Summary: Starscream steals Allspark shard. Starscream experiments on Allspark shard. Starscream gets himself reformatted into a sparkling with no memories by an accident with the Allspark shard. Autobots are left with damage control and a Seeker sparkling. Chaos ensues.


In retrospect, he really should have just continued to fly back to Cybertron.

But no, he had to go back to the spinning dustball known as Earth. He had to decide to rally the scattered Decepticon troops on the planet that had spelled their previous lord's downfall. He had to decide to carry on the war on the planet the Autobots dared call "home" -- as if any planet would ever be home besides Cybertron -- in some sort of twisted amusement.

He couldn't have just gone back to nice, safe - and rather dead, but that was a minor detail - Cybertron. Of course not.

And then, in some fit of insane brilliance, he'd discovered the fact that a piece of the Allspark had escaped destruction. He then decided to steal it.

This, obviously, was going down in the record of "really bad ideas".

Oh, he'd managed to steal it, all right. Had nearly gotten an energon blade through the left foot turbine for his troubles, but he had gotten it.

And so, then came the ideas. The ones that said, maybe he could fix it. Maybe he could use it to revive fallen Decepticons, or make new ones of their bodies - after all, he sure wasn't going to revive Megatron, not when the slagger finally had died and allowed him to take his rightful place. But the body might useful, if Starscream could retrieve it.

But retrieval came later. First, he had to ascertain how it worked, and if he could restore it to working order - after all, hadn't the Autobot scum Prime used it in conjunction with the Matrix to revive their own dead warrior, Jazz? Surely Starscream, with his millennia of scientific experience behind him, could figure out how to at least create new life. Maybe not sparklings, but at least something able to stand up and fight.

So, he had started experimenting.

And it had all been going so well, too...until he'd gotten his own fragging spark energies mixed up in the matter. Slagging primitive water substance - he disliked unnecessary conductivity.

Also, it was slippery. So, naturally, he'd slipped in it.

He had just enough time to realize he'd just tripped, fallen on his own lab table, and managed to get the Allspark shard pierced into his own spark chamber. He stared down blankly as the resulting energy reaction seemed to slow down, every minute recorded in loving detail. (Someday, when he joined Primus, this particular memory clip would be played endlessly for the amusement of the communal sparks, he just knew it.)

He managed one last conscious thought -- Skyfire was blasted right, I did blow my own fragging aft up in a lab accident before Wheeljack did -- before all was lost.


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