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Summary: Sakura and Sasori fancfic. Sakura falls in love with Sasori, but she doesn't know that he is still alive. What if she starts to love Itachi when they meet for the first time? What will happen when Sasori and Sakura meet each other again? Who will Sakura choose? Read to find out! (A/N: I know I suck at summaries but oh well.)

Note: This is in the shippuden time.




What a nice lovely day. Sakura thought while she was walking through the park.

You said it. I mean after that long mission from Suna and rescuing Gaara from the Akatsuki. I say we deserve a break. Inner said.

Totally agree. Lets just take a long nap under the beautiful sakura tree. Sakura replied as she started to lie down under the tree.

"Sakura-chan!!" cried out a young annoying man.

Great…when I was just about to dream about Sasuke-kun too.

What are you talking about?! I don't like Sasuke anymore. He is a back stabbing jerk with a butt-ugly face!! If he really liked me back then, he would have told me and never have left me on the bench to rot.

Okay…I guess your right. Well then who do you like then?! Hey do you like Shikamaru or Neji? I mean after the quick time skip they look so hot right now.

I do like someone, but its neither Neji nor Shikamaru. Besides, if I ever thought that Neji and Shikamaru are hot Tenten and Temari would kill me!! So, no I don't think either guy is hot.

"Hey, Sakura-chan. I just saw you lying there so I thought that since you aren't busy why don't we go on a date later. How about it? I will buy you all the ramen you want." Naruto asked.

"For the last time Naruto, if I told you a million times no then why would you think that I would say yes now?" Sakura asked lying under the tree with her eyes closed.

"Why not?!"

"Because I don't like you that way. Naruto, I love you but in a brotherly way."

"Then who am I suppose date then?"

"Well, Naruto, there is this one girl that I know that has the hots for you. You would have known your whole entire life if you weren't so dense."

"Really?! Who is this girl? I want to know please tell me!!"

"Well, I can tell you that she is hiding behind the tree right now. She is a girl that belongs to the Hyuuga clan. Can you guess who she is?"

"Hey, that better not be Neji. I mean I know that he has long hair, but I never knew that he was a girl! I thought he was a boy this whole time I have ever known him."

Sakura stood up and smacked Naruto on the head. "Baka! You are dense aren't you?! Well, of course it is not Neji its Hinata!!"

"Really?! Well, I do think that she is cute and she has a perfect figure. Then I should ask her out then. Thanks Sakura-chan! Ja ne!!" Naruto said smiling walking away.

"Finally, some peace and quiet."

You said it. So since you like someone, who is it?

There is this one person I never seem to forget. Sakura thought as she started to lie down under the sakura tree.

And who might that be?

I think I miss Sasori. I don't know why but after I killed him I started to feel sad and it has hurt my heart deeply. I know that I hardly knew the guy, but I think I love Sasori. I thought I loved Sasuke, but that was just merely a little crush. Well, I cant do anything about it now. Sasori is gone and I will never see him again. Sakura thought with a tear freely running down her face.


[Normal POV]

"What is it that you need Leader-sama?" asked an intelligent redhead.

"Well, Sasori, I need you and Itachi to go and get a certain someone for me. You cant take Deidara because he is on a different mission with Hindan." Pein said.

"May I ask, who this certain person that you have your eyes on?"

"Well, it is someone very strong, has perfect chakra control, and has impressive medic skills. I think you may know this person."

"Is it Sakura Haruno? The one that I fought against with Chiyo-baa-sama? May I ask why we need her?"

"Well, we need her because she is very good medic and we need a medic around the base. I may even ask her to join the Akatsuki, because if she starts to be our medic then she needs to be part of the Akatsuki. If she refuses then we can simply use her as bait for the Kyuubi."

"I see. Well then I will take Itachi with me. We will leave as soon as I tell him the plan."

"Okay. Now get out."

Sasori walked out of the office and started to think to himself.

[Sasori's POV]

Well then I guess I will meet with Sakura again. I wonder if she will be surprised if I'm still alive and in a human body. (A/N: He is human now and no longer a puppet.) I guess I have to thank Zetsu for bringing me back to life.


"So this is Sasori's true form." Zetsu said.

"Zetsu-san! Gomen nasai if Tobi took a while, but Tobi found a medic like Zetsu asked for. Tobi is a good boy, right?" Tobi said.

"Bring the medic here Tobi. If you don't then Tobi isn't a good boy."

"AH! Tobi is a good boy!" Tobi said bringing the medic towards Zetsu.

"Please don't hurt me!" pleaded the medic.

"Tobi go look for Sasori's ring. If you do that, Tobi is a good boy."

"Okay. Zetsu-san." Tobi said looking for the ring.

"Okay now use your medic skills to bring this man alive." Zetsu said harshly to the medic.

"But if I do that, I will die." The medic whispered.

"Do this for me or else I will cut your neck." Zetsu said threateningly while putting a kunai near the medic's throat and adding pressure.

"Okay. But if I bring this man alive he will have a human body and not a puppet body anymore."

"That's fine. Just do it now, you are wasting my time."

The medic sighed for he knows that he is going to die. He did some complicated hand seals in a slow way. Then started to apply chakra to Sasori's body. When he was done, he soon fell to the ground and died. Sasori then woke up and started to breathe.

"Zetsu-san? Is that you?" Sasori said.

"Hai. It's me Sasori." Zetsu said.

Then Sasori started to feel his entire body and he soon realized that he isn't a puppet anymore.

"Zetsu-san help! Tobi got Tobi's head stuck in a hole! Help!" Tobi yelled.

"Why did you have to bring him along?" Sasori asked Zetsu.

"It couldn't be helped. I was bored and I wanted to see how he would react when

he finds out that you are alive and he cant join the Akatsuki." Zetsu said.

"Well tell him the news. I want to see too."

"Hey Tobi! You can't join the organization anymore because Sasori is still alive!" Zetsu yelled.

"What?! Tobi is a good boy and found Sasori-san's ring." Tobi said trying to get his head out of the hole.

"Well you can't now because I'm alive Tobi." Sasori said.

When Tobi heard this he started to cry.

"No!!!" Tobi cried.

Sasori and Zetsu chuckled at Tobi for crying. After Tobi was done crying, the three headed back to headquarters.

(End Flashback)

Soon Sasori started to tell Itachi about the plan. Then after both left to find a certain kunoichi.


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