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Victory is far away

Chapter 1

A new legend

After flying for what seemed like hours. Teo, Katara, Sokka, Aang, Haru, Toph, and the duke found themselves at the western air temple and Zuko close behind.

They split up into different teams: Toph, Haru and Sokka went to look for food. While Katara Aang Tao and the duke went to look around the temple for suitable shelter.

(Katara, Aang Teo and the Duke )

"Hey look at this." Said The Duke Pointing to 9 beds in 9 different rooms.

"Cool now we got a place to sleep in." commented Teo (A/n in case you don't know he's the kid in the wheel chair)

"Hey you guys come check this out." Yelled Aang and Katara from a large hallway.

When the others joined them they saw a huge statue of a girl with green eyes and brown hair, wearin a white, blue, green, and red wrobe.

"Wow she's beautiful" said Teo.

"There's something written here." said Katara and tried to clear some of the dust and read what was on there.

"It says that this Statue belongs to the Empress of Time Space and reality." Said Katara,

"Oh I've heard of her" started Aang " There was a legend about her, she's supposed to be immortal. She has powers that no one has ever known. She was the one who created the Avatar cycle" Said Aang

"But no one has seen or heard of her in over one hundred years." Finished Teo.

Toph, Sokka, and Haru were walking along the forest trying to find food. Sokka had a really sad look on his face.

"What's wrong Sokka?" asked Haru.

"Oh nothing I was just thinking of Suki." He said with a sigh as Toph kicked a tree.

"Don't worry you'll find her." Said Haru.

"I know that, it's just that I wasted all the time we had interrogation Azula.

"Sokka chill out it's ok we all make mistakes." Yelled Toph.

"Aang you said that there was a legend about the Empress of Time, Space, and Reality, would you mind telling me?" asked Katara

"Yeah that sounds awesome." Said The Duke,

"Lets see" started Aang. "About a hundred and 5 years ago during the classes at the Southern Air temple, the monks told of a beautiful princess, who received a magical gift from all the spirits. Giving her magical powers. She would live her life, and if the world needed her she would be called, and if she died only the Avatar would know how to summon her. So the day I disappeared I heard that The empress had mysteriously vanished." Finished Aang.

"WOW talk about a story." Said Teo.

"So do you know how to contact her?" asked The Duke.

"I don't think I do." Said Aang.

They were joined by Sokka, Toph and Haru coming back with huge amounts of food. The other helped to carry it to a comfortable place.

They were about to eat when they heard movement in the bushes.

"I'll see who it is." Said Aang and flew of before anyone had time to argue.

What he saw shocked him. He saw Zuko walking towards the temple, so Aang went to confront him.

"What are you doing here?" asked Aang.

"I have come to join you, and help you." Said Zuko.

"How can you help us?" asked Aang.

"Well for one I could teach you fire bending and two I could help you defeat my father."

"Why would you want your own Dad dead?"

"Well he hates me he wanted to kill me. So yeah plus I hope to find my mother."

"Why should I trust you..,I mean you did tyr to kill me."

"I know I have made some mistakes just allow me to make it up to you."

"Ok. Welcome to the team, but I warn you if you even think of betraying us you will be sorry." Warned Aang and Zuko agreed.

Back at the fire nation

Mai had just came in to her room and found a piece of parchment laying on her table. She took it and opened it.

Dear Mai,

If your reading this right now then I'm far gone. I finally realized what I need to do. I have to help the Avatar. I know you must hate me with all your hear right now, and I'm sorry. Today during the eclipse I plan to brake my Uncle out of prison and together we will help the avatar. I hope you understand.

Yours forever


After Mai had read the letter she knew what she had to do. She was going to find Zuko and help him anyway she could. She packed her stuff and began to leave, when she was stopped by Azula and TyLee.

"Where are you off to?" asked Azula.

"Iā€¦need to be somewhere and you really don't need me here." said Mai.

"Of course we need you." Said TyLee.

"No you don't I don't do anything except hang with Zuko or read." Said Mai getting passed the other two girls.

"If your thinking of going after that traitor of a brother then you can forget it. Your not leaving." Said Azula with an evil grin.

"Azula you stopped ordering me around the second I left this place, and your not starting up again."

"I can always kill you." Smirked the princess.

"There are a lot of things I fear Azula and death is not one of them." Said Mai and left. She stole some weired travel animal that looked like a bear and a rhyno and left with as much food as she could, because she really had no idea where to even look for him.

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