Well lady's and gentleman this is my Sniff sniff final chapter to my avatar story. Please note it might be short.

Chapter 14

The Epilogue

(This is all about 15 years after the war)

I will go in order from fire nation. So Zuko and all of them are first.

Zuko as the new fire lord dismantled all of the colonies, and helped Aang restore them all to there former glory.

Uncle Iroh opened up a tea shop very close to the palace, and still helps Zuko with the usual problems. His tea Shop which he had named The Jasmine dragon has become a huge success. People from all over the four nations have come to sample his tea.

Ursa moved back into the palace and is very happy now that she is once again with her son, and the fact that she is now a grandma.

Mai is now the fire lady and is very good at it. She often goes to Ursa for help, and is now longer miss, Gloom-and-doom. She and Zuko are very happy though they have there share of fights.

After two and a half years or so Mai and Zuko got married and had a little girl, and after fighting about the name they decided to name her Celina she is 8 . They have been married for about 13 years

TyLee and Haru have been married for about 10 years and had their first child a boy about 5 years old. His name is Felipe.

TyLee opened a chi reading shop and filled it with charms and other things.

Haru helped restore some of the earth kingdom villages including Omashu and Ba-sing-se. He is now one of the most popular earth benders in the world and he has been living with

Teo has followed in his fathers footsteps and has become an inventor, though they do not live in the eastern temple. He and if you can believe is dating Toph. Nothing is for sure, but you never know.

The Duke…well there is not much to say for the youngest member of the team except that he is very happy he and Pipsqueak started living in Omashu.

Sokka and Suki are living on Kyoshi Island where Sokka opened a sword fighting school, though for some reason his students are mostly girls. They have only been married for about 12 years or so and have twins a girl and a boy named Carlos and Elena. They are 9 years old. Carlos had a little crush on Celina though Elena is the only one who knows…so far.

Ah by now you are probably wondering what happened to our favorite couple…well the truth is they died….no, no I'm kidding they are actually very happy.

They got married too and have been happy for eight wonderful years and not to long ago… three years to be exact they had a little girl that they named Apolla. Aang is a full Avatar and he Katara and Apolla travel a lot. Though they still meet up twice a year with the gang in the fire nation and have a good time. Apolla is good friends with Felipe and they talk to each other through hawks a lot Katara thinks it's love, but Aang isn't sure.

Artemis sadly went back to the spirit world, but she was re-united after searching for a long time with Kaito. She took him back to the living world, even though everybody in the spirit world where against it.

She returned to the age she was before her death 16, and she and Kaito finally got their happily ever after. So now at the age of 31 she is very happy with her 10 year old daughter. She is best friends with Elena and Celina. She has some of her mothers powers. Her name is Ammeliona or Ami.

Now lets go to the present and meet up in the fire nation. With all the kids and there happy parents and of course Ursa and Iroh.

"Hey Zuko isn't that a flying Bison and a Dragon." Said Mai looking through the telescope.

"You're right. Guards lets welcome our guests." Said Zuko.

"Mommy, Daddy. Ami, Apolla, and Elena are here." said Celina and ran towards the courtyard to see them land and Zuko, Mai, Ursa, and Iroh close behind.

Appa and Osiris landed on the ground with everyone including TyLee, Haru, Felipe, and Sokka's son Carlos. Everybody was there now.

"Mommy! Do I have to stay with you? Can I go and play with the other girls?" asked Apolla.

"I don't know. Your still a bit young." Said Katara.

"Oh come on Katara let her play." Said Aang and Apolla ran after the other 5.

The Adults (Warning Kaito is here too) sat on a long line of sofa's and began chatting.

"I still think that things could be going a bit faster with the restoration of Ba-sing-se." said Haru.

"I don't know." Started Teo.

"Yeah I mean things have been a bit hectic with getting the king back on the throne." Said Aang.

"I don't blame you." Said Kaito. "We have been down at the south pole helping there so I know how you feel.

"Yeah and don't get me started on my classes. I keep getting more girls, and less boys." Said Sokka

The females on the other hand were discussing something a bit different.

"Really that's great. I'm sure Apolla will love being a big sister." Said Suki.

"I guess, I just hope you- know-who takes it well." Said Katara.

"He will." Said Artemis.

"So what's else is new?" asked Toph.

"Same at the north pole. People are happy though they do miss their book store manager." Said Artemis looking at Ursa. "other than that nothing really, besides the fact that Ami is starting to get my powers."

"That could be disastrous." Said TyLee.

"Not yet anyway. So far she has turned the moon pink, and turned Kaito into a mule monkey." Said Artemis. The girls laughed and continued.

"I know how you feel." Started Mai. "Ever since Celina started learning fire-bending she has set multiple area's of the palace on fire."

With the children.

The five children where outside by the fountain playing.

"You got powers now that's so cool." Said Elena

"Yeah, but you know how my mom is. You have to be responsible, and don't turn your father into a mule-monkey." Said Ami

"Yeah, mom is even harder on me since I started learning fire-bending. She got really mad when I accidentally set Dad's robe on fire."

"I don't think she gave you a fair chance." Said Carlos. Ami and Elena exchanged a long look as Apolla and Felipe ran over.

"What are you guys talking about?" asked Apolla as she settled in to the arms of her cousin Elena.

"Just catching up on old times. What about you." Said Carlos.

"Ah…I'm still traveling with Mom and Dad and we never stay in the same place for longer than two weeks." She said with a sigh

"Don't worry I have a feeling that you guys wought be traveling that much anymore." Said Ami

"How do you know?" asked Felipe.

"Simple. I over heard my mom reading my dad a letter that Apolla's mom sent. She said that the three of you might have to settle down at one of the air temples now that their being rebuilt and more, and more people are hoping to learn air-bending from the last air-bender himself."

"So you never got the chance to tell me about that new power you thought you got." Said Celina.

"Oh right. I asked my mom why I never heard of them going to any school in the past 20 or so years. She told me that they were destroyed in a fire. Then as I left I could here a voice saying. 'I should have told her the truth about us', but when I turned around no one was talking. Plus right now I can here some pretty freaky things going on in a certain boys head. PERVERT!!!" shouted Ami.

"Why what was he thinking?" asked his sister eagerly.

"You do not want to know."

The children after that day had gotten a lot closer and thus resulting in a lot happier parents

All in all everything was at peace after that. Apolla did get a little brother. His name is Roku, Yes they named him after the avatar before Aang.

Ami turned into the Empress's apprentice and helped her mother out as soon as she turned 14.

Carlos became a very hot guy and was chased by girl on a daily bases.

Elena's nose was and always will be according to her in a good book.

Celina was the first fire queen. She did not get married off the bat.

As for Apolla and Felipe. They ended up dating. No news yet to where this is going.

And if anyone cares Azula was released from prison after about a year. She spent the next 20 of them in a mental institute for the mentally insane. Because well she did go insane. She started hearing voices and god know what else.

So as you can see…I mean read, everyone was happy. There was peace and everything. Nothing else. No war no traitors nothing. It was a utopia…NOT!!!!

HA!HA! That's it. The bad news is that I will not be righting another Avatar story. I will be moving most likely to either Code Lyoko or Harry Potter, or teen Titans