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Bryan: Hello!

Kingdom Hearts: The Resurrection

Introduction: The Coming of the Returning Darkness



Sora sat on the dock looking out at the clear, blue ocean. He breathed in the cool, salty air and sighed. He was thinking about Kairi. He was insanely jealous of his best friend and biggest rival, Riku. Kairi was mad at Sora so she was spending the whole day with Riku.

"Thinking about Kairi again?" asked Sora's twin brother, Roxas.

"N-no!" Sora stuttered, but he knew he couldn't fool Roxas. Just like Roxas couldn't fool him.

"Just apologize to her, dude! I'm sure she misses you, too!" Roxas said as he sat down next to Sora.

"Roxas! Just because you're lucky enough to go out with your crush AND you're not fighting for her with someone else doesn't mean you're an expert in relationships!" Sora yelled.

Sora usually didn't lose his temper (that was Roxas' job), but he was just so jealous of BOTH Roxas and Riku at the moment. Roxas was going out with Kairi's twin, Namine. It had seemed like destiny when another pair of twins came to their island, and these twins were girls, one for Sora, and one for Roxas! Sora had liked Kairi instantly, but unfortunately, so had Riku. Namine had liked Roxas, but Roxas thought she had cooties. His feelings for her didn't change until he reached puberty,

Kairi's laughter brought Sora back to reality. He looked towards the direction of the laughter and a pang of jealousy filled his body. Kairi and Riku were wading in the ocean and splashing each other.

"Sora-" Roxas began, but Sora jumped into his rowboat and started rowing for home.



Sigh "Crazy Sora, he can beat almost any person who challenges him and do any task given to him but he can't tell Kairi how he feels," Roxas thought as he layed back, "I guess its cuz he doesn't wanna hurt Riku… yeah that does sound like Sora, always thinks of others first." Roxas just layed there for a while, watching the clouds drift by, breathing in the crisp air that burned his nose ever so slightly due to the salt and allowing the crash of the waves to lull him into the tides of daydreaming. He sat up and looked at Kairi and Riku playing in the water, "Hmm… I wonder what Namine´ is doing?" With that thought on his mind, he stood up and headed for the cave he, Riku, and his twin brother had found so long ago. "She said she would probably be in there…"

/ Riku \

Riku stood in the ocean, facing away from the island with his arms outstretched, embracing the cool breeze and the gentle waves. He took a deep breath in and sighed; he was content. It was nice to be back here after being engulfed in and imprisoned in darkness for so long.

"Hey Riku!" Kairi chirped and from behind him.

He smiled and looked back at her, "Hey Kairi."

He glanced over at Sora stewing on the dock; he wanted to call him over, but he suspected he and Kairi were arguing over something.

"It's beautiful isn't it?" Kairi said serenely.

"Yeah," he said as he looked back at the ocean, shimmering in the soft glow of the sunset. His thoughts began to wander as the mesmerizing sea pulled in his mind; suddenly, Kairi started splashing him.

"Hey! Ha, ha!"

The two laughed and splashed each other playfully. "Aw, arguing or not, this would be much more fun if Sora was here."

"Hey Sora!" He called to the shore, but when he had turned, Sora wasn't there and neither was his rowboat, "Wha- he was there a minute ago… he must've taken off."

Kairi splashed him again, "Oh who cares, we're having fun right?"

Riku smiled, "Of course, I always enjoy your company Kairi, " he thought, "More than you'll ever know." They played a while longer then sat on the beach and watched the last rays of sunlight disappear below the horizon.

"So what are you two fighting about anyways?" Riku questioned.

"Oh, it's nothing," Kairi growled," … well, it's dark… we should head home." She got up and walked towards her rowboat.

"Yeah I guess so," Riku got up too, "Thanks for spending the day with me, I had a lot of fun."

Kairi looked back, "Yeah, me too! Do you want to race back?"

"Nah, I'll stay here just a little longer."

"Okay then, see you tomorrow!"

She left; Riku lingered on the dock, "Will I? I don't know. I feel… something's is going to happen. I don't know exactly what it is, but it's not good." He didn't want to head home yet, the uneasiness in his stomach gave him too much nervous energy.

He saw an odd splotch on the dark ocean's surface, "What is that?" Riku jumped off the dock and started wading towards the anomaly. It shuttered as he got close, instinctively, Riku drew his dark sword. The thing swirled into a mass that towered over him. Riku knew all to well what it was: the darkness, and it was beckoning him to return. Riku attacked, his sword easily cut through the mass, but it reformed and remained unharmed. It moved to swallow him; Riku ran towards the shore, the darkness fast on his heels. He treaded through the sand trying to reach the cave. The darkness caught his feet and he fell to the ground, it started moving up his body, which was going cold. Riku reached out towards the city that was separated from him by sea, "Kairi… Sora…" his voice began to fade, "Roxas… Namine," the darkness enveloped him. "No, I don't want to go back."



Roxas entered the cave and saw Namine´ staring at the wall where the "Door" used to be.

He sneaked up behind her and kissed her on the cheek, "Hello beautiful!"

Namine didn't even acknowledge his presence, she just kept staring at the wall.

"Namine?" Hello? NAMINE´?"

Namine came back to reality, "Huh? Oh! Roxas I didn't see you there." She looked towards the entrance and fear filled his eyes. Roxas turned towards the direction that Namine´ was staring at.

Seeing nothing he looked back at her and asked, "What's wrong?"

"I have a bad feeling," she replied.

"Well, you know what will make you feel better? A big ol' kiss from Roxas!" Roxas closed his eyes , puckered his lips, and opened his arms to welcome her. After five seconds of no response, he opened his eyes only to discover that he was alone in the cave. Roxas ran out of the cave and saw Namine´ walking towards the dock.

"They left?" Namine´ asked as she turned towards Roxas.

"Yeah… well, Sora did so I was hoping to get a ride with you and Kairi on your boat." Just as he finished he saw that the only boat docked was Riku's black boat.

"Kairi left without you?" Roxas asked.

"It's okay… she's really distracted you know, because of the whole fight with Sora."

"Yeah, I know. Well, I guess all we can do is look for Riku." They split up to look for Riku.


Kairi reached the little boathouse and tied up her boat. She exited and looked towards Sora's house. The window that belonged to the Sora and Roxas' room was empty. She had glanced up out of habit… it was a game they played. Kairi and Namine´ would always race Roxas and Sora and the first two to poke their heads out their windows would win. Kairi looked down at the floor and sighed. They had fought over something stupid and she wished one of them would get the guts to apologize.

As she turned to leave she bumped into somebody.

"Sorry," she whispered as she glanced up and saw… Sora!


"Sora!? What are you doing here?"

"What a guy can't use his boat anymore?"

"Yeah, but… never mind." Kairi stormed off.

"Kairi… wait! I just have to pick up Roxas and Namine´."

"Wait! Why do you have to pick up my sister?"

"Because Roxas is late for dinner and you're over here talking to me," Sora said as he started to untie the boat.

"No! I'm going to pick up Namine´," Kairi said as she ran to her boat, but Sora had all ready started to row away.

As Kairi pushed her boat into the water, she started to cry. She couldn't believe she and Sora had fought over something stupid again.


/ Riku \

"Cold, so cold," Riku opened his eyes but saw nothing but darkness, "I can't move." Suddenly, Riku heard whispering all around him.

"Wh- who's there?" He managed to ask in a hoarse whisper.

The whispering grew louder until it was almost a yell, then it died down and one voice rose above the others with a low, deep rumbling, "I am the Dark."

"Unh, what do you want with me?"

"You are one with the darkness, and therefore you are one with me."

"No, arg, I'm one with no one, I'm just me."

The booming voice laughed, a dark, heart laugh that reverberated throughout the area, "Don't be foolish, you are no more just yourself than I am the light. Darkness resides within you, no matter what you do you can never escape that fact."

"You're wrong, I will never be one with the dark again."

"Oh really? Then how come you still wield that dark Keyblade?"

Riku growled under his breath, unable to think of a response.

"Admit it, you rely on the darkness. Stop fighting it and join me as my vessel!"


"Hmph either join as my vessel or as my too, your choice."

I will never align myself with you, and I won't let you control me."

"Oh really?"

Elieare: Well, that's it, the intro, what did you think, please send reviews so we'll know! Well, we hope you enjoy it and look forward to chapter 1, which may take a while because Bryan and I have finals and projects galore but we'll try. So, will Riku fall into the clutches of darkness once more? If he does, what does the self-proclaimed master of dark plan to do with Riku? Will Kairi and Sora reach the island and patch up their friendship, or will Roxas and Namine be stranded? Find out next time.