What They All Forget

Chapter 12

By KnightMysterio

The Savage Nymph

"Quit squirming, you. It'll hurt more if you squirm."

"Oh don't give me that look. I told you when we met that I like to hurt people. S'not my fault you thought I was talking about something else."

"Hm? Why am I doing this?"

"…Honestly, I don't really know anymore. It's strange, feeling this way. I do things, I desire things, and yet there's nothing behind it…"

"My existence is transient, you know. I am here, and yet by all rights I shouldn't exist."

"Pity for you that I do, though. Now hold still for a sec, I need to concentrate to do this…"

"Ah, there. Perfect."

"Heh. Anyone ever tell you that you have a very melodious whimper? Probably one of the reasons I brought you back here."

"Now just try to keep still. You can scream all you want after I finish doing this, as it'll be too late by then…"

"Hm? Didn't you already ask me that?"

"Oh, very well, I'll try to explain better. Y'see… Well… Nobodies like me are just remnants."

"When a Heartless grabs your heart, they suck all the light out of it. It's what they need for food, the only way they can survive, by consuming the light that comes from hearts. Mostly when they do this, the Heart becomes a thing of darkness, turning into a Heartless themselves. Most times, the body just fades out of existence, but on rare occasions the body has enough will to survive. They become a Nobody, a creature of nothingness made flesh."

"Well, sorta flesh anyway. The REALLY strong ones become like me."

"Lucky for me I had enough will to keep some semblance of humanity, huh? Heheh."

"Well, it's not lucky for YOU, obviously, but then again I couldn't give less of a damn about what you thought if I tried."

"It's kinda strange, though… I enjoy doing stuff like this to people, but that's it. There's no real love behind it, no hatred, nothing… It's weird…"

"I can barely remember Relena… That's who I was before this, by the way… All I know is that before the Heartless got her, she suffered…"

"Maybe… Maybe I'm Relena's dark side… The side of her that wanted to lash out at the world but never could…"

"Meh. Or maybe I'm just thinking too much. Anyway, back to work."

"Quit wriggling, dammit, I'm almost done. Ah… there. Got all the material I needed. Now I can make m'self some new bikinis!"

"Hm? How? Oh, that's easy. Vexen taught me how to skin someone alive, and I already knew how to tan hides into leather, so… Oh! OH! 'How could I do this?' That's what you meant."

"Hee. Like I said, it's easy. I enjoy tearing people down. Either physically or mentally, I enjoy seeing people suffer. I'm not sure what it is, but it makes me feel good in a way that else can. So naturally I indulge my desires as much as I can."

"Huh? Speak up, it's hard to understand you with blood oozing into your throat."

"Oh! Heh. If Saix will excuse me for borrowing his line, 'If I had a Heart I think I'd die laughing.' Seriously. I can't feel love, can't feel hate. And even if I could, I wouldn't be attracted to a fatso like you anyway. All I wanted you for was material for my new leather clothes."

"…You're right, I could have just bought them. But honestly, it just doesn't feel right unless I hurt someone along the way. I guess that's just my little personality quirk."

"And don't worry, you're not gonna die. You may be a fatso and uglier than Maleficent's pet cat Pete, but I'm not gonna…"

"Hm? Of course I'm not gonna heal you!! Good lord, after I went to all the trouble of peeling your skin like that? Sheesh! What kinda wasteful sicko do you think I am anyway?"

"No, I'm not gonna let you die, either. For crying out loud, do you know what Xemnas would do to me if I let a Heart go to waste? Criminy, the nerve of some people."

"…although now that I think of it, it'd probably be better if I did let you die. Oh well. C'est la vie. Cuddles? C'mere boy! Mamma's got a treat for you!"

"Hm? Oh, Cuddles? He's my pet Heartless. A Darkball-type."

"Now, you two play nice together. And don't worry, friend. I speak from experience when I say that having your Heart stolen doesn't hurt."

"Ha! You hate me? Get in line, bub. But hey, if by some miracle you become a Nobody, come seek me out! We'll have some fun for real, then! Laters!"

"God I love the way you scream…"