Chapter 1: The Beginning of the End

She smiled weakly at the two brothers hugging at the hospital, she was so happy to see that Kouichi was going to be fine and that Koji finally learned the truth about his twin brother which was all so strange to begin with. She looked around the hospital; it was the same time she left the other day… it was as if nothing has changed ever since they all left. Everything was in place and everyone was going about his or her usual business.

'What's wrong with this…'

Why did it feel like something was out of the picture, that she had a feeling something bad was going to happen even though they had saved the world and the digital world too, why is it that she can't shake this feeling of impending doom that's about to come? Izumi shivered a bit as she rubbed her arms and went out to take a breath; the setting sun gleamed against the white walls of the hospital as Izumi leaned against it. This place smelled too clean, it wasn't the clean that she had always nagged at the boys about cleaning after themselves it was as if they were trying to clean something more… all this antiseptic cleaners.

'It's Death…' She thought bitterly, she never liked the hospital, there was too many things going on up and down the halls. 'You never know when the next person will die and…' Izumi was disrupted from her inner thoughts when she heard the door near her click softly; she looked up to be met up with Takuya's soft brown eyes. There was a change in them that she never really noticed, before when they met at the platform and where she thought he was just some immature boy trying to get to her it was just the eyes of a 14 year old… but now, now there's more to it. He's grown up. His light brown eyes are speckled with little dark brown like secrets unknown, you wouldn't be able to see it if you didn't concentrate, but it shone brightly under the sun as he smiled at her. He motioned something with his hand but Izumi was too caught up at Takuya's eyes to notice until he gently shook her shoulder that she snapped out of her daze from being mesmerized by his eyes so suddenly.

"Izumi… you ok?" He asked with a lilting voice that was full of concern and worry, she looked back at him with her emerald green eyes and smiled.

"I'm fine Takuya… how are they?" She asked him with not much thought as she sat down on a chair near by, Takuya sat down next to her and took off his hat and ruffled his messy dark brown hair.

"Izumi…" He started as he turned towards her, Izumi flinched as she pulled up her legs and cradled it burying her head into it.

"Takuya… Please. Not right now. I can't bare the thought…" Her voice was cracking under the pressure, as she knew that this was why she felt something horrible was going to happen. They were leaving. She knew at some point at the end when they returned home they were all going to go back to their own lives again, but… but how could she, after all that they've been through? She can't just waltz back into her old drab life again. She felt his fingers touch her knee as he took her hand in his, he had taken off his gloves and she felt his warm hands touch her pale soft ones. Just his mere touch made her skin prickle, she could feel the whole of her body react to it. They stayed like that for a while, just him holding her hands in his, it wasn't awkward or anything it just felt right at the moment. Izumi pulled her face out of her knees, her face was tinted with pink and her lips were pouting and her long golden hair bounced around her face like sunrays. Takuya looked at her and something inside of him felt like he was leaving a part of him behind, but he couldn't understand why.

'I'm going to miss this girl…' he thought silently as he pulled his hand away from hers, but she only tightened her grip on his hand. She didn't look over at him as she spoke, but he could hear that she was having trouble saying it.

"Are… Are you leaving?" She finally said, he sighed as he adorned his hat back on and took out his cell phone to check the time, he needed to get back to Shinya's birthday party or else they would think something bad had happened and do something really stupid because of that assumption. Her grip loosened and pulled away with hesitation, but he took them in his again.

"Izumi, look at me." He said with a stronger tone in his voice, she slowly turned to look at him, forest green met hazelnut. Her eyes were red and tearing up, it was falling down her wan cheeks and his heart was stabbed with pain as he saw Izumi cry. She was usually the strong one in the group ready to do anything and always head strong about her opinions, but now he's made her cry. He used his thumb and gently wiped away her tears, he didn't know where the confidence was coming from he would usually never dare approach a girl like this, but now all he wanted to do was make her smile again.

"Izumi don't cry… We promise to never forget what we went through together, we're a team remember? You have to be strong." She hiccupped and brushed away his hand and stared at him with eyes more like Izumi's.

"God Takuya I'm not crying!" She said with a infuriated look in her eyes, "The antiseptic cleaners in this room is freaking burning my eyes that's all!" He smiled at her as his eyes softened, he stood up and looked apologetically down.

"I have to go… Say bye for me will you?" Izumi stared up dumbfound with shock, Takuya was really leaving. She watched his figure disappear behind a wall of people and in another glimpse he was gone. It was at this precise moment that Izumi felt her heart stop.

After that nothing really seemed to be real anymore, she watched each one leave the hospital one by one. Tomoki left when his brother came to pick him up and Junpei left right after when his mom came. Koji stayed behind a little while longer to stay with Kouichi, but at the end even he had to go home. She finally stood up and was about to leave when a voice stopped her.

"Are you sure you're going to be ok Izumi?" It was Kouichi, the door was slightly ajar and because the hospital was quite deserted on their floor his voice rang out. She looked back and faced the door absentmindedly, her feet made weird squeaking noises as she played with the linoleum floor.

"To tell you the truth Kouichi, I don't think I am ok. I love my life the way it was when I was with you guys and now… it's like my fairytale is being torn apart page by page." She said painfully as an image of the fading Takuya replayed in her mind.

"Come in here Izumi, I can't see you behind that door that's blocking your beautiful face!" he said with hint of laughter in his voice, this made Izumi grin a little as she stepped through the door and pulled up a chair next to Kouichi's bed. He had the same physical appearance as Koji but Kouichi had short messy hair whereas Koji had his long and in a ponytail and they differ on personality levels. There was a book opened on his lap as he propped himself up a little more, then he sighed a breath of relief as his blue eyes fell on Izumi.

"Don't worry Izumi, we'll be here always whenever you need you us just close your eyes and wish hard and we'll be there." He said delicately brushing a strand of stray blonde hair from Izumi's face; her face was unreadable as she was fighting inside of herself.

'Everything… No. This fairytale ended a long time ago Izumi there's nothing left for you.'

She can't do this, this pain and fear of being alone was too much for her, she stood up and ran out the door without saying goodbye.