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Chapter Ten – Sorry Isn't Good Enough

Back in Kaoru's home ...

" Kaoru, I can't take it anymore. It's just too hot too - "

" So take it off Kenshin. "

" Will that be okay ? I mean, you won't mind if I do that ? "

" Go ahead Kenshin. As long as it makes it easier for us to finish. "

" Like this Kaoru ? Am I doing it right ? "

" Oh yes. That is soooo good Kenshin. Where did you learn how to do that ? "

" It's a secret, " winked Kenshin, as he quickly took off the potholders he had been using to carry the extremely hot pot of water he had just used to cook the pasta.

" I'm impressed that you can cook so well, " smiled Kaoru, as she stirred the spaghetti sauce simmering over low heat on the stove, noting how he blushed in happiness at her compliment.

" At least after this we won't be so hungry anymore. "

Both nodded in agreement as their tummies grumbled in hunger.

After the whole delivery boy scenario, both of them were sweaty and exhausted. Kaoru and Kenshin had ended up spending the whole afternoon together, doing what couples do best together - cooking ! The food delivery never arrived, so in order to appease their hunger for both food and each other, they decided to whip up some spaghetti and salad. In between Kaoru's discovery of Kenshin's amazing knife and cooking skills, the two shared a passionate kiss or two, which nearly led to the burning of the kitchen down, as well as some other untimely accidents. In short, they were having the time of their lives.

While mixing the herbs with the tomato sauce, Kaoru noticed Kenshin staring at him. Apparently, she had a dollop of sauce near her lips, which was tempting him endlessly. He couldn't resist kissing her there and one thing led to another. Pretty soon, Kaoru was lying atop the kitchen table being smothered with kisses. Kenshin paused for a second to marvel at the delectable sight which Kaoru presented in her sauce covered apron. She was wearing no make-up, her hair was tied messily into a ponytail, her baggy clothes were stained with tomato sauce - and despite all this, she was beautiful to him.

" Kaoru, you're one hot tomato ! Your lips are as red as this spaghetti sauce, your - " teased Kenshin, loving the way she blushed beet red whenever he complimented her. He knew that his pick - up lines and compliments weren't exactly up to standards, but as long as they made Kaoru smile, he wouldn't mind making a fool of himself trying.

" Kenshin, " interrupted Kaoru, as her face suddenly turned serious.

" Yeah ? "

" Shut up and kiss me, " she whispered, as she pulled him towards her with an incredible force.

... and kiss her he did. Kenshin found that he enjoyed her sudden assertiveness. He was glad to know that she wanted him as much as he desired her. It bothered him a bit, to discover that for once in his life, he was worried about whether he was enough to please a woman. He wanted to make sure Kaoru derived as much pleasure as he got from kissing her. He needed to make sure.

All thoughts of cooking disappeared from Kaoru's head as soon as Kenshin's lips touched hers. She was enraptured by his enigmatic eyes, by his caresses, and most of all, by his gentleness. She had noticed a look in Keshin's eyes, that touched her deeply. Beneath all that harshness and sensuality, lurked another person - someone she wanted to get to know more. He was an enigma - both a ruthless and successful businessman, as well as a loving and kind man. Underneath all that, she could sense a feeling of uncertainty and insecurity. Kenshin may not admit it, but he wanted someone to care for him as well. That morning, when he had come to her for help, Kaoru had vowed to herself to say no. It was only when she saw that look in his eyes, that look which made her want to envelop him into her arms, that her walls broke down. That was why she let him into her home. Now, there was no room for regrets. Now, she kissing him, a man she hardly knew. Despite this, Kaoru didn't feel afraid.

Kaoru gently traced Kenshin's jawline with her delicate fingers, enjoying the feeling of being wanted. She was a bit nervous about where this scenario may lead to, but she pushed the butterfiles in her stomach aside. Granted, she wasn't quite sure if she loved him - yet, but she was certain that she liked Kenshin. A lot. He was fun, daring, and sexy. Kenshin was just so different from ... She quickly pushed those thoughts aside. What mattered most at the moment was that she was with Kenshin.

In his concentration on Kaoru, Kenshin accidentally knocked over the bowls on the table. The containers went flying into the air, showering them with various items of food. In seconds, the kitchen floor was covered with parmesan cheese, salad dressing, and tufts of lettuce.

" Who knew cooking could be so sensual - erm, I mean fun ! " joked Kenshin, as he guiltily surveyed the damage he had caused to the poor defenseless kitchen.

Kaoru frowned at him and began to clean up

Suddenly, Kenshin didn't feel quite so hungry anymore. A feeling of dread washed over him, as he stood there watching her clean up the mess on the table. Had he actually made her angry ? He prayed to the heavens that he hadn't. With a sinking feeling, he remembered that he had disrupted her day, forced his way into her home, and to top it off, he had just ruined their lunch. He was in deep sh*t now and he knew it.

" I - I'm sorry, " he ventured.

" Sorry isn't good enough Kenshin, " replied Kaoru.

She turned her back to him, and continued fixing the mess. Had Kenshin not been wallowing in extreme misery, he would have noticed the smile Kaoru was desperately trying to conceal.

Kenshin hastily began to clean up as well. Worriedly, he approachd Kaoru, wondering how he could make things better. This sort of situation was totally new to him. First of all, he had never actually acted like some sort of stalker. In fact, he was the one who had to deal with multitudes of women who followed him around. Secondly, he had never cooked with someone with him. Normally, he would eat in some fancy restaurant with a name people can't pronounce, or his army of chefs would cook him a filet mignon or something of that sort, or he would cook on his own. Basically, he didn't know what to do. He took a deep breath and decided to do what a man must do. He tapped her on the shoulders and braced himself for the inevitable confrontation.

Kaoru whirled around and smeared spaghetti sauce on Kenshin's face, giggling at the shocked expression that covered Kenshin's now sauce - painted face. She saucily put her hands on her hips and blew him a raspberry.

Kenshin's surprise quickly wore off and bubbled into laughter as he watched Kaoru sticking her tongue out at him and doing some sort of victory dance. He made no attempt to wipe of the sauce on his face. He merely eyed her hungrily, wondering how on earth had Kaoru managed to become even more appealing than ever. With a mock - ferocious growl, he grabbed her by the waist and began tickling her mercilessly. It was his turn to get even.

" Stop it ! Stop ! Hahaha ! " choked out Kaoru, as she and Kenshin rolled on the floor.

" Not until you say - "

" Uncle! Uncle! " chortled Kaoru, as he continued to tickle her.

" Nope. Wrong. I'll stop when you say ' Kenshin is the greatest kisser in the world ! " replied Kenshin, enjoying himself immensely. It's not often one gets a woman completely under one's mercy.

" I won't say it. "

" Oh ? Why not Kaoru ? " asked Kenshin, puzzled with her answer, as he continued to torture her with tickles.

" You have to prove it to me first Kenshin ! " winked Kaoru.

With a gigantic grin on his face, Kenshin stopped his movements, shifted his weight to a more comfortable position, and slowly bent his head towards hers. He was more than willing to accept her challenge.

Two hours later, after they had kissed a lot and had made the kitchen spotless, taken separate showers, and made impromptu sandwiches from whatever leftovers they could find in the fridge, both Kaoru and Kenshin flopped down onto the couch and fell asleep in each others arms.

Kaoru suddenly jolted awake as she remembered the karate class she had to teach in the afternoon. If she hurried right now, she would still be able to make it on time.

" I have to go now, " whispered Kaoru drowsily, as she stood up.

" Why ? " asked Kenshin, as he quickly pulled her back down onto his lap, just like he had the last 4 times she had tried to stand up.

She laughed a bit at his childlike actions, and unknowingly retaliated by wiggling around in an attempt to find a more comfortable spot to lean against. Her hair, brushing against his face and her body's movements were practically an invitation to Kenshin. She was torturing him, arousing him without even realizing it. It took Kenshin his entire self - control to prevent himself from flipping her onto the couch and covering her entire body with kisses. He was going insane trying to ignore her actions, while she was having fun.

" I have a class to go to, after all, I am the owner of the Kamiya dojo. I don't want to be late and knowing you, Kenshin, I may end up very very late. Anyway, don't you also have somewhere else to go ? Being who you are, I'd assume that you'd have tons of business matters to attend to. "

" Yeah, I do. " nodded Kenshin. " ... but to spend the afternoon with you, I'd gladly skip all of them. "

With a sigh, Kaoru grabbed Kenshin's hands and pulled him onto his feet. She had practically melted at the sweetness of what he had just said - but there were things that had to be done, responsiblities she couldn't avoid. So she dragged the unwilling Kenshin with her out of the door, pausing only to lock the front door behind her. With a smile on her face, she kissed the pouting Kenshin on the cheek and shoved him towards the direction from which he had come that morning.

Kenshin would have faced her with the most adorable pout he could muster, and have hugged her. What stopped him was his pride. He couldn't believe that such thoughts were even crossing his mind. From a regular Don Juan, he had become so lovesick lover mooning over his woman, in less than a day. Surely, there was something wrong with him.

' Maybe I'm sick. ' thought Kenshin to himself, as he contemplated this weird feeling he had in his tummy.

" Bye Kenshin ! " waved Kaoru, as she stepped into her car.

" Wait ! " shouted Kenshin, as he approached her car.

Kaoru rolled down the window and looked at him expectantly, wondering what he had to say.

" I'll call you tonight okay ? I'd actually want to know more about you, other than the fact that you're married and all. Is that okay with you ? " he asked.

" Sure ! I'd love it if you did. " smiled Kaoru. She kissed him on the lips before driving away. A feeling of incredible happiness filled her, as she thought of being able to talk to him again later. Just being with him made her feel happier than she could ever remember feeling. He made her feel ... loved.

When she had finally left, Kenshin began walking towards his car parked a block away. His hands were in his pockets, he was whistling some opening song of an anime that had managed to subconsciously enter his mind during those times he had chanced upon Misao watching tv early in the morning.

When he reached his car, his cell phone began to ring. He pressed the answer button, and sighed in annoyance. It was Megumi. Again. This time, when she spoke on the phone, she had a big smile reminiscient of that of the Cheshire Cat's grin, on her face.

" Kenshin darling, I want to see you later. Come to my house okay ? " cooed Megumi, her voice silky and seductive. Her voice oozed warmthness, contrary to what she had been feeling just hours ago when she had discovered Kenshin was with another woman.

" Sorry Megumi. "

" Sorry isn't good enough, Kenshin. " replied Megumi angrily, her voice shaking slightly.

" I'm busy later so I can't go to you, " answered Kenshin, as he impatiently looked at his watch. He wanted this unpleasant phone call to end, so he could go home and make reservations for dinner for two. He couldn't wait to call Kaoru later and invite her out to dinner, after all, he did ruin their lunch.

Only a slight narrowing of her eyes belied Megumi's wrath at his answer. She wasn't going to give up that easily, not after she had worked so hard to make Kenshin hers. She wasn't going to lose him to some unknown woman from god knows where. It didn't matter to her though, whether Kenshin loved her or not. What was important was that he would be hers, and definitely, Megumi was willing to do anything to make sure that happened.

" I'm sure you can easily make arrangements in your schedule to come see me. " replied Megumi, as her hand tightened around the phone. He was beginning to really piss her off.

" I told you Megumi, I can't because - "

" I know what you did last night. " interrupted Megumi, as a look of steely triumph flashed over her face. Gone were the warmth and seductiveness from her voice. All that was left was pure venom, accented by a dash of victory.

Kenshin was speechless.

Megumi licked her lips and smiled like a cat that has just swallowed a canary. She knew what his answer would be. He had no choice but to come.

to be continued ...

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