Case X-1743: Unresolved [Notes] CASE X-1743: Unresolved
Story Notes

An X-Files / X-Men Movie Crossover

Summary: Mulder POV In 1996, Mulder and Scully investigated a case wherein a teenager reputedly pulverized the wall of his high school bathroom while at his senior prom, 'with red beams that came out of his eyes.' There were multiple eye-witnesses. The boy subsequently went missing before he could be questioned. Case, unresolved. In the spring of 2005, Senate hearings convened in Washington, DC, for Senator Kelly's Mutant Registration Act. Dr. Jean Grey testifies in opposition to Kelly on the senate floor. But it's not the lovely doctor who gets Mulder's attention . . . . .

Warnings: None. Safe as the movie was for younger readers, and a good deal less violent.

Cross-over Details: YOU CAN read this story without extensive current knowledge of the X-Files or the X-Men, although if you're an X-Phile who hasn't at least seen the X-Men movie, you'll be confused. And if you're an X-Men fan who doesn't know who Mulder and Scully are, or why they were in the basement of the Hoover building, bail now. Otherwise, all that you need to know is below, or contained within the story itself . . . .

X-Files details: This is an old-fashioned X File. As such, it's not dependent on the larger series mytharc. But there are a few things that one can't avoid. If we assume that events in the X-Men film occur (as it says) "in the not too distant future," then I must extrapolate from the X-Files season (2001). My solution is not to guess too much. Seemed safest. But the following details are important:

  • There are three people on the X-Files after 2001­ but Mulder is no longer one of them. He was drummed out of the FBI in season 8. The current agents assigned to the X-Files are John Doggett, Monica Reyes, and Dana Scully (part time). Yet Reyes isn't in this tale, and Doggett only briefly. And yes, dammit, I LIKE Doggett. He gets only a small cameo in Part II because he doesn't really fit into the story. This is a Mulder-Scully piece, though readers do need to know that by Part II, Mulder is no longer an FBI agent.
  • Also, Scully had a baby at the end of season 8, which is apparently Mulder's, although that was never spelled out in so many words. I've assumed here that the two did marry at some point after 2001. Naturally, the dynamics of interpersonal relationships among the X-Files crowd will have altered somewhat in the four years between the events of the 2001 season, and the events in Part II of this story.
X-Men details: Anyone who's seen the film should be able to follow this, but a few points for clarity:
  • Events here are prior to or consanguineous with the early scenes of the movie. That means Rogue and Logan have not yet arrived at the mansion and do not appear in this story.
  • As in my "Five Pounds," I follow COMIC canon here, which makes Cyclops an orphan. The basic tale of Scott's foster parents is a MUCH modified version of "Little Boy Lost" (with thanks to Pugui for putting it on the Red Shades archive). As comic fans know, Scott spent years at an orphanage in Omaha, Nebraska.
  • Despite this Scott-as-orphan take, I do follow the movie novelization in which Scott's power manifested at his senior prom. The scene in the screenplay used for the novel was not filmed, but everything you need to know about it is related in the story. (Yes, I let Selena grow up in "Goddess of the Moon," but this is Selena as she was at seventeen.)
  • The snippet of initial dialogue at the beginning of Part II is taken directly from the beginning of X-Men: The Movie.
This is for Naomi, for a lot of things. Cyke and Mulder in one story! And Scott gets a happy ending finally.

A last note: fosterage is easy to demonize. But there are good foster parents, as well as bad ones. And not all foster kids are trouble. This story is dedicated to the foster parents who do it for all the right reasons.

Disclaimer: The X-Files belongs to Fox Studios and Chris Carter, Mulder to David Duchovny and Scully to Gillian Anderson. X-Men: The Movie belongs to Marvel Comics and Twentieth Century Fox, James Marsden has made Cyclops his own, Famke Janssen played Jean Grey, and the amazing Patrick Stewart has brought to life Professor X, who will now forever have a British accent in my mind. :-)

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