A/N: I wanted to see if there were any western stories on here, and apparently, there aren't. Well, since I revolutionized the art of Cody, I'll do a western for fun. This should be funny.

Now I won't be surprised if a bunch of freaks start copying and doing western.

This story stars the lovely members of D-Generation X. They are going to be the sheriffs of the WWE, patrolling the backstage areas on their "horses." Expect mayhem to ensue. I am laughing just thinking about this.

Kind of AU, I suppose. Lita is still here for this.

"Hunter!" Shawn yelled to his partner.

"What?" Triple H replied, entering the room. He was carrying two cowboy hats. "I had to steal JBL's hats so we can be in full uniform for patrol tonight."

"Oh, thanks," Shawn said, taking one of the hats from Triple H. "Don't forget your badge," he said, tossing one to Triple H.

"Thanks, partner," Triple H answered, starting to pin it to his shirt. "Ow!" he screamed when he poked himself with the pin.

"Oh, jeez, Hunter! Quit being such a baby! Do I have to do everything for you?" Shawn asked, pinning Triple H's badge to his shirt for him.

"Not everything," Triple H blushed. "Ready to go police everyone around?" he asked, flipping his long hair under the cowboy hat.

"Hunter! Why do you forget everything? We can't forget our horses! To the stable!" Shawn squealed, tossing his hands up in the air in disgust after putting on his cowboy hat.

The pair walked over to the door and stopped at the umbrella stand. They pulled out two toy horse heads on a stick, like the ones that little kids run around on. They both straddled their "horses" and galloped out of the room.

"Tally ho!" Hunter screamed, pointing forward with his fist.

"Hunter, remember what they told us in the sheriff safety course: two hands on the horse at all times," Shawn warned. Triple H instantly grasped his horse with both hands after Shawn's warning.

JBL walked out of a door in front of them. "Hey, you hooligans! Give me back my hat!" JBL started chasing after them as Sheriff Rangers DX turned around on their horses and galloped back the other way.

"What do we do, Hunter? This Wicked Witch of SmackDown is chasing after us!" Shawn screamed.

"Shawn, why am I always the brains of the operation? We shoot at him of course," Triple H suggested.

"Brilliant!" Shawn replied. Both men reached down to the belt loops on their pants. They unhooked their tiny squirt guns.

"Take that, evil JBL!" Hunter bellowed, shooting a weak stream at JBL. "Oh, no, Shawn! I'm running out of ammunition!"

"There's a bathroom right there!" Shawn pointed with his free hand. "You can reload there."

"What about JBL?"

"I've got it, don't worry."

Hunter rode his horse into the bathroom. Shawn jumped off of his horse, cutting off JBL. "Wait right there!" he screamed, holding out his hands in front of JBL, stopping him in his tracks.

JBL froze there, confused. He and Shawn heard what they thought was water running in the sink. Triple H came out of the bathroom, holding his horse and squirt gun in one hand and zipping up his fly with the other. "Sorry, had to upgrade the ammo," he said, jumping back on his horse. Sheriff Rangers DX took off at a blazing speed, leaving JBL in their dust.

"You'll rue the day you crossed me, Sheriff Rangers DX!" JBL screamed after he couldn't see Triple H and Shawn anymore.

Sheriff Rangers DX returned to their headquarters, also known as their locker room. They didn't share one with anyone else for fear of sabotage form their enemies.

"That was a close one, Shawn," Hunter said as they entered their headquarters, putting their horses back into their "stable."

"Sure was, partner," Shawn replied, hanging both of their hats up on hooks above the stable.

"What's next on our agenda?"

"Hm," Shawn hummed, checking the card for the night. "It seems that Edge and Lita have a match against John Cena tonight. Should we go and patrol?"

"Sure. That sounds like a good time. I'm always up for saving a damsel in distress, and I'm not talking about Lita," Hunter winked.

Until next timeā€¦

A/N: I love this!

Now I'm just counting down until someone steals this idea.