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Friday Night

Chapter 4: The car

Blowing on her hands to keep them warm, Rogue found herself sitting on the passenger side of an eighties car; she was soaked from head to feet, and outside, rain didn't seem to be about to stop any time soon. She looked around, and wondered how on earth she'd ended up like that, that night; it was so weird, but she felt like she was dreaming the whole thing: like, after going to bed, she'd have begun to imagine it. But no, she was wide awake; she couldn't be imagining being so cold. And she couldn't be imagining either, to feel so… good?

She stared at Remy, then; he was working with some wires under the steering wheel, and next to the air conditioning.

"What're yah doin'? Don' tell me yah're plannin' to…"

"Steal it? Non chere, I'm on my day off" he said, and winked. Next, he touched a cable with one of the fingers his gloves left exposed, and the cable started to sparkle. "Voila! Now, put yer hands here". Rogue pretty much never used to take off her gloves when there was people around, but this time she didn't think of it twice; otherwise, she did as he asked, and a couple of seconds later, she could feel warm air through her fingers, coming out of the heater.

"Ah needed that… where did yah learn this kinda things?"

"Ya learnt a lot if ya grew up with de guild, ya know?" he answered. His brown hair was still pouring over his forehead, his ears, his neck.

Now that the surroundings weren't so cold, Rogue reached out for her chocolate's bag; it was wet on the outside, but luckily, not on the inside.

"Yum", she murmured, while biting her lip. He chuckled, and immediately thought that this was more what she was like: a little bit more cheerful, but still a deep minded person. He loved to bring that out of her.

"An' what else do ya secretly like? Besides chocolate, o' course".

She was chewing a bonbon. "What, yah mean, random stuff?"

"Oui, or I don't know, anythin' ya like".

"An' why'd yah wanna know?"

He swallowed a piece of chocolate before speaking. "If I answer dat ya might start to quarrel me". But Rogue smiled; she didn't want to argue; not now.

"Ah won't", she just said, and lowed her eyes to pick another bonbon.

"Well, I don' call ya "chere", for nothing, ya know dat. Don' ya?". Rogue's mind started to go a thousand miles per hour: "Oh no, gal; yah put yahself into this; what's wrong with yah?...". He continued: "It's… ya're different from everyone else". Remy's brain was almost burning too, but he decided to take a shot: "Do ya think dat maybe, someday, ya an' I…"

"Rem!" she burst out, opening widely her eyes in surprise.

"What's wrong?"

Rogue sighed, trying to compose herself.

"Yah know Ah can't 'someday, anyone an' Ah'. That's just not gonna happen".

"But life ain't that flat, ya haven' even given yourself a chance". Rogue kept her eyes on the car's front glass, looking at the uncountable rain drops; she wondered if he actually meant that, if he really felt that way about her, or it was only another one of his games. "Don' be stupid, it don' matter anyway; yah're just cursed. Yah can't change that. Nothin' can", she told herself, and put her gloves back on.

"Well, I just want ya to know dat I do care 'bout ya. 'kay?" he said looking at her, and she finally turned to meet his eyes. Rogue had seen many different emotions on them since she knew him: cockiness, mockery, despise (this one specifically applied to Logan), and many other things. But this time, she saw something so different on those red-on-black pupils of him. A lightning illuminated them, immediately followed by a big thunder that made Rogue gasp.

"Ammm… can yah turn on the radio too?"

"If I can? Remy an expert, chere; just watch", and after a few seconds of dealing with cables and red sparkles, the radio was on.

"Hey, hey! Right there, on that station; Ah love that song. Listen":

"…I would call you up every Saturday night

and we both stayed out 'til the morning light

and we sang "here I go again".

And though time goes by I will always be
In a club with you In 1973
Singing "Here we go again"…"

"It's like us, right now"; he put on his mouth his last chocolate.

"Not really. It's Friday. An' besides, it's still rainin'."


"Yeah, listen: "… so Ah could see clearly now, the rain has gone…" It's still raining like crazy".

"But it fits anyway, 'cause I called ya up. An' we can change it; from now on, it'll be "every Friday night"". Rogue smiled kind of sadly,

and they both stayed in silence, listening to the radio.

Rogue suddenly took conscience of herself, her eyes still being closed; she was sitting, resting her head on something. She stayed like that for a few moments, but then opened her eyes abruptly, and found out that it was Remy's shoulder she was using as a pillow.

"What the hell… ? Oh Gawd!" she exclaimed, sitting straight. Daylight was just beginning, and rain had totally stopped. "Hey… Remy… Wake up, Swamp rat!" she shrieked. He opened his eyes lazily.

"Hein? Go back to sleep chere…"

"Go back to…?! We've gotta go now! We gotta get home! Come on, let's go, what time is it?... Crap! 7 am! People must be awake already!" He straightened up and yawned.

"Ya had a good nite's rest? Not very comfortable, these seats, but…"

"Let's go!" she yelled, and jumped out of the car.

"Hey, wait!" he said, while running after her.

"Why didn't yah wake me up earlier?! Every single person in the mansion is gonna ask us were we where, not to mention Logan".

"Who cares chere? We had a nice time, didn't we?" he pointed out, and winked at her. She wanted to look angry, but then she realized that it was true; she didn't really cared what everyone else could think. So she started to laugh.

"Yeah, whatever. Thanks Swamp rat"

"For?" she just kept giggling and continued running.

"Come on, just hurry up! Or yah're still asleep?"

After working out from dawn to around 8 am in the danger room, Logan took a shower and went down the kitchen to get some good breakfast. When he finished, he thought he should go out, in order to buy some stuff; he decided to use the kitchen's back door. But when he pushed it to open it, he immediately sniffed it:

"Gumbo and… the kid?" he grunted and turned around. "Guess I'll leave shopping for later", and punching the palm of his left hand with his right fist, he headed back to the guy's bedrooms area.


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