Summary: Bleach Naruto crossover. Warning! Possible spoilers for some who haven't watched ahead in Bleach and Naruto. When Byakuya can't be healed by the 4th squad, the 4th squad leader, Retsu Unohana, has an idea and leaves to the real world in Japan. There, she kidnaps Sakura and brings her back to the Soul Society to heal Byakuya. From there, things only get weirder. With Naruto, Sasuke, Neji, Lee, Sakura, Ino, Hinata, Tenten, Gaara and Temari all there, the Soul Society might never recover, especially when crushes develop that might crush the crushers and enrage the crushees and yes that was confusing.

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Last Time on Visitors

"What? Why did he drop his sword?" Naruto asked.

"You will see soon." Rukia whispered. Byakuyas sword was now fully in the ground.


Chapter 2, Blood Bath


Sasuke watched as hundreds of huge, glinting zanpaktou blades appeared from the ground, growing on either side of Byakuya. More and more, appearing one after another in a gleaming, deadly row of strength.

"Senbonzakura Kageyoshi. Now you shall face the wrath of my fully released zanpaktou. Now, you shall die a slow and painful death." Byakuya spoke with little emotion as the hundreds of blades on either side of him dissolved into the same petals as his actual zanpaktou had done. Sasuke's eyes widened when he realized what was coming and tried to prepare himself, though he knew he never could. The petals fluttered for a brief second, and then swarmed over Sasuke, descending onto him, blocking out the view. Sasuke's screams were heard. In seconds, the petals retreated and swirled around Byakuya, ready to block any attack, though there was no need. Once the deadly petals had retreated, Sasuke had collapsed onto the ground, breath labored and coming in short gasps, blood seeping from his wounds. The petals dissolved and Byakuya's zanpaktou reappeared. He sheathed it and walked towards the group, back to Sasuke.

"I showed slight mercy, only because you were naïve enough to challenge me. Next time, I will destroy you." he said with subdued anger. He turned to the group as Naruto and Ichigo went over to help Sasuke (don't ask about Ichigo), who only pushed them away as he staggered to his feet. Ichigo glared at him before turning to Naruto.

"What's with him?" Naruto sighed.

"He's always like this. Acting like he's better than everyone else. It's like his nature." Naruto leaned in and Ichigo followed on his cue "But the truth is he only does it to act tough. His clan was wiped out by his brother in one night when he was 8 (is that right?). Now his only two goals are to restore his clan and kill his brother. So far, even after two and a half years of training, he still can't defeat him. Came back to Konoha limping and staggering. The council was pretty mad but accepted him back without much consequence because he killed this evil guy named Orochimaru. So that's why he's here." Naruto finished. Ichigo looked at him before looking at Sasuke who had grudgingly agreed to being healed by Sakura. Once she was finished, he pushed her off, got up and stalked off to some part of the Soul Society. Sakura sighed and got up, following Byakuya and Rukia on the continued tour of the Soul Society.

"This is the place where the thirteen squads stay. You have already met 4th squad captain Unohana, and I am the 6th squad captain. All captains where the white shikoshou." Byakuya said in a monotone. They walked along the balcony until two figures approached them. Being ninja, the rookie nine, give and take a few, got into battle ready positions. Byakuya and Rukia didn't move. As the figures got closer, it revealed a tall woman with long orange hair like Orihime, but curlier. She was wearing the basic shinigami uniform with a pink sash. Her zanpaktou at her side. Slightly in front of her was a shorter guy with striking white hair spiked up and piercing blue eyes. His brows were furrowed as they walked at a brisk pace towards the group. Seeing the large group and Byakuya leading them, the pair slowed and stopped in front of them.

"Captain Kuichiki, who are these people?" the shorter one question Byakuya. Naruto poked his head out from behind Byakuya's shoulder and looked at the shorter one.

"Captain Hitsugaya. These are some..."special" guests I am giving a tour of the Soul Society to, along with Kurosaki's group apparently." Byakuya explained. Hitsugaya nodded and Naruto looked at him closely.

"Are you sure he's a captain? He's kind of...short to be strong isn't he?" Naruto said while pointing at Hitsugaiya. A vein pulsed in his forehead and the woman next to him sighed and stepped in front of him, hand on the hilt of her zanpaktou. Naruto backed up a bit.

"Do you want me to take care of him Taijou?" she said, slightly drawing her zanpaktou. Hitsugaya sighed and shook his head.

"No Matsumoto. Obviously they are new here." He said, stepping forward and drawing his zanpaktou, striding up to Naruto with his zanpaktou, stabbing it into the ground at Naruto's feet.

"Do Not call me short, or weak or I will freeze you solid." he said as he sheathed his zanpaktou and walked away. Matsumoto glared and took her hand off of her sheath before following her captain. Immediately, Ino ran up to Sakura.

"He is so HOT!! Wow, everyone here is so cool, I might just want to stay here forever!" Ino giggled. Sakura looked at her and sighed.

'YOU ARE SO RIGHT INO!! HE IS SO DAMN HOT!!!' Sakura sighed at her inner and her friend. Suddenly, Naruto screamed and she looked at him before gasping. Naruto's feet were completely frozen to the ground.

"That's right. Captain Hitsugaya has the most powerful ice based zanpaktou out of all of the ones in the Soul Society, which is very few as it is." Byakuya explained as Naruto tried to break his feet free of the ice. After many tries and a few whacks from Chad's fist and he was free. They continued along until another shinigami appeared in front of them.

"Captain Kuichiki, I have received a message that was to be delivered directly to you. A young man has been captured and is being held for interrogation. He says he is from the group of ninja behind you." Naruto and Sakura looked at each other and sighed.

"Does he have black chicken butt hair?" Sakura asked bluntly, knowing the answer. The shinigami looked at her and blinked.

"Y-Yes, he does." Sakura sighed.

"Yeah, he's with us." the shinigami nodded and stood.

"I will lead you to him." he motioned for them to follow and started walking with everyone following him. Soon they arrived at the holding center and were led to a room with many shinigami in it, all surrounding a single chair, holding a certain Uchiha, who glowered up at the shinigami around him. AS the ninja entered, he glared at them and looked away as Sakura and Naruto sighed.

"Always in trouble, eh Sasuke?" Naruto taunted. Sasuke whipped his head around and death glared Naruto, who only smiled. Sakura hit them both over the head and started untying Sasuke. Once free, he shoved everyone aside and stormed from the room. Sakura sighed and Ino swooned.

"Aren't you in love with that white haired guy from before?" Sakura questioned her. Ino scoffed and waved her hand at Sakura.

"Ya so? I may be, but I can still love Sasuke, and that Byakuya guy we're traveling with isn't half bad too." Sakura stared openly at her, Inner Sakura ranting inside.

'Oh hell ya Ino! And don't forget about that cutie Ich-' "Chigo." Sakura gasped and covered her mouth. Inner Sakura had forced her thoughts out again. Ino, looked sideways at her.

"Oh, so Sakura has a little crush huh? Looks like our little Saki-Waki is gwowing up." Ino taunted in a baby voice. Sakura glared at her at walked towards Ichigo's group. Ichigo looked at her as she approached.

"So, what's up with your group being here? Clearly there is something special with all of you and I would like to learn more about it." She said in a cheery voice. Ichigo stared at her blankly before smiling and pointing at himself cockily.

"Well I'm the strongest of the group, and a Shinigami." Sakura looked at him and smiled.

"Haha. You're just like this guy I know. Cocky. His name is Kiba." Ichigo huffed.

"I am not cocky. I'm right."

"Not always. You're actually the least likely to think things through and come up with a strategy, you just go in swinging." Ishida said, stepping forward. Sakura laughed and looked at him.

"Your Ishida if I remember correctly. What's so special about you?" Ishida looked at her and partly turned away so the light glared into his glasses so she couldn't see his eyes.

"I am the last Quincy." Silence.

"What's a Quincy?" Ishida collapsed, anime style, and got up yelling.

"The Quincy is a clan made for destroying hollows. They were a powerful clan before the Shinigami destroyed them. Apparently, we are a threat to the very balance of the two worlds." he finished in a solemn tone. The was silence for a minute before Orihime spoke up.

"You already know me. My special power is Santenkeshun (What's the English name?). I can heal as you've seen but I can do other things too! I can make a shield and even attack!" she ended, sticking out her tongue and making a peace sign. Sakura smiled and her and nodded.

"I'm Chad. I don't really know what to call my power but...basically my arm gets bigger." Sakura sweat dropped and nodded at him, slowly inching back towards her group, where she was confronted by Ino, so she just ended up standing by herself in the middle, repeatedly hitting her head against the wall, until Byakuya entered the room.

"Listen up because I'm not saying this twice. There are too many of you to take around at one time, so you will separate into groups. I don't care if it's in half, thirds, or quarters, just decide who is in which group." Everyone looked at each and started moving around the room until they had divided into two groups. Group 1: Sakura, Naruto, Temari, Gaara, and Ino. Group 2: Neji, Tenten, Sasuke, Hinata, and Lee.(too many names) Byakuya looked at them and nodded.

"Alright then, Group 1, come with me. Group 2, you wait here till we come back."

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