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The falling sensation was one that I didn't expect. At least I didn't expect it to last that long.

I saw the man falling beside I, Anakin Skywalker. I took a second to reflect on our relationship. We had come from rivals, to master and apprentice, to best friends, to brothers, to enemies and finally, in the last few minutes, suicide buddies.

How odd, I thought vaguely, as I fell. I could feel the fiery heat of the saber hole in my gut. Anakin bore a similar wound. We had come to an agreement. During the battle, we had looked into each other's eyes and seen the aching desire to die, to be at peace, once and for all. Palpatine was dead. The Chosen One was the last of the Sith. The Force would be balanced.

Death. That single word held so much comfort for me at that point.

The ground was hard, and it did not yield.

'I could see blood on the ground around me. It was not just Anakin's blood, but mine also. For a second there, I floated, above everything, and was at peace.

It's funny how the moon burns.'


That last bit was an indirect quoting of the play 'Juice'. I don't know who it was written by but they performed it at school. LOL. I just thought it was really cool. Sorry if I upset anybody but that's the way it goes.

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