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The sun light come thought the window across her bedroom. The light stung as she tried to open her eyes to see what time it was. The golden light lay innocently on her face as if it was doing nothing wrong. At the moment Kagome wished that she could kill the magnificent light. It lay there mocking her. As if telling her that she didnt have the power to destroy it.

'Ill show you.' Quickly before anyone could notice her nude for she put on a dark blue silk robe and walked to the window.

Looking in to the sky, the sun was positioned high. 'Agh, it must be high noon.' The light still mocked her as it shone down on her making her black tresses heightened with their golden shower. 'I'll show you' she repeated once more and firmly closed her heavy curtains against the offending sun. Smirking to her self she turn back to her bed yawning and stretching her arms above her head. After a good stretch she opened her watery eyes for their yawn.

Blinking the salty water from them she sat on her bed and took off her robe, carelessly throwing it on the floor and dug her way in to the blankets that covered the bed. About to fall asleep on a gloriously soft pillow, she heard a heart beat. At first she thought it was hers but then it was coming from under her head.

Eyes still closed she poked the so called pillow, The pillow was indeed soft but not silk freshly spun to make the pillow casing. But soft skin, Soft, firm skin that housed a beating heart.

Kagome jumped away from her bed. And looked to the figure sleeping in it.

Silver long hair. Pale lean powerful body with equally strong limbs. Her eyes went to the mans face. A crescent moon adorned his face, along with two stripes on his cheeks. His pale moon kissed cheeks. Their beauty made her want to reach out and touch the young lord.

Though the only thing her mind could regester was What the? And then a screamed ripped from her throt.


The birds that chirped joysly scattered away from her window.

The Guard dogs howled at the scream of their young mistress.

The Lords stopped their chatting at the lunch table and turned to the princess quatuers.

InuYasha awoke with a pounding headache and winced as he remembered why he woke up in the healers wing.

The servants stopped their chores as the scream echoed though the halls.

Heck the scream reached four villages away.

Kagome calmed her self enough to pick up a club that she hid in each chamber, when Sesshomaru jumped about three feet in the air at the screamed and landed as an undignified heap on the floor. Before his foggy mind could even register what was happening around them Kagome was running at him wielding at huge club yelling something along the lines of "DIE!" and "KILL!" Though it was said together so it sounded like "DILL!"

Sesshomaru jumped away as the club was brought down by the woman, Naked woman he should add by the way, as hard as she could. Making the tile floor underneath it crack.

Sesshomaru Blinked at the spot were he was just at. Bewildered as how this small girl, the said girl was currently panting and glaring at him, could have this much strength.

Though he had no IDEA as in why she was trying to kill him.

Dodging the club once more he remembered that after them fell though the floor down in to the study her demon took over and whined to him to take her again and again till they either, A) Break the floor once more or B) Till they tire again.

Either was good enough for him as he scooped her up and dashed to the quarters set up for him.

After leaving her on the bed he ran to her chambers jump the gigantic hole, grabbed her robe since her was thinking that she might need it and ran back almost missing the door.

Then jumped his little vixen of a mate.

Ok. So now he understood as in why she was tiring to kill him.

The door to his chambers slid open to show the spectacle in side it.

Currently at the door was Toga and Haruto watched as Kagome tried to club Sesshomaru to the ground. Unsuccessfully though.

Kagome finally noticed the men at the door. Feeling the breeze that came thought the door. She looked down at her form. Looked around the destroyed room and found that not only were her father and father in law staring at her and Sesshomaru with amusement, this was not her room.

She spotted he blue robe went to it, picked it up and put it on.

Carrying her self with dignity she walked passed the mate she now remembered and her family heads.

Walking next to her father was didnt look at him but stood by him.

I think we need to fix the chamber father. And she just walked away. Both men stared at the young prince that just wrapped a towel he found around his waist.

Both burst out laughing as they heard "SESSHOMARU!" Coming from Kagomes Chambers and a tiny female stalking back towards them.

Both immediately shut up and stepped aside.

All she did was glare at him willing him to combust in to flames. As she couldn't get him to do that she did the next best thing. She grabbed her club and looked at him.

"RUN." was the only warning she gave him as she came at him. And he heeded that warning doing just that. Though out the palace you heard her cry and a occasional crack, meaning she hit something.

Once more the men burst out laughing and sobered up as Lady Hana came by.

"What exactly happened here?" She asked as she looked in to the room.

Both just looked at each other and turned to her once more.

In unison "Kagome."

The said girl running around sneezed but she kept trying to catch her mate.


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