Title: To The Victor
Day/Theme: Dec. 03 - Losing streak
Series: Skip Beat!
Character/Pairing: Sho, Kyoko
Rating: PG13 for swearing.

There's some woman--some crazy bitch--calling herself Kyoko. And this woman--this psycho stalker--wants Sho dead, or worse yet, humiliated before the world. He's sure that "Kyoko" isn't his Kyoko--sweet, plain, obedient Kyoko--because Sho's would have slit her own throat before so much as making him frown.

This Kyoko wants to take him down, make him suffer--and she's almost, almost come close to making Sho flinch. She had surprised him with the strength of her acting: left him young, and stupid, and awkward at the sight of her tears. Sho Fuwa isn't young, stupid, awkward--he'd left Kyoko behind without a second thought, and she won't start making him second guess his decisions now.

This Kyoko--this crazy, demonic bitch--can't possibly be his Kyoko. This Kyoko has done something the other one never did: she made Sho stop, look, andsee her.

It feels like she's won something--something nameless, and important--but Sho's not willing to lose another round to Kyoko.

This Kyoko or the other, one truth remains: Sho Fuwa is better than her.