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Friday night.

Chapter 1: The door.

After almost two hours of doing laundry, Rogue finally reached up to her bedroom, carrying a basket full of dry garments; she pushed the door closed with her knee and put the stuff on the twin size bed. Hands on her hips, she sighed: folding clothes was not exactly what she'd have liked to be doing on a Friday night, but she knew she had not much of a choice, not because of the clothes themselves, but because her life had always been this way: not really living it, but more like watching it or waiting for something that'd never come. A part of her wasn't yet used to it, and was always telling her to go out and… live!, whatever that could mean. However, the rest of her would tell that part to shut up, to stop being stupid, to understand that she'd never have what was missing in her life, and that it was much better to just accept it instead of trying to fight against it. Shrugging, she attempted not to think about it, and grabbed the first piece on the top of the basket. It was a green sweater; she folded it and put it on a side. Next, there was a grey sweater, and then a black one; a denim jacket, a brown jersey, a pair of gloves. All of them, things that could keep the rest of people save from her; she didn't remember the last time she went out to the street on a sunny and warm day, wearing a tank top. She had a blue jean on her hands when somebody knocked on the door.

"Please, not the Cajun", she told herself; but when she opened the door, he and no one else was right there, smirking at her, his arms crossed over his chest.

"Chere! Aren´t ya ready yet?"

She paused for a moment, not sure of what he was talking about.


"Ya sure want to make Remy wait, don' ya?" he then looked over her shoulder to her messy bed. "Or are ya tryin' to decide what ya're gonna wear? 'Cause I can help ya with dat, if ya lemme watch…"

She couldn´t believe he was so persistent.

"Remy, Ah think Ah remembah earlier today a few words that came out of mah mouth, an' they went somethin' like: "thanks, but no, thanks". Do yah, by any chance, remember 'bout that incident?"

"Oui, but I also remember I said I'd pick ya up at nine o'clock anyway, an' here I am, just as I promised".

Rogue, looking at him, felt suddenly tempted; wasn't that what she wanted, to do something else that didn't include folding clothes and wander around inside her bedroom? But…

"Good Lord, are we gonna go through this again? Why don' we better skip this part, an' get to the point where yah say "Remy's gonna leave you all alone then"?"

Chuckling, he rested his right shoulder against the door's frame.

"Remy never likes dat part; so, why don' ya get all dressed up, an' we both leave, hein?"

"Yah know very well that Ah'm not the biggest fan of those places you go to", she told him, one of her brows raised.

"Dere's nothing wrong with dem chere! Ya just haven't been in one enough time. But we can go wherever ya want; just pick a place".

In one way it felt kind of good that he wanted to take her out, to help her forget about the bad things; and she knew he was honest about it. But, on the other hand, she didn't want anyone to pity her; she hated when people thought that by giving her a candy or a pat in the back, everything would be ok, and they'd feel good because they did their daily good turn. Sometimes she just wanted people to ignore her.

"Ah just don' wanna go anywhere, 'kay? Maybe next time".

Remy frowned, knowing it would take a lot to convince her.

"Ya said de same thing last time".

"Well, Ah'm saying it again!" she burst out, starting to get mad.

"How can ya lie to dis poor Cajun chere?" he pouted with that puppy dog expression she had seen about a hundred times. "What're ya gonna do, den? Stay here, doin' nothing?", but when he finished this sentence, he immediately knew he had messed up, judging by Rogue's facial expression.

"Listen Swamp rat, what Ah do or don' do is mah business, an' only mine, got it?" She said, as he threw his hands up in the air in surrender.

"Je sais, chere! Désolé… But come on, don' ya really wanna go anywhere?"

"Nope, thanks for the invitation, an' bye bye!", she spat out, closing the door on his face. She thought he had finally desisted, but he proved her wrong ten seconds later.

"Chere, I'm gonna blow up dis door if ya don' show up right now, coat on and ready to go", she could hear through the door, and couldn't help but to chuckle quietly.

"Go ahead Cajun, an' after that, Ah'll throw yer ass down the stairs. Gee Remy, go have fun, or whatever yah want, but leave me alone!"

"You heard her, Gumbo", she heard, again on the other side of the door.

"Oh no…", she thought.

"Oui, but…"

"No buts; now scat! before I get pissed".

Behind the door, Rogue could hear nothing but silence for a few seconds; she imagined the two men were probably giving each other their most fierce gazes, and she wished she could be on the other side of the door, to mock them about it. Finally, Remy spoke:

"Only 'cause she said it… an' 'cause I won't waste my time on ya", and then, Rogue heard his steps, as they faded away. When she heard them no more, she opened the door to find Logan walking away as well. He didn't look back at her, and only said:

"Don't thank me".

"Wasn't gonna!" she replied, and closed the door.