I don't celebrate Hanukkah so I don't really know too much about it. So please give any suggestions for later chapters.

Tuesday December 4, otherwise known as the day Sam Manson starts acting… HAPPY. Yes you herd me right. Happy. Yep, I'm scared too. So were Danny and Tucker, yet this year she didn't seem nearly as happy for some reason. The two friends puzzled over this for a while. Finally in class Sam revealed her self. No! Not like that! I mean she revealed why she wasn't as happy. In Mr. Lancer's class he was busy lecturing about something or another; he was half asleep from Christmas shopping and was probably just making unintelligible mumbles. It was then Sam raised her hand.

"Yes Ms. Manson?" The teacher asked, glad that there was something to keep him from falling asleep standing up.

"I was just wondering why it is that we get Christmas off but not Hanukkah. Hanukkah is just a religiously significant as Christmas and it is spared the horrible commercialism." Sam waited for an answer. Soon all the other Jewish students, as well as other who agreed with this and the people who just wanted less school began to talk and whisper to each other in agreement.

"Hmm, that's a good question. I'll bring that up with the facility at lunch." Mr. Lancer replied. Later that lunch everyone was eating, talking or sleeping or all three at once. How exactly one can do that I'll never know.

"Attention students of Casper High!" Mr. Lancer yelled over crowed. Of course no one paid attention. "I have important news regarding the winter break!" This got everyone's attention. "Ms. Sam Manson has brought up a very important issue. Why do students not have Hanukkah off if it is as just important as Christmas. Well in light of this we've decided she's right." Everyone cheered. "So we've decided in order to make things fair we're going to remove the Winter Break. See all of you Christmas morning." Lancer then ran out of the lunchroom before the kids saw him as a target. They all turned their attention to Sam.

"Hehe, you know, the holidays are about spending time together. Don't hurt me!" The student Body surrounded her.




"I just had to 'live dangerously' and wear a thong today…" Needless to say Sam now hung from the flagpole; fortunately her butt was starting to go numb so the extreme pain from the never-ending atomic wedgie wasn't so bad. She then saw Danny and Tucker walk by. "Thank goodness you guys are here! Let me down! Wait, where are you guys going? You're not still mad at me are you? Come back!" The two boys saluted her and left. Sam dangled for another five minutes before she heard a ripping noise… "Guys! I don't think my underwear can hold out much longer! Help me!"

Finally the strain of the flagpole wedgie proved too much for Sam's thong (which she owned purely out of a game of truth or dare that had gotten out of hand. Poor Tucker, he could never look at radishes the same way again.) And so she fell. When people rocket to the ground nearly two stories below often their life flashed before their eyes. This was no different for Sam. Let us look into her train of thought at this time. "Awe, baby-me is so cute. Ooh there's me saying my first word! Ooh here's second grade, the time Tucker threw up in my lunch box, and here's middle school. There's me getting 'the talk' I can't believe my mom used Danny as an example in it! And there's the time I shaved my head… And there's the first day of high school, ooh and last week, and there's Danny and I making out in the broom closet, and the turkeys... and here's this morning and here's me being wedgied to the flagpole. I can't believe I stayed up there this long. I guess that's it so far. Oh and here's now. The part where I die. Funny, I always thought my death would involve romantic tension, jumper cables, and poisonous shoes…" The Goth began to wonder why the ground stopped getting closer. It was then she noticed Danny had caught her.

"Did you really think I'd let you fall?" Danny asked as he lowered her to the ground.

"Yes." Sam then grimaced in pain.

"Grr, its gonna take a pair pliers to get what's left of my underwear off." She then began the task of awkwardly waddling home. Danny had simply vanished. When Sam finally arrived at the door she let herself in and noticed a small wrapped box on the floor. Painfully, she bent over and picked to the present up. Seeing it was addressed to her, Sam opened the box and saw a note. It read "Happy Hanukkah Sam." In very familiar handwriting. Beneath it was a pair of pliers.

"Very funny Danny." And she went up to her room. The air where she had been standing a few moments ago chuckled…

I know this was kind of a Sam bashing chapter but I'm just poking a bit of fun. The next ones are going to be pure randomness and fluffy DXS moments. But I'm not making any promises about updating once a day until Hanukkah's over. But I'll try. I hope you like the first day. And again suggestions are very much welcomed!