Left Behind

Inspired by the book of the same title

By LaHaye and Jenkins

The horror starts in a plane in flight

The children are gone what a terrible plight

The old woman's there, but her husbands not

And so truth is strongly sought

The terry robe on the kitchen floor

Beside it lay the wedding ring she wore

The children's clothes are in their bed

And fills his heart with horrible dread

Her womb is empty and she screams

Its worst then any nightmare dream

Its shown on the TV all that night

And terrifies the nation in fright

Maybe the magnetic fields to blame

Or maybe the latest solar flame

Or maybe the aliens kidnapped them

On some capricious goulish whim

The mysteries solved in a small black book

The last place any one would look

A fulfillment of old prophecy

Written there for all to see.

Millions of people got left behind

Because they chose to be blind

The God of Mercy and of love

Has taken His children all above.

But even for those who got left

God has made a special cleft

A final chance to come His way

And await the final victory day.