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I dunno. I just got the feeling I wanted to write this and here I am writing it! Pre Urban Jungle, just after rescuing Quark from Florana. (He still thinks he's a monkey) I know it's an odd cross, but what the heck!


Welcome to the Milky Weigh Galaxy. Setting course for Planet Earth. said a cool female voice on the on-board computer of Ratchet and Clank's ship. The Milky Weigh Galaxy is an undeveloped galaxy. Planet Earth is the only inhabitable planet populated with five-fingered humans and a large variety of lower organic life-forms. Their space travel is at a minimum, only able to get themselves to their moon and back. Please be warned that aliens visiting this planet are thought of as mythical, and they are not above performing tests and autopsies on what they do find.

"Only able to travel to their moon?" Ratchet said incredulously. "They really are behind the times."

"It appears they are." Clank replied. "On approach, I am getting some strange signals."

"…What kind of signals?" Ratchet asked the little robot. "Radio signals?"

"Yes, radio signals, but they are constantly being disrupted. It would take a large electro-magnetic force to do something like that."

"That's… odd…" Ratchet said. "We never get large amounts of electro-magnetic force. Let's get down and grab that data-disk that Nefarious was supposed to have dropped whilst trying to attack the planet. There was meant to be a lightening storm then, that's probably why he pulled out. Apparently he dropped it in a place called Amity Park."

"Ratchet, do be careful. The electro-magnetic force may wreck our on-board computers. The humans here build computers differently, so they may have never noticed it."

"It'll be fine." Ratchet reassured Clank, rather naively.

-On approach to Amity Park, Planet Earth. 1:52am local time.-


Large electro-magnetic disruption detected. Shields at 40 percent. Weaponry at 30 percent. Life support at 50 percent. Emergency landing initiated.

"Oh no, NO! Come on, work for me!!" Ratchet yelled, punching different buttons as clank activated the escape pod.


Danny was enjoying a midnight flight when a large flash appeared in the night-time sky. He looked up immediately to see a smoking star-cruiser fly over the town and smash into the nearby mountain, making a fiery explosion on impact.

Danny gasped at the sight. Also coming at a slower-but-still-fast speed was a small ball-like object that landed at the bottom of the mountain. He flew towards it, not knowing what to expect.


Ratchet opened the hatch on the escape pod to find that he and Clank had landed on the large, smoky debris that used to be their heavily-upgraded ship. He sighed at the sight disappointedly, knowing that there was no way that this pile of rubble and raritanium would ever fly again. He helped the little robot out of the ship and clipped him to his back as usual.

"We're going to have to be careful, Clank, remember, it said that they're not above doing autopsies on alien life forms… I don't know how we're going to get back."


Danny got closer to the wreck. As he did, he saw a small figure with what looked like a metal backpack on it's back.


Ratchet looked up to see a glowing figure in the sky flying towards them. He immediately pulled out his pulse rifle just in case it attacked them. No one knew much at all about Earth, so it was anything goes. Why didn't he take any of his armor for this mission and just his mechanic outfit?


As Danny came closer he noticed that the figure was what looked like a cat-human hybrid. It had a tail like a lion, strips down it's back like a lion and big fuzzy ears, complete with a nose that looked exactly like a cat's. This was either someone's idea of a really weird experiment, or this was an alien pointing a large rifle-of-sorts at him. Immediately he turned intangible in case he was shot at. Danny also noticed the metal backpack was actually a tiny robot with glowing eyes and an antennae.


As Ratchet and clank looked up, the figure got closer, revealing that it was, indeed, a human. It had white hair and a pair of glowing green eyes. But since when can organic life-forms defy gravity? This was way too odd. As the figure came closer, it went a very light blue and Ratchet realized he could see through it! They really hadn't researched this planet at all if they failed to pick up that the humans here could do this! As it got even closer, Ratchet realized that this was a boy and could be no more than fifteen or so. Ratchet lowered his rifle and Clank stared at the flying teen.


Danny hovered just above the (what's this thing and his robot supposed to be?) looking at them quizzically. Still intangible, he wondered if he could talk to them.

"…Hi… D-do you speak English…?"

"Yes… Yes I do." Ratchet said to the boy. "You're a human, right?"

"What?!" Danny said worriedly. Did this creature know what he was? "N-no, I'm a ghost. What are you?"

"That explains the electro-magnetic field." Clank said logically. "This planet must have many ghosts for that amount of disturbance."

"But I thought that was impossible!" Ratchet said to his robotic partner. "Ghosts don't exist! They're just used in scary stories that adults tell their children so they behave!"

"It appears that outside of this galaxy, it seems that this doesn't happen. But in this one the rules must be different."

"Uhh… what are you?" Danny repeated, with so many questions to ask. The creature seemed friendly enough, he had lowered his gun. "Who are you? Why did you come? Where did you come from?"

"I'm a lombax…" Ratchet said hesitantly. "My name's Ratchet and I came from the Planet Veldin in the Salona Galaxy. The robot's name is Clank. Who are you?"

"First, why did you come?" Danny asked again, determined to get his answers before he gave any. Ratchet sighed, downhearted.

"Because my galaxy is under attack by an insane robot who wants to exterminate all organic life-forms… We need to find a data-disk he dropped in somewhere called Amity Park to help stop him."

Danny looked at Ratchet the lombax, horrified. "…will he attack Earth too…?" he asked in a barely audible echoed whisper.

Ratchet nodded slowly. "He's planning to take over Salona then who knows what galaxy he might attack next…"

Danny didn't even stop to think. "My name's Danny, how can I help?"

End Prologue

Author's Note:

That was fun to write. I'm not sure how many Danny Phantom fans are also Ratchet & Clank fans, but if you are, please review! I love knowing what the readers think of my fics.