By: Alissa Matsumoto

Amaterasu, a glowing goddess,

She brings the dawn to end the night

Amaterasu, a shining goddess,

She is the sun that gives us light

Amaterasu, a caring goddess,

She protects the people of her lands

Amaterasu, a brilliant goddess,

She holds her world in her hands

Amaterasu, a pure goddess,

Her porcelain skin a gleaming white

Amaterasu, an angelic goddess,

Her brilliant wings a wondrous sight

Amaterasu, a beautiful goddess,

Her silver hair, her heart of gold

Amaterasu, a crying goddess,

Her shattered tears, haunting and cold

Amaterasu, a lonely goddess,

Cold as winter, strong as stone

Amaterasu, a true goddess,

She faced the darkness all alone

Amaterasu, a faithful goddess,

The past is gone, the future, black

Amaterasu, a loyal goddess,

No return; no turning back

Amaterasu, a selfless goddess,

The light returned to the land below

Amaterasu, a fallen goddess,

The sun has risen; she lay below