The Runaway Boosh

Goodbye and Welcome

A small tear visible on his cheek, he turns away even though he knows no one is there to see him cry, he is alone once again, a feeling he thought he would be used to by now but once again he felt the same empty aching spaces in his chest he had felt many times before. He felt he needed something to fill the gap, he knew what was needed but had no way of getting his hands on it.

'A new companion maybe?' he thought to himself but shook the idea from his mind as soon as he had come up with it. He had promised her there would be no one else but wasn't that unfair towards him? After all he hadn't made her promise not to meet someone new and go travelling with them so why should he make a promise like that?

Because he loved her, that's why.

He looked up at the time rotor, gazing at the electric turquoise glow it was emitting as it pumped up and down signalling his ship was in flight. He sniffled hard and pushed a small white button then applied the handbrake while wiping at his face with his blazer sleeve, he half turned on his sneakers then stopped, all the emotion and hurt of the past couple of hours seemed to melt away as he stared at the impossible scene before him.

"What?" Was all he could utter as a young woman turned around "Oh…" He muttered realising it was actually a man.

"Alright?" The new face replied with a dizzy smirk, he stuck his hands in the pockets of his jacket, which was covered in badges, pins and patches.


"I said alright…" He shrugged gently in an upbeat tone.


"Is that all you can say?"

"Who are you?"

"I'm Vince Noir, rock an' roll star." He grinned swaying on the spot like a child does when they persuade their mum for some sweets.

"How did you get here?"

"Dunno…It's pretty stylish though…Could do with a couple of bits here and there, you know? Brighten the place up a bit."


"Couple of fake leopard skin rugs, a few colourful fairy lights…You know, stuff?"

"No…" He shook his head turning back to the console and pulling the screen towards him "Where have you come from, why are you here? How are you here?"

"Maybe Naboo had something to do with it." Vince offered dreamily as he leant on the console casually.


"He's a Shaman. Great mates we are."

"Right…Vince, what do you remember before you got here? Where were you?" He looked up noticing the man had wandered off looking around the Console room.

"Hey, I like this." He picked up a purple shirt, which was hanging loosely from a rail "Actually…It's a bit girly." He held it up and turned to the Doctor who looked him up and down frowning "You got company on here?"


"The shirts yours then?"

"No. It was a friends."

"Oh…Tell her she's got great fashion sense." The Doctor hurried away at the console, pushing and pulling levers and punching his fist at buttons, Vince watched him carefully while gazing at his surroundings "Now that is what I call a rave stick!" He giggled pointing up at the turquoise time rotor.