Sometimes, I Wish

By Light Catastrophe

Rating: T

Warnings: slash, smoking, kissing, yaoi

Pairing: AkuRoku

Disclaimer: By some unfortunate chain of events, I have not inherited the genes to come up with something as brilliant as Kingdom Hearts. So, also unfortunately, I do not own it and I just like (ab)using the characters. Likewise since I have not inherited an amazing singing voice, I do not own the song 'Sometimes, I Wish' by City and Colours.

Author's babblings: I told you I'd come out with another songfic using a City and Colours song. So here it is. I hope you enjoy.


"Roxas?" the red-head asks through a thick layer of darkness – the only barrier separating him from his small, blonde lover. "If I was a simple man, would we still walk hand in hand?"

A soft laugh came. "Axel, why are you asking such a silly question at such an unreasonable hour of the night? You could never be simple. Simple is having pepperoni pizza instead of sausage, spinach, black olives, and jalapeños."

"I'm being serious, Rox. What if I went blind? Would you still look into my eyes?"

Sensing that there was something deeper in this conversation, that it was more than just two-dimensional, Roxas reached and clasped their hands together. "Of course. You know I would," he said, soothingly, in an attempt to calm his lover.

But Axel kept talking. "What happens when I grow old and all my stories have been told? Will your heart race for me or will it march to a different beat?"

"You forget, love, that by the time you are old and grey, I will be equally as old and grey. My heart will only ever beat for you. Do you not know that by now?" He sat up in the bed, his hands draped over his slender knees, a blanket covering his naked body.

"But, Roxas, if I was a simple man, we could have adventures. Sure, I'd own no home and we'd own no land, but you'd still be by my side, right? And would our flame still burn so bright?"

"What's bringing this on, Axel? I will go wherever you go. I will always be with you. That's a promise." His body was shaking, perhaps from cold, perhaps from stress. If it was the first, he would just snuggle back under the covers, but if it was the latter…

He turned on the bedside lamp and reached for a package of light cigarettes, lighting one with a lighter.

There was something horribly sensual about the way he held the death stick in his lips; the way his elbows were propped against the pillows; the way his lithe body looked in the starchy light emitting from the lamp. But something was off. Perhaps it was his slightly wobbly fingers or his eyes, which were a bit too intense.

"I'm sorry," said Axel, grabbing the cigarette from Roxas' fingers before taking a drag on it. This simple, almost intimate, gesture relieved a bit of the tension they had no recollection of building up. "I just wish I could make you understand that you are my sun. You are my light, Roxas."

A smile tugged at the corners of Roxas' mouth and he leaned in to kiss the older boy on the lips. "I love you."

The red-head pulled the blonde down upon him, their bare chests igniting fire between their bodies. "Sometimes…" he said slowly, "I wonder why I'm so full of these endless rhymes. I wish I could get it right…"

Roxas' eyes bored into Axel's. "Love, you don't need to get it right, because you will never be a simple man…"


Babblings: I hope you enjoy this. I should be writing my research paper… but I am the world's worst procrastinator. I HATE writing things that are required. I'd much rather write fanfiction.

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