-1Devil in a Straight Jacket

Chapter 1

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The third Hokage stared at the infant in his hands. The baby continued to scream in pain, the wail echoing throughout the tower. Jiraiya stared at the boy, his eyes wide. It was clear that he was scared. Sarutobi stared down at the infant, his mind in turmoil.

The seal had not been completed.

"What the hell can be done" Sarutobi asked his student. Jiraiya shook his head. There were in reality very few options left that were humane. Sarutobi exhaled. He feared this. He turned and retrieved a scroll from a shelf in the Hokages office. In it contained one of the Yondaime's experiments concerning sealing, but he had abandoned it due to its cruelty on the subject. However Sarutobi felt that it was his only option left. It was nearly as effective as summoning a death god but far more cruel. He handed the scroll to Jiraiya, who paled.

"It's our only hope" he said tiredly. Jiraiya nodded, although his face was a mask of sorrow. This kid always seemed to get the raw end on the deal.

"I hope you can find some measure of happiness" Jiraiya whispered as he opened the scroll and began to form the seal. He placed his hand on the infant's stomach and saw chains begin to form. If possible the infant screamed louder. He then placed his two fingers on the infant's wrist, and saw the chains also start to form. He stood back and watched as they intertwined around the infant's torso. The two chains met and a final link was formed. The result was that the child that upper body was encircled with chains, his arms forcefully wrapped around him it a position that resembled a straight jacket without the material. His screaming still echoed throughout the tower.

Sarutobi placed the child in the cell at the bottom of the tower. In truth he had never wanted it to be like this but it had to be done. The council had insisted on a prison cell because of the unstable state that the seal was in. However Sarutobi had managed to make sure that he would be released when the demon was sealed. Sarutobi shuddered. He felt sorry for Naruto. WNo one knew how long that would take.

12 years later

Naruto stood before the council, his blue eyes taking in all around him. Dressed in a straight jacket and black pants he looked more like a mental patient then anything else. That still didn't stop the council from grilling him though. Not that Naruto knew though. To him it was just another adventure. The questions asked were ludicrous to the extreme. Things such as whether he wanted to destroy the villiage or whether he liked violence were the routine questions. Sarutobi sighed. In truth Naruto didn't even know what the villiage really was. He only knew what Sarutobi told him on his daily visits. Naruto had listened to all his stories intently and had made a promise early on that he would live in the villiage one day. Sarutobi smiled when Naruto told him this. He hoped that the boys wish came true. As he looked across the faces of the council he had hope. Year after year the boy's boundless innocence had swayed the council from keeping him imprisoned to letting him go. And if it wasn't for that incident three years ago he would have been.

3 years previous

Naruto lay asleep in his bunk in his cell, breathing silently. Two chunin had gotten drunk and had decided to take it upon themselves to avenge the villiage, even though most of the villiage didn't even know that he existed. Only those on the council knew, and they were sworn to secrecy. The only reason they knew who he was was because the Haruno clan head who sat on the council had gotten drunk and told them who there mysterious boy was. The clan head had passed out shortly after and they had gone of in search of the Naruto.

The two had arrived at the building and had let themselves in. Due to there working as admin staff there they were able to gain access to the lower areas. Over the years the guard on the boy had decreased to one chunin at any on time. It was usually a punishment given to those shinobi who were insubordinate. The one guarding the door that night was there was punishment for sleeping on guard duty. He was awake, barely, but by his swaying it was an effort. The Haruno ninja easily knocked him out and fished out the key.

They had unlocked the door and crept into the room, kunai flashing in the light from the door. What happened next is what had held up his release for three years. As there killing intent began to fill the room the demon within the boy reacted. Naruto's chains roared to life as he leapt out of the bed.

Over the years they had stopped restraining him physically and had become a weapon. One chain had slammed into the first Haruno's raised fist and had extended horizontally and had wrapped itself around his throat and wrist. The second had charged around the first and also attacked. In there drunken sate they had no caution and were not in a frame of mind suitable for combat.

As more chains were generated from Naruto's body he loosened his arms and he grabbed one of the chains and used it like a rope. It wrapped itself around the second ninja, who in the confined space could not react. He was soon tied in chains. He looked at the boy and saw a vicious grin on his face. At that moment he truly was a demon.

The guard regained conscious and saw that the blond boy was waving to him. The guard immediately noticed the smell of blood and ran at the door. Inside he saw carnage. All that remained was scattered remains of limbs, organs and blood. The chunin struggled to hold in his food as he looked down at the boy. He had a serious expression on his face.

"It's hard to sleep with all that smell around" Naruto said in a serious smell. The guard blanched as he went to summon the Hokage. How could he be so nonchalant?


The Hokage thought back to that night and was not sure if he regretted teaching Naruto the arts of the ninja in there regular meetings. Either way that incident had fired a range of speculation that had all but killed Naruto's wish to leave his cell. It was only dying down even now. The only person who openly opposed to his release was the Haruno clan head Haruka, who had not gotten over the death of the two Haruno ninja. The Hokage continued his musings until the speaker of the council rose.

"We now have our recommendation, and that is that Naruto be allowed to return to the villiage only under constant supervision, and that the seal be regularly checked" the speaker said calmly. The Hokage suppressed a grin. It had been a long time coming. He nodded and rose to leave, followed by the council. Perhaps Naruto's life could only improve from here on.

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