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"Nervous?" Edward guessed as we drove down the road leading to my house. I sat, hypnotized by the glow coming from the ring on the third finger of my left hand. It was as old as it was breathtakingly beautiful. Just like my new fiancé.

"Wow, you're good," I said quietly at an attempt at sarcasm, but my voice was shaky. I sighed, trying to steady my breathing, but I didn't fool anybody. I was very nervous. Edward reached over to take my hand in his. Feeling his icy fingers entwined with mine almost calmed me down. Almost.

It wasn't like I wasn't excited about getting married. It was just the things that go along with it that had me worried to no end… like telling your parents. That ought to be interesting. We happened to be on our way to tell Charlie. To ask him for his blessing. Or maybe beg. And there was no doubt in my mind that this particular conversation would include quite a bit of yelling.

I looked over at Edward Cullen's beautiful face. His golden eyes, his bronze hair, his perfect teeth. I was hesitant at first about getting married, but now that it was actually about to happen, I couldn't think of a better way that my life could have turned out… well, besides all of the hurt. I hurt Jacob, I hurt Edward, and pretty soon, I would be hurting my parents. We could have done without all of the hurt.

The Volvo stopped after what seemed like a rather short ride. It was only about ten o' clock in the morning, surely Charlie would still be kind of tired. But I knew that I had to do it now, before I lost my nerve completely. Edward was at my side in an instant, opening my door. But instead of offering me his hand, he got down on his knees and held his eyes level with mine.

"Are you ready?" he asked, his eyes hypnotic.

"Are you?" I sighed.

"Of course I am," he assured me with a smile. He leaned in and whispered in my ear, "I have been ready for this for a long time." Maybe it was just his closeness that did it, but his confidence somehow seemed to lift my hopes. I was ready, too. He kissed me softly on my cheek before helping me out of the car.

We walked hand-in-hand into the living room of the tiny, two-bedroom house, where Charlie sat predictably on the couch, totally absorbed in some sports talk show.

"Hey, kids," he greeted us, his eyes narrowing when he saw our hands interlocked. For the time being, I did my best to hide my left hand.

"Dad, can we talk?" My voice was still a little shaky, but it carried more volume, and Charlie was too preoccupied in his show to notice anyway.

"Yeah, sure, Bells," he said, reluctantly muting the TV.

I took a few deep breathes, preparing myself. Charlie was beginning to look suspicious, probably fitting my nervousness and my need for Edward's presence together.

"What is it?" he pressed. He looked from me to Edward in earnest. We definitely had his undivided attention.

"Dad--- remember when… when I graduated, and you asked me to… tell you before--- before I did anything… major?" I stuttered. I just couldn't seem to get my words straight.

"Isabella, what is it?" he said forcefully. He was leaning forward, gripping the edge of the couch.

"Edward---," Charlie's eyes narrowed at the mention of his name. "Edward and I are engaged," I said quickly, closing my eyes and bracing myself for the fury. And I certainly got it.


I dared to open my eyes. Charlie's face was literally as red as a tomato. He was standing up now, and he looked as though he was about to explode.

I desperately looked up at Edward. His eyes were shut and he was completely still, probably concentrating on the hundreds of thoughts flying through Charlie's head.


"NO!" he yelled, taking a step forward and pointing his finger at me with intimidating force. "You don't talk!" He took a few more steps and pointed his finger at Edward instead, who had his eyes open again. "YOU! You owe me an explanation!" Charlie had reached his boiling point.

"I love Bella," Edward stated simply.

"No you don't! You left her! How can we be sure that you won't leave her again!?"

"It was the worst mistake of my life. I left her because I knew that I wasn't good enough for her." Edward's pain began to show in his passionate eyes.

"Oh, you've got that right. She deserves much better!" I couln't believe that those words actually came out of Charlie's mouth. It was definitely a low blow.

"Dad, it was a mistake!" I yelled. It was time for me to intervene.

"No! THIS is a mistake!" I wouldn't have been surprised if he popped an artery. "It you marry him, you will be making the biggest mistake of your life!"

"Edward is the best damn thing that has ever happened to me! Don't you DARE way that meeting him was a mistake!" I found myself pointing my finger back at him. I was probably pretty close to my boiling point as well.

"Bella there is no way that you will marry him!"

"Dad, STOP!" I had had enough. He was personally insulting Edward and it was really ticking me off. "Can't you even hear yourself? You are so blind!"

This stopped him in his tracks. He was clearly at a loss for words. He stood, staring blankly at my face, just inches from his.

"When you and Mom ran away together, you didn't tell your parents. You didn't tell anyone! You just left, without even a goodbye. Well look at what we are doing. There is no way that we aren't going through with this, but would you rather us just run off and not even clue you in? We're doing this because you don't deserve to miss out on the chance to walk your only daughter down the aisle. Because ever since I came to Forks, you were good to me, and you deserve to know. Because I care about you enough to tell you!"

At that, he was speechless. I didn't know if he could have moved if he wanted to. We waited.

Charlie's stunned eyes fell and he blinked a few times. He started shaking his head. Then, without warning, he stepped forward and hugged me. "I'm sorry," he whispered. He sounded shaken. "I wasn't thinking."

I patted his back awkwardly. He was never prone to showing emotion. This took me by surprise. "It's alright, Dad. I- I'm sorry I said that stuff."

"No, really, you were right. It's just…" he paused. "It was just a lot of information to take in, that's all. I really am sorry."

I pulled away to stand by Edward. I grabbed his hand and squeezed it. He squeezed back.

Charlie stood there, looking back and forth between me and his soon-to-be son-in-law. He sighed and shifted uneasily. "Look, Edward--- I'm sorry I said those things. I- I really shouldn't have…"

"Sir, it's ok. I couldn't imagine how you must feel right now, but I understand. I can assure you that I will do my best to make sure that Bella is never hurt again." He looked down at me with an exuberant grin.

"Listen, Bells. I'm happy for you. I'm proud of you," he sighed, surrendering.

I couldn't do anything but smile.


"August 13," Edward replied proudly.

Charlie smiled a sad smile and held out his hand.

Edward hesitated. Charlie would surely realize how abnormally cold and hard his hands were. But Edward apparently decided that it couldn't hurt, and shook my father's hand.

I laughed. Charlie's eyes went wide when he felt Edward's freezing skin. This whole thing had worked out better than I thought it would. Charlie was happy.

"When are you gonna tell Renee?" he asked.

"I'll call her in a while," I said.

"All right." Charlie looked relieved that I didn't ask him to tell Renee for me. "Well, you should at least tell her soon, she might want to help out a little."

"Alice is already planning the whole thing," I said, noticing my father's predictable reaction to Alice's name. "But I'm sure that she could leave some room for Mom."

We stood there for a few seconds. Charlie's eyes wandered to my left hand. I knew what he wanted and held up the Elizabeth Masen's ring. He stared, the diamonds casting patterns on his bewildered face.

"It's beautiful," he finally muttered.

"It was my mother's ring," Edward stated, with pride coloring his velvet voice. "I inherited it when my parents died."

He looked at Edward with new realization in his eyes. He was probably thinking, Maybe this kid isn't so bad after all.

"Listen, if you make a mistake," his eyes flickered to his police gear next to the front door, "I'll shoot you."

"I understand," Edward said, smiling widely.

Charlie turned around a slumped back down on the couch, apparently exhausted from his tantrum. He smiled as enthusiastically as he could manage.

"Alice will give you all of the details," I told him.

"I love you, Bells," he said quietly.

He had only told me that he loved me a few times in my life. I almost cried.

"Love you, too, Dad," I said softly.

Then we turned and walked out. I didn't know about Edward, but it felt to me like I was lighter, like something heavy was lifted from my shoulders. But I still felt something there, nagging at the back of my mind. It was something that I was dreading, more than telling Charlie about the engagement... I still had to tell Renee. She was one hundred percent against underaged marriage, and I could only hope that she wouldn't be too mad at me.

For now, I thought, I won't think about it.

As soon as the front door was closed behind us, Edward grabbed me up and kissed me, spinning me around in circles. All I could do was squeeze as tight as I could and kiss him back.

I was totally oblivious to everything around me. It was just me and him. So I was caught off guard when all of the sudden, I was sitting in the Volvo and the door was being shut behind me. Not a second too late, he was in the driver's seat, smiling the widest, happiest smile I'd ever seen. I smiled back at him.

"Alice wants to see you," he chuckled.

"I'm sure she can see me just fine," I retorted.

"Clever," he said as we drove off to the Cullen's and whatever unimaginable torture that Alice had planned for me next.

"Any ideas?"

"Not this time. She keeps thinking about pointless things, like TV shows and clothes, so I would guess that she's trying to hid something." He frowned. He never did like not knowing that kind of stuff.

I looked away, at the trees flying be at 120 miles an hour.

"It's so close," I whispered quietly. "Pretty soon I'll be Bella Cullen." I turned to look at him as I spoke.

"And I'll be the luckiest man on the planet," he said with my favorite crooked smile. I would never get tired of that smile, not even after 500 years.

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