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Alternate Realities:

Hound of the Dark Earth


Imagine that there are different dimensions, each following the path of a decision. Imagine that each decision you make forms a world devoted to that path that decision made. That is what alternate realities are for. Imagine if you will, then, a world where the sun hates the humans on the earth. The plant-life and animals do not suffer, but for the humans light means instantaneous death.

Such things are not possible, you say. Science shows that if the sun were close enough or hot enough to cause such damage to the human body, then it would therefore incinerate the rest of the life of the planet. Forget science, forget what you learned and follow the path of what is shown to you. The alternate universe where the God of Light hates the humans on the earth and takes his continual revenge out on the people; that is what I will tell you of.

In this world, the rules have changed and one man who was once a hero in the distant past is now a hero in the distant future. His life will forever change as he finds himself in a world of light that does not harm him and will make him wonder if he should go back home or face the new world he has found himself in.

That is what this story is about. That is what you will sit and learn. Love the darkness and hate the light, for the darkness is what gives life and the light is what kills.

In the beginning, there was the Earth. Then, the God of Light said he wanted to light the world and so he did; and he saw it was good and so it was good. Animals and humans were created soon after as the Gods and Goddesses began to gaze upon the Earth and hope for something else to be placed upon it. The humans worshipped them as they should have and it was good.

Humans grew and grew more sophisticated with their machines and their lives, starting to turn away from the Gods and Goddesses and worshipping one, the God of the Jews. Without the belief of the people, the Gods and Goddesses chose to sleep and wait for the day when belief in them arose once more. There was one that watched over the sleeping ones and the humans as well as the God of the Jews. This was the God of Darkness, the great watcher. He was the brother of the God of Light and loved nothing more than to watch the humans be humans.

But the humans grew restless with their neighbors the wizards and destroyed their world to get at them. More so, the wizards had revoked their vow to keep their life from humans and retaliated against the humans. Soon, only small colonies survived the great attacks. The God of the Jews and the God of Darkness both felt terrible and wished for the end of the conflicts. Eventually, peace settled over the land and the humans and wizards began to live together as one people.

The people of Ireland soon began to remember their old ways and began to worship the God of Light once more. The God of Light came back to their world and blessed them with peace and happiness for a thousand years alongside his fellow gods. The God of Light wished to have a son, a great son who would be the greatest hero of all time. He saw a lady who he felt deserving, the sister of a king. He devised a plan to have the princess be the mother of his child and told his brother of this plan.

The God of Darkness had also always wanted a son, but for the life of him had never found a woman worthy of him. He saw the princess who had caught his brother's eye and felt love flow through him as he gazed upon her. He then devised his own plan to have the woman bear the son both gods had wished for. He went to Earth and used the very plan that his brother was going to use. He seduced and gave the princess a child, his child, and told her to name him Setanta, the name his brother had chosen for his son before the God of Darkness had chosen to use his own plan for his own. The princess left soon after and went to her home, in Ulster, and the God of Darkness went back to the place of the Gods where his brother confronted him on taking away the son he had formed for himself and placing it into the woman as his own. A great fight ensued between the brothers, the sun and moon becoming one for two days until they finally separated, the moon keeping his distance away from the sun longer than the sun.

The woman gave birth to the baby Setanta and many men wished to become his foster father until one suggested that since the child was so special that he should be fostered by many. And so, the king and the former king of Ulster joined with a warrior and a wealthy man and a poet and the poet's wife to foster the baby Setanta, to teach and provide for him as his mother married a mortal man.

When the God of Light found the child being cared for by so many saw the people so happy for this child not of his own loins but of his brother's in a cruel plan of deceit to take away what was rightfully his. He grew angry and jealous that they should love a child that was not his, but that of night instead of day and cursed the humans, all humans, to suffer the day, to burn alive should his rays of light touch them.

The God of Darkness grew worried for his son, afraid his son and the woman he had loved and the people of the Earth he had grown so fond of while watching them, were to be harmed by his brother's wrath and gave them the night to be free from the deadly light of the sun. He made it so the sun would not come out for longer than the sun stayed in the sky, made sure his brother's light did not last long in the sky at all and made his moon shine bright by reflecting his brother's light as his moon had always done since the Earth had been created. He then went down to Earth and told the various cultures that the sun would kill them and helped to create underground passages so that they might survive the heat of the day. The God of Light grew furious with his brother's meddling and chose not to destroy the creatures of the planet, but let the water boil so that even when the humans tried to simply drink from a pond or a river the water would burn them.

The God of Light and the God of Darkness soon chose to stay away from each other, angry with how the other behaved toward such fragile people. The God of Darkness, however, could not sleep like the other gods and goddesses could and continued to watch over the people, most especially his son while his son grew.

And so begins the story of Cuchulainn of Ulster….