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:deep thought:

"Kagome please reconsider you can not say that this will not help your father with the other clan you are the heiress to the Northern lands. Please help your father in this even if you have to sacrifice you happiness." with that said the young heiress had no choice but to accept what they were telling her. She had to mate with Western land heir to help her father. 'well at least the lands will be safe from further attacks, I guess I have no other choice I have to do this….I was born a princess this is what the fates have chosen for me. I must not show any emotion when I say this. Well here goes nothing.'

In a cold voice that could make an one flinch if not accustomed to the princess voice would have been visibly flinch. " Fine, I will mate if the Taiyoukai son but mark my words hell will freeze over before I say 'I love you' to him. They better be warned of what they have just gotten themselves in to."

A knock came at the door. The girls mother replied "come in" a servant girl came in with down cast eyes fearful of the young princess crimson eyes she spoke in a fear filled voice that the lady of the Northern lands was concerned " that lord wish for the princess to come..t..to the study to speak..o..of her mating."

The princess turned and took down her cold mask. The lady saw this and grew curious at the sudden change. 'mistress scare friend' Kagome's beast whimpered :yes I see I have:

"Im sorry if I scared you Sango I didn't mean too please tell him ill be there in a minute" Kagome said to the servant girl that had become her friend, her sister, even though they are from different classes and races it didn't matter to her.

" Yes of course princess." with that she left

"Daughter I every thing all right?. You seem distracted?" Lady Hana asked even though she knew that this whole mating thing was taking a toll on her. "I'm fine mother, just a little tired…can you please accompany me to fathers study. I really don't want to be alone with him and the Lord and his sons. Please mama"

How can a mother resist the her..Kagome hadn't called her mama in such a long time. Lady Hana gave her a warm smile. " of course shall we" with that the went to the study.


" Well Lord Toga my daughter will be her shortly but l must warn you and your sons she can be quite a hand full. I'm still amazed that she is willing to go though with this. 'quite surprising master' :indeed it is: You should know that my daughter a miko as well as an inuyoukai, will that be a problem?

"so you mean that your daughter is hanyou? Human and youkai?" 'this problem master…pup be mad' :indeed a big problem:

"oh no, heh… she may have a human miko mother but she is full inuyoukai no need to worry. My mate Lady Hana made sure she was a full blooded inuyoukai."

A knock was heard at the study four heads turned to see who it was.

" My lord may we come in?" Lady Hana said as she opened the door. "Of course. Is kagome with you?" He asked fully knowing that she was but asked any ways. Before she could answer Kagome answer for her mother but not before putting on her mask that showed no emotion.

"yes father in here." She said cold as the winters wind. She stepped in besides her mother, she gave Kagome a warm smile, while Kagome just nodded. She turned and bowed to the western lord and his sons. The taiyoukai just smiled at her and nodded at her in acknowledgement while his sons just started at her. Looking over her features.

Slim but not overly slim that it was sick to look at. Dark obsidian hair with the tint of gold that can only come from their ancestors of the Sun clan inu's ( while they were moon inu's from their silver tresses you could tell. )crimson eyes that pierce your very soul if you let them. Golden markings on her face that show she is of royalty, one mark under each eye that rested on her cheek bone on her wrist as well. They could only image if they were some where else. You could also see her mark one her forehead, a golden sun with what seem like fire around it Her kimono was a simple but elegant one of the color blood that enhanced her eyes and complemented her royal markings.

She was a beauty to look at. Toga looked at his sons they seemed to be in a trance while the watched her talk to her father. Her voice cold yet angelic. All he could do is smirk at the sight. This would be an interesting night.

' Master….is that mate?….she beautiful…claim now?' asked Sesshomaru's beast. :Yes she is beautiful, not now until the agreement is set then she shall be ours. Patient my beast soon, very soon.: Sesshomaru calmed his beast by reassuring it that she was their mate to be.

Inuyasha couldn't help him self but to grope her bottom that was in front of him. At this Kagome yelped in shock and landed on Sesshomaru lap who was sitting next to the pervert of his half brother but welcomed it since he had her in his lap. Oh the Kami's were on his side. He inwardly smirked.

Toga was to shocked at what his younger son had just done. Lord Haruto and Lady Hana just froze when they witnessed what had just happened. This was not going to end well for the western lords youngest son.

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