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Chapter 6: Training


|^^^| King Mickey |^^^|

The small, yet powerful King walked the halls of his castle, everyone followed behind him. He stopped in front of an intricate grey door and spoke, "Okay Sora, through this door is the entrance to Zirun's abode, be careful and get your Keyblade fixed."

Sora nodded.

"Good luck," the King continued, "while you do that, I'll be in the Grand Library looking for something on those enemies that we ran into in the forest. I'm not completely sure what they are, but I know they're not Heartless or Nobodies."

"What do we do?" Kairi asked.

"Oh, I want all of you to go to the upper level; Merlin is there, and I want you to train your magic, 'cuz if you really want Riku back, you're gonna need it."

They all nodded.

"Okay then, hop to it," he squeaked.

Sora opened the door before them and vanished into it. The others headed for the stairwell, and King Mickey pitter-pattered along the Great Hallway alone. He came upon a door much larger than himself and entered, the smell of old books instantly hit his nose. He looked at the many books and sighed, "You know, it's times like these that I wished all of these were organized."



Roxas, Namine and Kairi walked up the stairs to Merlin's practice room. Behind them, Goofy and Donald were arguing. He was thinking about Sora, when Kairi nudged him. "Do you think he's gonna be alright?"

Roxas was worried too, but he put on his bravest face. "Of course! Sora has always had the strongest heart."

Kairi looked at him as if she knew he was just acting brave for her sake. She sighed, "Well, what if he thinks he rid himself of all jealousy and all the stuff he mentioned to King Mickey, but he didn't? What if the weapons master tells him he can't fix it, but Sora had it in himself in him all along? By the way, what do you think he was jealous of?"

Roxas cleared his throat uncomfortable trying to think of an excuse. "He was jealous of… Wakka."


"Yeah, you know he's got the latest game system! Sora's been wanting it since… um… forever."

Kairi looked at Roxas in disbelief. "You're an awful liar!" She stormed off. Roxas sighed and wished there wasn't so many stairs and that they were practicing already.


"Ahhh… Back to evil! And it feels wonderful!" Riku's conjoined voice rang out. "What shall be what my first act of evil?" Flashes of Namine, Roxas, Riku, Sora, Donald, Goofy, King Mickey and Kairi ran through his mind. "Ah, yes! I must destroy them! I'll start with Sora. If he goes first everyone will be too grief-stricken to do anything now! He's always been the most popular!"



Roxas stood in the middle of the practice hall, wishing he was still climbing stairs. Merlin wanted to teach them a new spell (well actually, a whole bunch of new spells) and the first one was Reflect. The spell would send any magic attack back to its caster, well, if you could use it that is. Merlin had explained it to all of them but Roxas had completely zoned out, and now a very pissed off Kairi and an uneasy Namine(she had sensed her twin's anger and was angry herself) were about to shoot magic at him. "Crap, why'd I open my big mouth? I suck at lying. *!% Hmm…maybe I'll pull her to the side later and tell her what I really think caused Sora's jealousy? Yeah, I will. It'll smooth things out, besides, she's probably suspicious of it anyways. Not that this will save me now, man, she looks really mad."

"BEGIN!" Merlin yelled.

"Firaga!" Namine yelled and fired an intense ball of flame at her boyfriend.

"Refl-" KA-BOOM! Needless to say, Roxas was severely singed and flung twenty feet across the room from the impact and slammed against the wall.

"GREAT JOB NAMINE!" Merlin cried with glee.

"Thank you," Namine blushed.

"Roxas! That was absolutely ridiculous, where was your brain when I explained the technique? Now get up and try again, and remember, twirl your Keyblade in front of you as you say Reflect, okay?"

Roxas grumbled and faced the two female twins. "Kairi, your turn," Namine said.

"Well, that turned out swell," Roxas grimaced, "I hope she doesn't choose Firaga too."



"Crap." "Reflect!" Much to everyone's surprise, the spell worked.

"Good Roxas, now send it back, Kairi."

"Reflect!" The spell went back to Roxas.

"Good, now Roxas, grab the top of your Keyblade with your right hand and slash the Firaga diagonally while saying Cancel."

Roxas' hand moved to the top of his Keyblade, "Cancel!" His Keyblade glowed pale blue as he slashed and the Firaga completely dissipated.

"Good Roxas!" Merlin praised the dazed boy. "Now, let's keep going, we still have much to learn - from the fiery spell, Eruption, that releases scorching lave to burn your foes, the icy Absolute Zero that freezes your enemies inside out with a single touch, to the earth shattering Stalagmite that raises the ground at your foes feet to pierce and make foes airborne, and even the time stopping Stopra, if we get the chance."

Roxas sighed, "This is going to take forever. Oh well, I wonder how my bro's doing?"


Sora panted, scraped, bruised, itchy, tired, and out of arrows, he finally breached the forest and came across the most breathtakingly spring, words could not adequately describe. "Wow," he breathed deep the flower-laced air, "pretty." Then he collapsed face first into luscious green grass and fell into a blissful sleep.

"Hey kid, wake up," a deep unfamiliar voice growled.

Sora blinked and stared blankly at a brilliant white wolf.

"Bout time you woke up," it grumbled gruffly.

"Uhhhh," Soar grumbled sleepily, "I must be dreaming, that wolf just spoke." He started falling back towards slumber once more.

"Oh, no you don't," the wolf grumbled, grabbed a mouthful of Sora's hair and lifted him into a sitting position.

"Ow! Hey c'mon, that hurts."

The wolf scoffed, "King Mickey must be losing his marbles, sending a snot-nosed brat like you after all these years."

"You know King Mickey?" Sora exclaimed.

"Well of course I do, I only reside in part of his castle."

"Wait, don't tell me," Sora looked hard at the radiantly white wolf, "nah, you couldn't be."

The wolf raised an eyebrow, "Couldn't be who? The master of the bow, the sword, whip, chain and more? The legendary weapons master Zirun?"

"Yeah, him, I'm looking for him. You wouldn't happen to know his location?"

"Yes, actually I do. I AM Master Zirun."


|^^^| King Mickey |^^^|

"Aha!" The small King squeaked with delight. He suspended a rather old dusty book with magic, he began skimming the pages, "Yep, this is definitely it. It describes everything, who they are, what they want and even how to stop them. Ho boy!" He laughed and looked over at the comfortable snoozing Pluto, "Well I better pick this place up, and show everyone else this book."

"I can't allow you to do that," a sinister voice spoke. In a sudden blur of movement that disturbed the entire room, the book, King and owner of the voice vanished, only Pluto remained, barking and furiously scratching at the door.

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