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Amy's Livejournal

It hadn't been expected; not really.

The glimmering jade green eyes of sixteen year old Amy Rose lowered slightly, her thoughts swimming amongst her mind in a fashion that suggested an unhealthy mixture of irritation and misery; she did not need to be told in the slightest that she was in deep trouble at the moment. Vanilla had already spelt it out for the teenager once Amy had been forced to mention it to her, regardless of the older rabbit's promise to keep it a complete secret.

Amy's fingers hovered above the keyboard of her personal computer, trying to rack her brains about what to write next. The first line spelt things out perfectly well; did she really need to elaborate on her lexis? Rubbing her chin softly, she came to the conclusion that it wouldn't be a good idea; after all, the whole world did not need to know that she had made possibly the biggest mistake of her entire life; even bigger than the time she had confused both Shadow and Silver for her teenage love Sonic.

"Yet again, anything could be unexpected," she sighed to herself, not noting that she was speaking out in the open, where anybody could hear her. She allowed herself to run her gloved hands through her pink, silky quills, which were growing limp with every passing day. She allowed herself another look at the keyboard, before slowly she began tapping in some keys once more.

I had always planned for… you know… to be with somebody else. I didn't know emotions other than love could lead to… that.

She read through her words again, scanning them carefully, making sure they looked accurate enough. It did not seem too rude in any case, and it did not give away too much detail as to what her massive mistake was. The last thing she wanted was for the whole world to know that Sonic's self-proclaimed girlfriend was having a baby by another male, and a friend of Sonic at that. Regardless of how much she needed the attention at the time, and regardless of how neither of them had forced themselves upon the other, she still felt somewhat dirty, almost as if she had been stained permanently. After the night itself, neither of them had spoken of what had happened again by request; this changed everything.

Wiping away the few tears that had formed in her eyes, Amy worked on the concluding sentence, the one reason why she had started writing in her online journal in the first place. Her hands shakily began tapping on the keys, occasionally hitting the delete button as she had spelt some words incorrectly.

How do I tell him?

This is a short drabble I wrote a long while ago and while I did have a character in mind for the father of Amy's baby had I continued with this idea, I eventually decided not to expand on this so I'm not going to reveal who I had in mind. One thing for sure is, it's definitely not Sonic.

This is a drabble so it's meant to be short, which means there's no point in complaining about the length of this because it's meant to be like that.