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Chapter 4: Secrets Revealed

Ratchet scrambled onto the dropship and Danny followed. With a slight jerk, it came to a start and took them around to the other side of the city. As it landed and the back opened, the three were greated by a battlefield. There were Tyhranoids all over the place, closing in on four veryuneasy-looking rangers. Ratchet gritted his teeth, pulling out the same shock blaster as before and began to mow the left side down. Danny was temporarily mesmirized at how good Ratchet was, avoiding blasts left and right with a series of acrobatic flips and jumps. He however, was mesmirized no longer after getting hit by a particularly painful blast that threw him into the center of the battlefield.

But after all this ghost fighting, Danny was agile. He leapt to his feet and then to the air, and released an extremely concentrated ecto-blast. So concentrated, that it seemed to explode on impact with the robot-controlling Tyhranoid, and effectively damaging several others around it. Down on the ground, he heard one ranger's cry of terror. "I give up! Don't shoot!" Whoever programmed cowardice into these things was a complete and total moron.

The battle raged on with a mix of beams and electrical charges flying in every direction, some of the blindly-shot more deadly than the ones that were actually trying to be accurate. Danny had taken to the sky to pick off the enemies, but they fired upwards and had already shot him down a numerous amount of times. This all-out combat had been so far going for at least forty minutes now. The rangers in the middle had been destroyed, and both Ratchet and Danny were now quite battered and in need of rest. Unfortunately, the waves just kept on coming; each bringing a larger amount of combatants than the former.

Danny was shot down out of the sky for one last time, when he realised there was one way to truly end this once and for all. "Cover your ears and get down!!" Danny screamed over the noise of the battle to Clank and Ratchet, who both looked at him oddly then did as they were told. Danny inhaled a large amount of air, then let it all go in one huge scream that sent shockwaves all around the area. All the windows that weren't already shattered were completely destroyed and, thankfully, the ghostly wail was especially effective on the Tyhranoids in the surrounding area. Ratchet yelled out in shock and tried to flatten himself on the ground more so he wouldn't take the full force of the attack.

At the end, Danny took one last fleeting look around himself, taking in the damage he'd just done. There were dropships lying destroyed on the ground, and black marks were the enemy's weapons and explosives had exploded from the impact. Ratchet slowly picked himself off the ground, hitting the last, tiny Tyhranoid still standing with his wrench so it fell with a small thump. But now, Danny was weak. He began sinking through the air until he fainted into blackness, not remembering hitting the ground or becoming human again.


"Hey, kid! C'mon, I can see your eyes half-open. Wake up."

"Hunh?" Danny sad as he brought two aching arms to rub his eyes. "What... where...? Huh?" Danny realized suddenly that he was in his human form. That would mean that everyone probably saw... "Gah! Oh my God!"

"Hush!" Sasha said from beside the bed. "I don't care, you took out the last four waves of those monsters in one foul swoop. But I think we're all curious to find out about what you are, it's like your some kind of hybrid... I'm not sure what you're crossed with, but your other half isn't human, I know that much. We haven't told anyone else of your status though, so that's safe. It's just me, Ratchet and Clank."

"But still!" Danny exclaimed in panic. "No one can find out about me! No one!"

"We're not going to tell anyone about it, and we don't care about it, either." Sasha said reassuringly. "Danny, just relax. I want you to explain what you are. I think you owe Clank and Ratchet an explanation, too. They're the ones who called for us to pick you up with the dropship before they had to do something else." she said as she noticed them walking into the quarters. They ran up to Danny, who sat up and sat on the side of the bed, staring for a moment at the cage that contained the man that thought he was a monkey. When he roared and beated his chest, it snapped Danny back to reality and caused him to look back at the others.

"I'm half human, half ghost..." Danny answered quietly. It resulted in a small gasp from Sasha, who didn't know his other form was actually a real ghost. "And I can change between my two forms willingly. I had a lab accident in my parent's ghost portal. I don't really know much more except that it was really, really painful and I got a fair shock when I came out. I can't tell you why it worked out this way because I don't know. I think it might have had something to do with the ecto-purifier in the ecto-filtrator and the large amount of ectoplasm and electricity that it used, though."

They all looked at him strangely, obviously not understanding a bit of it. After Danny explained exactly what ectoplasm was, then they seemed a little more understanding.

"So in the shock, the ectoplasm must have coated your DNA and mutated the gene. That is really the only way to explain things." Clank said knowledgebly. Danny looked at the robot strangely, then nodded.

"You know, that might just explain some things."

"Yes... it doesn't make sense, but... it's credible." Sasha said as she turned to look at the door. "Danny, change to your other form in the ship if you don't want anyone to find out about you. I think we all deserve a nice, big meal from the cafeteria after that battle. It's fish and chip night, too!"

Danny grinned at the thought as two rings covered him and swept up and down, turning him back to his ghost form. With an absolutely amazed look from the three, and not even a glance from the monkey-man, they all walked out and went for dinner.

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