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Author's Note: My first attempt at Regulus. Reviews appreciated.

Sirius leaned over and shoved a something sweet smelling into his brother's face. "Here, Reggie. Eat." Sirius tended to speak in commands.

Regulus obediently grabbed a piece of what he assumed was food (this was Sirius, after all) and took a tentative bite. "Wa' is it?" he asked, shoving another piece into his eager mouth, hungry for the taste once more.

"Tart," Sirius answered, sitting down beside him and swiping a piece of the tart off Regulus' lap. "Andy made it." Andromeda walked into the sitting room then, the sleeves of her dress pushed up her arms, and pulled her dress up around her knees.

"Hey," she said, flicking her wand at the two boys, "don't you dare stain anything in this room, you hear me? Your mum told me you aren't to eat in here, which is why I'm letting you. So be careful." They nodded, grinning at their cousin, who at that time was the epitome of coolness. Regulus crawled off the couch, leaving Sirius to devour more tart, and over to Andromeda. He lifted his arms and she scooped him up obligingly, settling him on her hip so that her long hair tickled his nose.

"You like the tart?" she asked him. Regulus nodded, licking his fingers (something he would never do in front of mummy) and said, "They good."

"Yeah, they're good Andy!" called Sirius from the sofa. "Mummy doesn't make them this yummy."

Andromeda looked towards the kitchen with disdain. "Your mummy uses magic and house-elves, Siri," she told him, switching Regulus to her other hip so she could lean against the wall. "I do it the Muggle way."

"Bad," Regulus pronounced immediately. Andromeda looked down at him sharply, and he cowered under her fierce eyes. Then she relaxed, noticing she had frightened him, and kissed Regulus' forehead.

"It's not bad, Reggie," she said softly. "There's nothing wrong with Muggles, you know. They're just like you and me."

"Really?" Sirius asked, his eyes lighting up with interest as he scrambled over to his cousin. "Mummy says they're bad." Andromeda gave a sad sigh and patted Sirius on the head absently.

"I know. And you probably don't think about it, but sometimes mummies are wrong."

Regulus opened his mouth to say something, but was interrupted by Sirius tugging on Adromeda's dress and moaning, "Pick me up too, Andy! You only pick up Reggie. Me too." Andromeda laughed and bent down so suddenly Regulus clutched at her long locks, fearful she would drop him, but she only grabbed Sirius around the waist and hauled him up onto her other hip, so that both brother's were being held by her.

"You have pretty hair," observed Sirius.

"Thank you," Andromeda replied, looking happy, but then grabbed Regulus' hand as he attempted to put part of her hair in his mouth. "Reggie! You don't eat hair! No, no," she chastised.

"Chocolate," Regulus said, unable to come up with more than a single word sentence. Andromeda looked mystified.

"He means your hair looks like chocolate," Sirius explained, and Regulus smiled at him, because Sirius always knew what he meant. "But not regular chocolate, dark chocolate, 'cause Reggie likes that kind better, doncha Reggie?" He poked Regulus in the ribs, and Regulus giggled in response. Andromeda grinned mischievously as the both.

"You know," she said slowly, "I saw your Mum has some extra chocolate in the pantry. Maybe we could have some, if you want…"

"Yeah!" yelled Sirius, punching a fist into the air, and Regulus copied him, screeching an undefined word. Andromeda dropped them unceremoniously from her hips (Mummy would have put them down gently, like they were going to break, but Andy let them run and jump and fall everywhere).

"Race you!" hollered Sirius, and, laughing, Regulus and Andromeda followed him, Regulus grinning as his brother handed him the first piece of dark chocolate he came across.