Epilogue: 9 years later

She stood by the door frame of the house looking out at the horizon of the afternoon sun blazing down at the streets of Nagasaki. Her hair touched her waist line in little strings of blonde and silver that seemed to glow under the sun. She watched and she waited patiently for any changes or signs, she had felt that today would be different today she would see her star in the mingling city lights. But that was how she felt for the last nine years and it's no different, she would wait by the door watching the city go by on it's daily routine then she would finally go in when the sun disappeared behind the mountain lines and the skies darkened with colors of navy blue and purple. She closed her eyes and sighed, it felt like it was just yesterday that the battle had began and ended all because she had denied her feelings. She let her head lop to the side as she thought back to the morning she began her life long wait for her shooting star.


Izumi's eyes creaked open as she looked around, a blast of pain hit her head like a ton of bricks as she shut her eyes again and groaned. She heard the door open and feet walking inside pulling a chair up to the bed side. Then a clatter of bowls and plates made her open her eyes again, she saw Aoi putting down a tray of food with medicine on the table and propped Izumi up in her bed. She must've looked like shit that morning, she could feel it. Her whole body was sore from head to toe and her head felt like it was about to explode from the pain. Aoi handed her some pills and smiled as she sat down next to her.

"Aspirin, take it, it'll help the headache. Your mom's downstairs making breakfast for Junpei and the others. I brought her back from Okinawa when the battle was over, I had wiped away the date line that they were coming back in three days and they stayed longer than you had usually planned. I told her you got a little sick from the heat and she came right back home with your father. They're really worried about you." she said giving her a reassuring smile, Izumi held onto the cup of warm water she was given and looked down at the rippling water in the glass cup. There was something she wasn't telling her something she's too afraid to bring up, Izumi touched Aoi's hand softly never daring to look into her best friend's eyes because she was scared she wouldn't be able to stop crying if she did.

"Where is he...?" she asked cautiously picking at the ends of her blanket, "And don't play dumb with me Aoi... I want you to tell me the truth. I'm not a little girl anymore.. I can handle it." Aoi looked away troubled down to the floor and without saying anything Izumi knew that he was gone. She felt a stinging pain in her heart when she finally understood, "He's gone isn't he?" Aoi looked up with despairing eyes and didn't speak up, Izumi shook her head and stared at the ceiling before her. "Why..?"

"He said he had some unfinished business he had to take care of first and that.. He would be back one day.." Aoi mumbled sadly trying not to make the situation any worse than it was already is.

"One day Aoi.. You know what that means? It's most likely that he's not coming back.." she said not taking her eyes off the beige ceiling that was preoccupying her eyes. Aoi finally looked up and watched Izumi with her purple eyes.

"What are you going to do then?" she questioned the sandy haired girl before her who stopped looking at the ceiling and watched her hands.

"I'm going to wait."


It seemed so possible then, but as years passed on by it began to look bleak that he was ever coming back. She was jolted awake from her memories when she felt someone tugging at the hem of her shirt and she looked down at a young boy of 9 years old looking up at her with piercing green eyes, the only thing that he had inherited from his mother the rest was exactly like his father with the dark messy hair and bold attitude.

"Mom, Aunt Aoi's coming over later. She called and told me to tell you." he said and she nodded, "I'm going to go play in the backyard, tell me when Aunt Aoi and Uncle Kouichi comes over yeah?" he asked skipping down the stairs and back into the house again. She laughed watching the her son hopping through the front door, "Alright Takashi, have fun." She turned around again and heard squealing and laughter in the distance, she had an idea who it was when Aoi and Kouichi appeared over the hills. Aoi had two giggling twins in her hands and Kouichi had a baby in his arms when they arrived at the front door of Izumi's house. Kouichi gathered the children with his other arm and ushered them all into the house while Aoi sat down on a stone granite bench near Izumi's side, she gave her husband a quick kiss on the lips before he disappeared into the house ordering the kids not to destroy anything.

"Twins and a single baby. You and Kouichi are spawning like rabbits, must be busy nights under the Kimura household eh Aoi?" she said slyly poking at Aoi who had turned a little red, but wasn't down for the count.

"Saya and Kai are three years younger than Takashi Izumi and little Riku is even younger.. You had Takashi when you were just 17.. that makes it that you did it way before I did. I think that counts for something." she shot back victoriously and Izumi held up her hand in surrender.

"You win this round," she laughed. She did had Takashi at a young age right when he left she had found out she was pregnant, oh was her mother and father furious at her but in the end helped her raise the child while she attended school. Kouichi and Aoi got married at the age of 19 and had the twins when they were 20, then two years later had another young one in addition to the family. They had decided to move to Nagasaki into Aoi's old house and while Kouji went back to Tokyo to study, he is currently happily married with one daughter. Junpei was a CEO of his own industry in the big city of Tokyo and often visited Izumi and the others, his love life is on hold as of now. Little Tomoki is in his last year in college before moving onto medical school for another three years, he lives in a pent house in Yokohama with his lovely fiancee. Things changed over the years and now they've all grown up have their own lives to live and families to support, but it just wasn't fair that Takashi never knew his father. The children came scrambling out the front when a man stepped through the front gates leaving Aoi with her mouth hanging open and Kouichi looking shocked, only Izumi stood perfectly still and calm.

"Oh my God," Aoi said almost breathless, Takuya stood before them with a crooked smile and hands in his jean pockets. Aoi quietly stood up and took Saya and Kai's hands leading them into the house, "Come on Kouichi, bring Riku in it's getting chilly outside." what a bunch of bull that was, Nagasaki was smack dabbed in the middle of summer right now, but Kouichi followed anyways leaving only Izumi, Takuya, and Takashi outside who was looking at the man with interested eyes. He wasn't afraid to show that he curious at the newcomer who has some what of the same features as he does, but he recognized him from the pictures and stories that his mother had always told him about, about his father.

"Dad!" he yelled running forward and throwing himself in his arms, Takuya scooped up the boy in his arms and laughed messing up Takashi's hair.

"Hey there squirt," he said setting him down, "Now be a good boy and go in, daddy and mommy has something to talk about." he quietly obeyed and ran inside the house. He stood up quickly and dusted his pants before looking at Izumi, her pink lips were firmly pressed together making them into a line and her eyes were big with shock and surprise. She walked down the steps and looked up at the man who stood before, the man that had impregnated her, the man that had broken her heart more than once, the arrogant jerk that she had fell in love with 12 years ago, the arrogant jerk that she was still in love with today. Out of no where she slapped him hard across the face, he turned and looked at her with bewildered eyes.

"What the hell was that for?" he asked rubbing his face that was throbbing in pain, she glared at him.

"That was for leaving Takuya Kanbara and this is for not being there for Takashi!" and she slapped him again on the other side of the face, "And this one--" she rose her hand again to hit him but he stopped her with his hard grip, she was already in tears before she could even stop them from free falling down her face. He stared apologetically into her watered green ones as he held her chin on his finger tips and kissed her gently kissed her 9 times before stopping and looking at her again.

"Each kiss for each year that I was away from you, I'm sorry Izumi that I left, I was stupid and I was out of my mind to do it, but I promise I won't leave you again that's why..." he pulled out a small box from his jacket and kneeled down before her, she lost her voice and breath when she saw the ring that appeared in the box, the white diamonds glistened in the sunlight like little gems dancing in the velvet dark blue box.

"Will you marry me?" he asked, those words seemed to linger in her head when she heard a squeal from behind and they both turned to look and saw Aoi peeking from the front door with her husband smiling from ear to ear.

"It's about time he asked," Kouichi said pulling out his phone, "Big news calls for big celebration." Izumi could feel her face burn with embarrassment as she looked at Takuya still kneeling on the ground.

"Say yes already!" she heard Aoi yell out, Izumi could only smile as she nodded and Takuya slipped on the ring on her finger, it fit perfectly. He stood up and pulled her into his arms making her gasp.

"I'm forgiven then?" he asked lustfully, and she smirked pushing him away a slightly.

"Save it for the bedroom Kanbara, let's see if you still have your skills." she teased, but she wrapped her arms around his neck and breathed out, "I love you though.." he smiled down at her, his princess, his beautiful fair-haired beauty was finally his, he laughed a little overjoyed, "I know, I love you too Izumi." she smiled kissing him with all her heart and soul and he taking her kiss and forever protecting it in his heart as a lingering memory of her love for him and how it just took one destiny and fate to bring them together.