So this is the end of this fanfic...Or is it?
Yes it is...Lol...Well its been fun writing it and I hope you enjoy! Reviews would be marvellous...Plus, they fuel a sequel ;D

Just one trip

"What was her name, Doctor?" Howard asked after the strange alien had stopped babbling on about travelling through time and space with a young blonde girl, there was a long pause before he got a reply.

"Her name was Rose." He said while looking down towards the floor, the awkward silence was soon broken.

"Tea?" Howard asked before pulling himself up off his chair at the counter, the Doctor nodded and so did Vince who was awake and sat in the chair by the window swinging it left and right.

"Well…" The Doctor began when he was left in the shop alone with the mod "That was an adventure."

"Yeah that was fun!"

"You enjoyed all that danger?"

"Yeah! Who wouldn't?" Vince replied grinning as he reached for a hand mirror to check how his hair looked "Didn't like gettin' shot with a dart but the little sleepy was alright."

"Yeah…" The Doctor furrowed his brows and itched the back of his head "So…Back to normal aye? Or as far as normal goes for me."

"Yer, it's never really normal round here."

"Vince…" He began in an uneasy tone.

"Yep?" The electro boy replied as he swung his chair right round making himself more and more dizzy.

"How about a trip?"

"Hmm, where? To Camden? Or Topshop, they have a sale on!"

"No, no…I meant…In the Tardis."

"Travel back in time with you?"

"Or forward…How about it?"

"What about Howard…Naboo and Bollo…And the shop. I can't leave all that behind."

"Just one trip then I'll bring you back to this exact minute, this exact second. How about it? Come on, I think you've earned it."

"Thought you wanted to travel alone?"

"Well…" He began reaching for the back of his head again "I enjoyed your company. And like you said, it was fun!"

"Yeah it was…Oh go on then! Just one trip, what will I need? Clothes, hair spray…Root boost? I'll need a suit case or three." Vince hopped up and started dashing round the shop gathering hand mirrors and a hair dryer.

"No, Vince…You won't need any of that! Come on, just one trip then I'll bring you straight back, anywhere you want to go! Anywhere in time and space!" He grabbed the mod making him drop the things in his arms and dragged him into his ship. He slammed the door behind them both and flung his long brown coat on the floor dashing to the console "Ok one trip, that's all I promised, just one then straight back home."

"Okay." Vince agreed as he leant against the console and watched the Doctor with a grin on his face.

The Doctor stood up straight and stopped pushing buttons; he had his hand resting on one of the levers. He turned to Vince with an equally large smile on his face.

"Hold tight." He pulled the lever and they both hurtled to the floor as the Tardis roared into a fit of spasms.

The end!