A/N: Wanted to do a multi-shot, even though it will be filled with death, gore and blood the ending (last chapter) will be interesting...

Summary: Naruto is dead...but why is there a small blond walking through the city, what's with the new army? Who is the tall blond? Why are people disappearing and why is there so much blood on the streets? (F.E.A.R. crossover) (Multi-shot) (No pairings)

Warning: Blood and Gore, possible character deaths, powerful language.

Note: The story moves fast, the events happen fast…why? He doesn't sleep…


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Paranormal – Chapter 1

by DeExil

It was a dark day, everyone was mourning the loss of one Uzumaki Naruto. Or at least those close to him since the villagers didn't give a shit about him, instead of mourning their loss they were celebrating. The blond boy died young, at the age of sixteen, died while fighting Orochimaru for one Uchiha Sasuke.

Everyone was devastated, they never thought they would see the day the blond boy would die, they even found out that he was the holder of the dreaded Kyuubi no Kitsune, no one cared, they were too sad for the loss of their beloved friend, even Sakura was crying her heart out, Kakashi was a mess not being able to sleep, he could still see his student die in front of him.

In fact the blond jinchuuriki died in front of his sensei, he had been stabbed multiple times with the Kusanagi, Orochimaru's poisoned sword, the silver haired jounin tried everything he could to save the blond but alas, and his medical skills were almost none existent. He was blaming himself for the loss of his student. Blaming more when he had found out that the blond student was the son of his sensei, Namikaze Minato.

The two sannin were taking it hard, really hard. Tsunade had lost the brother figure in her life, Jiraiya had lost yet another student to death. Iruka who was like a father figure to the blond couldn't take it anymore, he was crying openly at the funeral, everyone was trying to comfort him, even Hinata who despite the fact she had lost the boy she loved she couldn't bring herself not to comfort Iruka.

The day couldn't get worse than it already was…or could it?

A teen, with white shirt was limping towards the gates of Konoha, his face held pure horror and he was shaking violently, it was like he had seen the devil himself. As he reached the gates the guards looked up at him and gasped as they saw who it was. The teen dropped on his knees and fainted, but not before he saw a young blond boy around the age of five dressed in an orange jumpsuit looking at him with a stoic face.

The guards immediately grabbed the teen and rushed towards the hospital with him, they didn't see the blond boy, not even when he started dissipating in black petals of smoke from what it seemed.

As the guards reached the hospital they immediately called for a medic to come and assist. Medics came and gasped at what they saw, the teen even though he was unconscious his face still held pure fear and dread. Something like this no one had ever seen, it was something they hoped to never see again.

The medics took the teen away but requested for lady Hokage to come and assist them, the guards nodding puffed out of the hospital and started looking for the Hokage. It wasn't that hard, she was still at the jinchuuriki funeral along with the Kazekage. As they arrived there they whispered to the Hokage what happened, she grit her teeth and saw only red in front of her eyes, she immediately ran towards the hospital to deal with the situation.


The operation was complicated, extremely complicated but they had saved the teen with the help of the Hokage. Tsunade only saved him to get answers, to make him pay for what happened to Naruto. Why would you ask? It was simple; the teen was none other than Uchiha Sasuke.

Even though Tsunade was wondering why he came back to Konoha like that she didn't care too much, what intrigued her was that the boy still had the same face, a face covered in horror and terror. He was still shivering like he knew that the impending doom was approaching.

She stationed ANBU at the door, a lot of them in fact wanting to make sure that no one will harm the Uchiha…no one except her. She would return in the morning and deal with the traitor, yes, she will have fun making the traitor pay for her brothers death.

It was a cold night, so cold that people thought that it would snow, that would have been something strange, in the Fire Country it was almost impossible to snow, let alone be cold. But still it was so cold that people had to wear thicker clothes on them. The ninja's also wore a jacket on them so they won't catch a cold.

It was quiet, like any other night, the parties had stopped and everyone was heading home to sleep. A drunk villager was walking home and as he passed an alley that lead to a dead end he heard someone crying. Curious the drunk walked in the alley and he could see a small five year old blond crying in the dead end of the alley.

The man walked to the blond and tapped him on the shoulder, the boy stopped crying and the unthinkable happened. The small boy disappeared in black smoke, slowly. (1) The drunk man's eyes widen, he looked behind but there was nothing, he looked around but again there was nothing.

His heart was beating faster and faster, he took a step back, then another, and when he took the third step he felt something. Then he felt a sharp pain in his chest, he looked down and saw a claw like hand coming out of his chest, the claw like hand was ghostly. He could have screamed but it was too late, his heart was pierced. The last thing he saw before dying were two red eyes, not slit, normal human eyes, but red.


A woman was throwing out things from an apartment.

"Finally dead, demon." she spat as she looked at a picture of Team 7. She threw the picture out the window and continued destroying the blond boy's house. She never wanted the demon to leave in her apartment complex but the old Hokage, Sarutobi made sure she let him stay, and then the Godaime Hokage.

As she was 'cleaning' the house and cursing the demon-brat the lights in the kitchen started to palpated. A small blond boy suddenly appeared on the table and when the like palpated again he disappeared just like he had appeared.

Then the lights went of, the woman cursed as she lit a match and looked around to find a candle. She found one on the table in the living room, it was strange since she didn't see it there at first when she came in the house. She lit the candle and took it in her hands. She turned around and saw the door to the bedroom creak open.

The woman raised an eyebrow and slowly walked towards the door, she slowly pushed the door open and looked inside, no one was there. She walked inside and saw that the window was still closed. She raised another eye brow wondering what opened the once closed door.

The lights suddenly came back on, she smiled and blew the candle's fire extinguishing. She placed the candle on the bed and stood up. A five year old blond boy suddenly appeared behind her, his head was down and his eyes couldn't be seen. The woman didn't realize the child was there.

All of a sudden the light went of again, the woman cursed and was about the grab the candle again when she felt something holding her throat. She tried to scream but found that she couldn't. She kicked and punched everywhere she could but she didn't feel anything, she wasn't hitting anything but air.

Then all of a sudden, she felt great pain, her screams filled the night, as soon as they came they disappeared. She would never be seen again, she had paid the price for what she had done.

The woman's scream woke up everyone…everyone in the village. A certain teen in the hospital opened his eyes and started shaking in his bed. "No…please don't." he begged and he held his pillow and started crying uncontrollably.

Two ANBU that were close to the jinchuuriki's house dashed forward. As they arrived they saw the lights opened, they looked to see the door to the apartment open, a trail of blood was leading inside. They unsheathed their swords and walked inside.

What greeted them inside made their stomachs turn. The entire house was filled with blood, the floor was bloody, the ceiling was bloody, the walls…everything. The light bulb was covered in blood and the light of the room was red, a bloody red light.

The bear masked ANBU saw the door to the bedroom creak open and close, the process repeating itself. His partner, the cat masked ANBU shook her head not wanting his teammate to go telling him that they should run.

She had felt a presence inside, pure malice, hatred like she had never felt before was inside this house. So much hatred. The bear masked man didn't give a damn and slowly walked towards the room, cat stayed behind and watched trembling. It was strange, an ANBU should never tremble or be afraid, yet she was.

As bear opened the door he was greeted by a skeleton that hanged upside down strangulated with a thick rope that was attached to the light bulb. He looked at the wall and saw someone had written in blood there.

"Are you afraid of the dark?" it read

Bear sneered showing he wasn't afraid. Then he heard a crack, the light bulb broke and the skeleton fell on the bed. Outside cat watched as the lights in the bedroom closed, she was about to call for bear when the door to the bedroom closed shut instantly. Then, the unthinkable happened again…

She heard bear scream in pain and horror, yet she couldn't hear battle. She held her katana trembling, the screams disappeared as fast as they appeared. She looked towards the door and her eyes widen in fear when a large amount of blood started to pour out from behind the door.

She was about to walk towards the door when she felt someone behind her. She spun around and saw someone walk away from the door. She called out for that someone but he didn't reply. She ran outside and looked in the direction the man should be only to find nothing.

She turned around and her heart stopped as she saw a tall blond with a white robe and flames at the bottom of it looking at her. His face was covered in blood and his jacket was also covered in blood.

"Leave before you die as well." he said as he slowly started to disappear in particles of black smoke.

The woman gulped and took a step back, she heard whispers in the house and the whispers were getting closer and closer. Her heart was beating faster and faster, she couldn't take it anymore, she jumped away and started running from roof top to roof top towards the Hokage tower.

If she had looked behind she would have seen a five year old blond boy looking at her retreating form with a stoic face. Like the man the boy also disappeared in particles of black smoke.


The medics and the ANBU were trying to calm down one raving teen. Uchiha Sasuke had waked up in the middle of the night screaming for help and begging for forgiveness. The ANBU tried everything but the teen continued to hit them and run away like he was being chased by the devil himself.

The ANBU had no choice but to use a sleeping jutsu on him, once he fell asleep again the medics put him in a secure vest, the kind they use for psychopaths and placed him back on the bed. The ANBU shook their heads and walked out following the medics.

As they closed the door a blond five year old child appeared near Sasuke, the boy looked at him with no emotions on his face. He started walking towards the teen, and then the teen once again started shaking uncontrollably, his eyes snapped open and looked around, his eyes rested on the child.

He narrowed his eyes as he saw the blond child. He tried to break free and run, he started screaming.

"No…please!" he screamed in pure terror "Please, I don't want to die!!!" he shouted on top of his lungs.

The door flew open and the blond child disappeared in particles of black smoke. The ANBU ran inside the room and looked to see what was happening, all they saw was the teen screaming and crying again, they wondered how the sleeping jutsu was canceled.

They jumped on the teen and tried to calm him down; it was going to be a long night for everyone…

A/N: This is going to be a multi-shot, like I said there will be no pairings…be warned characters will die…

(1) Those that have played F.E.A.R. or saw movies about it imagine the way Alma and the leader of the Replica forces disappear (or the floating bodies)