AN: This was totally inspired by the honey scene in 2:9. Seriously how funny and cute was that bit.

Much returned to camp hauling fresh water. After he had set it down he looked around the camp and then at John. "Where are Robin and Marian?"

"They, uh, went for a walk."

"A walk? Please. How stupid do they think we are?"

Djaq who had been lost in her own little corner of the camp with Will looked up. "Leave it, Much. They deserve some happiness." With that she went back to being happily absorbed in Will.

Much shot a look at John which clearly said can you believe this but John just ignored him.

In the forest Robin and Marian were walking hand in hand to what had become their spot. Down a dip in the forest was a small stream and meadow. It had become an almost daily ritual for them: their time alone to be a couple not part of a gang.

They sat down the base of a huge oak tree. Marian had her back to the tree. Robin sat opposite her his arms braced on either side of her. Her arms were laying on his shoulders her fingers toying with the ends of his hair.

Robin was smiling at her but soon the smile faded. "Marian, are you truly happy here? I know this life isn't easy and I would understand if you wanted to go back to the castle."

Marian lifted his chin making him look into her eyes which were filled with all that she felt for him. "Robin, I love you and want to be with you wherever that may be."

Robin smiled before kissing her. He was busy kissing her neck when her voice came amused above him.

"Do you think Much suspects what we are doing out here?"

Robin laughed before pulling back to look at her mischievous glint in his eyes. "Do you really care?"

"No. Just wondering."

"That's what I thought. I love you."

"Do shut up, Robin." With that she pulled him back in for another kiss.

Later they lay wrapped in each others arms his cloak thrown over them to keep off the evening chill. Robin kissed her forehead lazily caressing her naked back. Reluctantly he broke the silence. "We should probably get back before Much decides to come looking for us."

Marian pulled back slightly before leaning down to kiss him and whisper. "Not yet. I want to stay a little while longer."

He smiled at her happy to stay a bit longer in their little paradise.

They returned to camp after dark and were met by a clearly displeased Much who greeted him with a scowl. "Well, it's about time you two made it back. Enjoy your walk?"

Robin smirked at him before looking over at Marian. "Yes, we enjoyed it very much."

Marian just rolled her eyes at Robin who in turn winked at her.

Much disgusted again walked out of the camp muttering to himself as he went. "Bunch of lovestruck idiots I'm stuck with."

Everyone in camp laughed while John nodded in Much's direction. "He's jealous."