Dear, I thought I drop a line
The weather is cool
The folks are fine
I'm in bed each night at nine
Ps I love you

Yesterday we had some rain
But all in all I can't complain
Was it dusty on the train
Ps I love you

Write to the brown's just as soon as you're able
They came around to call
And not burn a hole in the dining room table
Now let me think; I guess that's all
Nothing else for me to say
And so I'll close, but by the way
Everybody's thinking of you
P.s. I love you

I never see him any more. I miss him. God, that sounds so fucking faggy. But I do.

Since he went to Dartmouth, it's as if I never had a best friend at all.

I try to focus on other stuff but watching porn isn't as much as it used to be when I had to sit there and defend it's freakishness as he complained about it.

And pizza bagels don't taste as good. And there's no one to lay on the floor with in sleeping bags talking about Star Wars and other stupid shit.

What's the point of living?

I'd call him but I'd hate to look needy, like I wanted to talk to him.

He'd get annoyed; he always did when I got clingy.

Well, I'm sorry being so goddamn clingy, dude.

I guess it's just because I just fucking love you like a brother.


School's going fine, and I like a lot of the people here. Fogell is irritating but since he's been having this whole "bad ass" persona, there's a lot of girls and parties so that's cool.

I wish Seth could be here with us, he'd love the parties.

And the girls. And we have a McDonald's so close by.

I wonder what he's doing right now. Probably drinking through a 12 pack of Mountain Dew and jerking off to some creepy fuzzy quality porn video.

I bet he is.

I wouldn't mind being with him.

I do miss him, I won't lie. I miss the way he swears so tastefully, and way he always needs me to buy stuff for him, and the way he picks out the most God awful clothes.

He's a fucking idiot.

But he's also my fucking brother.

Yeah, I do miss him. Just becase our lives are different now, doesn't mean we can't be friends.

Maybe I'll call him, think I should?