless in his father's eyes. "Wh-wh-wh-WHAT?!? You don't just ask people if they want to go around, reaping people's dead souls! It just ain't right!"

Sarutobi laughed. "That's not exactly the way it works, Naruto-kun... a shinigami's job is to lead dead souls to the afterlife. You've experienced it yourself; it's not like it's painful, and it's forbidden for a shinigami to actively kill someone, except in extremely special cases..."

Naruto forced a small smile. "R-really..."

Sarutobi nodded. "In fact, shinigami have all sorts of abilities that even shinobi would find impossible..."

Naruto's small smile turned into a big grin. "Where do I sign up?!?"

Minato's smile grew. "Heh! I'll show you! First, you have to go to the Academy..."

"WHAT?!? An Academy?!? But it's barely been a year since I left the last one!"

Minato's smile faltered for a second, but remained on his face. "That just means you'll be more used to it! A lot of the people there have never been to an actual school before, so you'll have the advantage!"

Naruto gave another one of his vulpine grins. "Well, when you put it that way... what are we waiting for?!?"

Renji sighed. He had just gotten out of the Academy, so he knew how much of a pain it really was. Sarutobi chuckled at the sight; those two really were father and son. They'd barely been together two minutes and they were already grinning like idiots.

Sasuke couldn't decide whether to burst into tears or blind rage when he saw where his chain led. The other end of the chain was affixed to the back of none other than Uchiha Itachi himself, who was walking along with his shark-like partner, whose name Sasuke didn't really know. The shark-man was easily identifiable by his signature weapon, while it was simple deductive work to tell that the other man was Itachi. Sasuke growled, and ran towards Itachi, not caring that his Chidori wasn't activating. However, when Sasuke's fist went through Itachi's chest, the rip in Itachi's cloak didn't appear to confirm it. Frustrated, Sasuke began a flurry of punches and kicks- all of which went right through his hated brother, but none of which did any damage. Itachi just kept on walking. Frustrated, Sasuke decided to start walking away when he realized that the chain attaching the two of them was remarkably shorter than it had been before. Was this how an avenger lived his afterlife? Forever cursed to follow the one who was the source of his despair, forever cursed to not be able to do anything? However, Sasuke had one comforting thought- no matter how long it would take, at least he'd be there when Itachi died.

However, it seemed fate had something slightly different in store for the deceased Uchiha. A load roar shook Sasuke to the core of his being, and he broke into a nervous sweat- it was like nothing he had ever heard before, and the mere sound of it activated his survival instincts. Turning towards Itachi, he realized that either the two of them were ignoring it, or they didn't hear it. Sasuke turned to the source of the roar- a moment later, a large creature- or more accurately, monster- broke through the tree-line, knocking a few trees over in the process. Sasuke had never seen such a creature before- it looked kind of like a gorilla, but it didn't have any fur- only black skin, and on it's head was a white mask with black holes for eyes, and a grinning face. Both Itachi and Kisame were instantly on guard, but obviously couldn't see the beast, as their eyes scanned the area. Kisame turned to his younger partner. "What do you think that was...?"

Itachi activated his Sharingan, and kept his eyes on the general area where the trees fell. "Be on your guard... it seems we have more than just a shinobi on our hands here..."

Sasuke's eyes widened. Itachi could... see him? Then... why didn't he- Sasuke jumped out of the way of the beasts attack, and tried to kick the beast in the face. The beast blocked the kick, and then, grabbing Sasuke by the chain on his chest, held him high in the air. "Kehehehe... you're a lively one, aren't you? And you have such a powerful reiatsu for a human... I'll enjoy eating you. And when I'm done, I'll have those two over there for snacks..."

Sasuke's eyes narrowed in anger and fury. The tip of the chain began to rust. "No one..." He grabbed the chain on his chest, ignoring the burning feeling. "...kills Itachi..." He began to pull as hard as he could. "...BUT ME!!!" With one final pull, the chain in his chest ripped right off- leaving a gaping hole in his chest. Sasuke fell to the ground, screaming in pain, and he could feel a change trying to take over him as white liquid started pouring from the hole.

Itachi's eyes widened, and he dashed over towards Sasuke. Sasuke glared at his older brother, his hatred for the Uchiha traitor growing to such levels that Sasuke was able to ignore the pain and stand up and face Itachi. However, as the last of the material covered his body, Sasuke disappeared into nothingness. Itachi glared at the masked creature. "What... just happened here? What did you do to him?"

Kisame raised an eyebrow. "Uh... Itachi? Who are you talking to?"

Itachi ignored his partner, and focused on the creature before him. Said creature, recognizing the amount of killer intent and the amount of energy radiating from the man, cowered and bowed. "I-I didn't do it! It's because he ripped the chain from his chest!"

Itachi continued glaring at him, venom in his voice. "What happened to him?"

The creature cringed. "To sum it up... he's going to become... like me."

Itachi raised an eyebrow. "So, you're an evil spirit of some kind, then? That would explain why I need to use my Sharingan to see you... though that doesn't quite explain why I couldn't hear you before..."

The creature gulped. "I don't know about that either, but... with the level of power he had... I ought to get out of here before he re-forms!"


"Y-yeah, when I changed, I dispersed just like he did, and when my body re-formed, I was like this."

Itachi narrowed his eyes. "I see... and just what are you, anyways?"

"I'm not quite sure... haven't met any others of my kind yet. Though I do know... that I must eat human souls to survive..."

Itachi sighed. "I see... and knowing Sasuke, the first thing he'll try to eat is me..."

The creature gulped. "Y-yeah, when I changed, I was overcome with a desire to eat those closest to me..."

Itachi snorted. "We were once close... but now, I am the one he hates more than anything..."

Kisame had walked over to Itachi, obviously concerned about the whole affair. Not only that, but his Samehada had been acting really odd since the trees had been first knocked over. "Uh... Itachi? Are you alright? You hallucinating or something?"

However, before anything more could be said, there was a loud rumbling, and the ground beneath them broke- Itachi and Kisame jumped away, but the masked gorilla creature was instantly swallowed up by what appeared to be a large, white serpent. The serpent swallowed, and turned towards Itachi- said Uchiha was not all too surprised to see that there were three tomoe symbols on its white mask- one below each eye, and one on its forehead, in the same circular pattern as the Sharingan.

The snake began emerging from its hole, and as more of the body was revealed, so were multiple black wings, as well as long, white hair. The creature began flapping its wings, and the force of the wind kicked up a lot of dirt. It flew straight at Itachi, but when Itachi jumped out of the way, the snake changed direction towards Kisame, who was completely confused by the whole affair. In one swift motion, the snake swallowed Kisame whole, and there was instantly a change in the creature- it grew in size, as well as the number of wings. The creature turned to Itachi. It opened its mouth, and the voice was one Itachi knew well. "Itachi... it seems that I had to sacrifice everything to gain the power to kill you... even my own life. With this, the dark legacy of the Uchiha clan ENDS!"

Sasuke charged at Itachi, but the elder brother jumped out of the way. "Foolish little brother. It will take a lot more than that to kill me..."

Before either one could continue, however, a look of pain appeared in Sasuke's eyes, and he spat Samehada out of his mouth. "Th-that sword... it just refused to stay in my stomach..." However, his eyes narrowed when he saw what it looked like now that all of the bandages were gone. Smirking, a long tongue came from his mouth, wrapping around the handle. "Heh... looks like that that's not a bad thing..."

Itachi frowned as storm clouds covered the sky, and thunder rolled through his ears."Hmph... quite an appropriate setting for our final battle..."

Sasuke charged at Itachi, but when Itachi jumped out of the way, Sasuke used his tongue to swing Samehada at his brother. Thinking quickly, Itachi created a Kage Bunshin to jump out of the way, and onto the top of a tree. Sasuke growled as the rain began to pour and the lightning began to flash. "I'll kill you... and then I'll eat your ghost!"

Itachi frowned. "Well... I never thought your revenge would go farther than my death... though now that I know that there is an afterlife, I can't say I would've been too happy with that..."

Sasuke charged at him again, and Itachi lept from tree-top to tree-top, avoiding Sasuke's attempts to eat him, as well as the sword slices from Samehada. Not only that, but a few lightning bolts came unnaturally close to striking him. After one particularly close one struck the tree next to him, Itachi was forced to close his eyes... when he opened them again, Sasuke was nowhere to be seen. Itachi jumped out of the way just as Sasuke came from below and tried to swallow him. However, as he landed on the next tree, a bolt of lightning hit him straight on, paralyzing him. Itachi managed to speak through the pain. "H-how... so many lightning bolts... it seems..."

"Unnatural? You're right... I was controlling this storm the entire time..."

Itachi glared at what his little brother had become. "It seems... I have lost... but so have you."

Sasuke glared at him. "What do you mean?!? I'm still here, while you're about to die!"

Itachi grimaced. "But... aren't you already dead?"

Sasuke narrowed his eyes. "Let me rephrase that... I'll still be here, while you'll be wiped from existence!" Another bolt of lightning struck, and Itachi's corpse fell, while his spirit remained standing on the tree. However, before Sasuke could swallow him, Itachi disappeared in an instant, all traces of the energy that Sasuke had been sensing up until now vanishing. "WHAT?!? NO! I WON'T ALLOW THIS! MY REVENGE MUST BE COMPLETED! WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM?!?"

A voice came from behind him. "My, my... it seems he has passed on. I wasn't expecting that to happen in the middle of a battle." Sasuke turned his serpentine head to face the mysterious figure. "And just who... are you?"

Kasek: Evil cliffie, huh? I don't think I've ever read a fic where Sasuke gets turned into a Hollow, so I thought it would be a good idea to lay claim to it. I have plenty of cool surprises to spring, and some of you may have noticed the clues I've laid down as to what I'm going to do, and how I'm changing the characters. And yes, you will NEVER see Kisame again in this fic (as far as I know, anyways), so don't even bother trying to beg me to resurrect him. Itachi, on the other hand... well, we'll just have to wait and see on that matter.

For those who who might be wondering why Sasuke's so powerful when he just became a Hollow, it's because he had a lot of spirit energy, as well as the fact that he ate both another Hollow AND he ate Kisame.

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