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Chapter 13: The Key of Destiny

He didn't care.

"It's all meaningless…" the blonde-haired, black-cloaked young man said as he walked through the dying world. His hair curled up into an awkward cowlick in the front, which bobbed gently as he walked into the town.

The Heartless, yet another of Maleficent's invasions, had claimed this world's heart weeks ago. Xemnas had sent him here to 'observe' and 'record' the fall of this world, and to send the cores of as many Heartless as possible to Kingdom Hearts. The problem was, he didn't CARE.

Roxas held up his brighter Keyblade, 'Oathkeeper,' he thought it was called, and watched the way the fading light played off of the shiny metal surface. The screams and desperate pleas of the victims of the Heartless held no interest for him.

He just wanted to look at the light of the dying sun.

A man came up behind him, desperately grabbing at his cloak.

"Please… Please, child… You have the look of a warrior… You can help us!"

Roxas took one look at the battered, beaten man and the rags he wore and glared at him. "You are touching me."

The desperate man looked up at Roxas, holding onto the hem of his cloak. "Please… Please, you have to help us!! The shadow-things are destroying everything!!!"

Roxas gave him a bored look. "Everything is already destroyed. Darkness started everything, darkness will end everything. Now let go, I want to enjoy the last of the light while I can.

The man didn't let go. "Please…"

"Go away…" Roxas said, holding Oathkeeper up to the fading light again, making it dance around the polished metal.

"NO!" the man said with sudden forcefulness, "Please! You have to do something!!"

Roxas didn't even bother looking at him this time. "No… No I don't, actually. "

The man stared at Roxas incredulously. "You… You're just going to stand there!?"

Roxas nodded.

The man shook his head in disbelief. "W-WHY!? WHY WON'T YOU DO ANYTHING?!"

"Because it's all pointless," Roxas said, not turning around.


Roxas shook his head, not lowering Oathkeeper. The light was so pretty… When he still felt the man behind him a moment later, he said, "The Heartless have already claimed this world. My efforts would do nothing but delay the destruction. This world is being consumed by darkness. What could a little light-user like me do?"

"You could do SOMETHING!!!" the man almost roared, "You could do more than just sit there and let the light play off your weapon."

Roxas shook his head. "No."

"BASTARD!!" the man said, drawing on the last of his strength to raise his fist to strike Roxas.

In far less time than it takes to tell, a glowing Nobody symbol formed in midair, shooting an intense beam of light at the ground and slicing across the man's body, splitting him down the middle.

Roxas didn't even turn around as the two halves of the man fell down with a wet-sounding plop.

"You didn't have to do that," said a soft, timid voice. Roxas looked over, seeing a blonde haired young girl clutching a sketchbook to her chest. She gave him a disapproving look as she walked towards him, visibly trying and failing to tune out the screams of the dying people around him.

Roxas nodded. "You're right, Naminé, I didn't. I just didn't want to get hit," he said in a bored sounding voice.

Naminé stared at him sadly. "And you killed him because of that?"

Roxas just shrugged. "Technically, I did him a favor."

Naminé frowned. "I guess so… The Superior won't be pleased that you wasted a heart."

"It doesn't matter," Roxas said, "Nothing does…"

Naminé shook her head. "Why?"

Roxas sighed. "Because we are light, Naminé. And light will always give way to darkness. No one will miss us when we are gone."

Naminé bit her lip hesitantly. "Axel…"

"Is deluding himself worse than Demyx. Now leave me, Numberless. I want to be alone."

Naminé bowed, and left Roxas to himself. The Keyblade-user sighed, holding up Oathkeeper again. He didn't want to miss the last of this world's light…