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Chapter 6


Hmm. I wonder where Sasori is going this late at night. Sakura thought as she went up to stairs to the roof.

"The roof is such a nice place to think about the wonders of the world. Too bad the world is becoming such a dull and unsafe place now." Sasori whispered to himself. "Why are there fights and wars in this world?"

Sakura was about to answer his question but something astounded her that made her unable to speak. There she saw Sasori sitting on the roof looking up at the night sky, but that wasn't what astounded her. The thing that astounded her was that the moonlight shined on him and that made him look more handsome than he is now. Sakura wanted to say something but couldn't bring out the voice in her. So she stood there and watched.

"The world would absolutely be beautiful if it stayed peaceful forever. That is what truly what art is. Mother, I think I have found something very beautiful. I just don't know how to express my feelings for someone as beautiful as her. I wish you were here to tell me these things. In fact, if you were here right now, I wouldn't think that I'd be in this organization. I hope you still care for me."

"Sasori? What are you doing?" Sakura asked him with a gleam in her eyes. Sasori was startled at first but became at ease again.

"I'm just looking up at the stars and saying hi to my mother." Sasori replied.

"That is very nice of you." Sakura was now standing next to the sitting Sasori.

"Hai. She was a very beautiful woman. I really miss her." Sasori stood up next to Sakura looking at her.

"I bet she was. Sasori, who was this girl whom you were talking about?"

"Oh. Just a young girl whom I met. She is very talented, beautiful, and strong. I just hope she has feelings for me." Sasori smiled.

Sakura blushed at the thought. "I think she does have those feelings for you."

"Why do you think so?" Sasori asked stepping closer to Sakura.

"I don't know. I mean with your looks any girl would fall for you." Sakura was now looking into Sasori's eyes.

Sasori brought his hand up to Sakura's face and started to feel her cheek. She loved the gentle touch of his hands. She then stared into Sasori's eyes and started to play with his soft messy hair. He then stood back and looked up at the night sky. Sakura was confused at first, be she noticed that he was pointing at a shooting star.

"Make a wish, Sakura." Sasori started to close his eyes.

"Hai." Sakura closed her eyes and made a wish. When she opened her eyes, she saw Sasori right in front of her. He then gave her a kiss on the cheek and bid her a good night. He then went down the stairs back to his room to get some sleep.

Sakura stood there with wide eyes. She was shocked for the gentle kiss Sasori bestowed on her cheek. She was pretty happy for it. She started to go back downstairs into her room. She was blushing.

Sakura went into her room and slept peacefully. Little did she know there was another presence in her room watching her sleep.


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