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Paranormal – Chapter 7

by DeExil

Kakashi rubbed the back of his head and groaned. That was some fall. He looked around but couldn't see anything. Lifting his headband he looked around trying to figure out were he was. He could vaguely see the light switch in front of him. He stood up and walked over to the switch. He turned on the lights and looked around.

Kakashi gasped at what he saw. He was inside a room from what it seemed, but inside said room were three dead Akatsuki. Their bodies were mutilated beyond recognition. They were placed in a circle, between them there was writing in blood.

"So it ends, their goal, their hunt." it read.

Suddenly something dropped behind Kakashi, the jounin spun around and saw the toad sannin sitting up.

"Jiraiya-sama?" asked Kakashi

The sannin looked up at him. "Hello Kakashi."

"Where are we?" asked the jounin "and what happened to them?" he pointed towards the corpses of the Akatsuki

Jiraiya looked at the corpses before sighing. "Now I know why Akatsuki disappeared."

"Ummm…." Kakashi said rubbing his head.

Jiraiya sighed. "Just after Naruto died my contacts told me that the Akatsuki suddenly disappeared, no trace, no nothing." he explained

"Do you think those ANBU killed them?" asked Kakashi

"Really doubt it…" responded Jiraiya with his hand under his chin. "Anyway…we are in the Root headquarters right about now."

"Their base is underneath Konoha?" asked Kakashi amazed

Jiraiya nodded. "It stretches under the entire village…that Danzo said it would be a perfect defense." sneered the sannin

Kakashi nodded. "So what are we suppose to do now?" he asked

"Well we can…" Jiraiya didn't get to finish what he was about to say, they both felt something and they turned towards the door only to see a small blond child walking out the door. The child stopped at the door and titled his head to the side before walking out and turning right.

"I guess we need to follow him?" asked Kakashi

Jiraiya shrugged and started walking towards the door. Kakashi started following the sannin, he lowered his headband over his Sharingan, he would use it only if necessary. The two ninja walked out the room and found themselves in a long hallway, its walls were covered in blood and they could see some bodies here and there.

Kakashi looked towards the right were the child disappeared, he looked down and could see foot steps in blood. Kakashi started following the foot steps. Jiraiya seeing Kakashi walk away started following him. They looked around as they were walking, all the bodies around them belonged to Root ANBU from what it seemed. What was strange was that it seemed that there was no struggle.

Suddenly a bright flash made Kakashi and Jiraiya cover their eyes. When they lowered their hands they were in the same hallway only that it wasn't bloody anymore and there were about ten Root ANBU all around them. At first they tensed, but then they realized that the ANBU didn't even seem to notice them.

Suddenly one Root ANBU was thrown in a nearby wall and his body exploded, hell even his skeleton was torn apart from the impact. The other nine ANBU looked around trying to figure out what was happening. Suddenly a blond child appeared in front of them a few steps away walking slowly towards them.

The Root started throwing weapons at him, they started throwing jutsu's but everything passed right through him. Suddenly twenty pair of red eyes appeared behind the child, a few seconds later twenty transparent creatures ran from behind the child towards the Root ANBU.

The ANBU started fighting these creatures and loosing, they were faster and agiler. It didn't take long for them to be decimated in nothing. The creatures even mutilated some bodies beyond recognition. The child dissolved in particles of black smoke and the creatures ran away in different directions to kill anything they encounter.

A bright light consumed the two ninja, they had to cover their eyes again, when the light receded and they looked around and found themselves back in the bloody hallway. Kakashi started walking away once again, he continued to follow the bloody foot steps. Jiraiya shook his head and started walking behind Kakashi.

A few minutes later the two ninja arrived at the beginning of a platform, really large and had a total of four directions if you count the one in which Kakashi stood. They had three options, go left, go right, or continue going forward. Jiraiya looked around and tried to figure out which way to go.

Before Jiraiya could say anything Kakashi started walking forward like he was being called by who knows what or who. Jiraiya looked around and started walking towards Kakashi. Suddenly the two stopped in the middle of the platform, said platform started shaking violently. Suddenly about thirty or so burned corpses raised from underneath the platform surrounding Jiraiya and Kakashi.

The two ninja stayed silent and watched, their hearts were racing though. They didn't know how to act. Suddenly there was a violent scream that shattered everything that was made out of glass and the corpses suddenly vanished in particles of black smoke.

The two ninja let out a sigh and were about to walk away when they heard whispers. Suddenly from all exits red eyes appeared and about ten transparent creatures appeared. Kakashi and Jiraiya got into defensive position and waited for them to get closer. Kakashi raised his headband to reveal the Sharingan.

When the creatures got close enough Kakashi grabbed one of them by the head and kicked it in the gut making it explode in particles of black smoke. Jiraiya threw a kunai at one of them hitting it in the head and killing it. Kakashi ducked to avoid a slash, he tried to grab the creature that tried to slash him but said creature turned around and started running away. Another creature appeared behind Kakashi and scratched him on his back. The jounin jumped away in surprise and threw three shuriken, missing the target.

Jiraiya jumped on one of the creatures and kicked it in the face making it dissolve in particles of black smoke. He ducked to avoid a slash, he then spun around and punched another creature making it back away and run. The sannin then back flipped and landed in front of a creature and tried to kick it. The creature titled to the side and slashed the sannin on his leg. Jiraiya moved away in surprise and threw a kunai, missing the target just like Kakashi.

Kakashi fired a Katon jutsu at the enemy, he managed to hit two creatures. Suddenly the creature that fled away came back and took the jounin by surprise and scratched his chest. The same thing happened with Jiraiya only that the sannin managed to kill the creature before it took him off guard.

Kakashi took out a kunai and charged the creatures, he started cutting through them, or at least he tried. These creatures were smarter than they appeared to be, they were dodging everything easily, every time Kakashi tried to slash one, the creature would jump away or duck. As a bonus the creature that would evade would hit Kakashi in return.

Jiraiya seeing as Kakashi was having some trouble with the creatures decided to play the long range ninja. He used a Katon jutsu to assist the jounin. He managed to take down three creatures with one fireball. He then threw several shuriken killing the creatures. The creatures then turned their attention towards Jiraiya. As the creatures turned around to attack Jiraiya, the jounin smirked and attacked from behind taking the creatures by surprise.

They managed to defeat the creatures, but they didn't come out of the battle unscratched. Kakashi had several scratches, on his arm, legs and chest. Jiraiya got scratched on his arms and legs. Kakashi started walking away followed by Jiraiya, both paying more and more attention to what was happening around them.

They entered another hallway, looking around they saw the blond child walking through the doors that lead to the cantina from what it seemed. Kakashi looked at Jiraiya who nodded at him. The jounin walked towards the door to the cantina and opened them. As he opened the door a bright flash consumed them.

As the flash receded they found themselves in the cantina…of course. It was clean and there were about ten or twenty Root eating there. Suddenly the lights started palpating and then the lights went of. Several screams could be heard and three pairs of red eyes could be seen running around in different directions.

As the lights came back on there was blood everywhere, a Root member was strangled by the wire of the light bulb, a skeleton was laying on the table with its head in the bowl of food. A Root ANBU was laying on the floor with his face on……a skeleton pelvis……There was blood and flesh sprayed everywhere.

Three Root ANBU stood in the middle of the cantina looking around trying to figure out what was happening. Suddenly a burned corpse appeared…or it was more like it crawled on the ceiling towards the Root ANBU that threw shuriken and kunai at it. The weapons hit the ceiling and remained there, the corpse was unharmed.

As the corpse got closer it started disappearing in particles of black smoke till it completely disappeared in front of the ANBU. One of the Root ANBU started walking towards the direction the corpse crawled from, he wasn't paying attention were he was walking and he stepped on a black spot. A corpse jumped from the black hole and grabbed the ANBU by the legs and started dragging him inside the hole spraying blood everywhere.

The ANBU screamed, pain maybe, agony, fear…Kakashi and Jiraiya didn't know for sure as the Root were trained to feel no emotion, maybe those three were taken as emotions for the Root. It didn't take long for the caught man to die. He exploded spraying flesh and blood everywhere.

Suddenly five black portals opened and a massive number of ghosts came out of them, there were about fifty or more. They started moving towards the remaining two ANBU, or more like started floating towards them. The Root ANBU started throwing everything they got, kunai, shuriken, jutsu's … everything. They managed to destroy more than fifty ghosts, Kakashi lost count after forty. But in the end they weren't lucky. More and more portals opened and they soon found themselves overwhelmed.

As the ghosts exploded in them they started coughing blood and started bleeding, from their nose, ears … heck even from their eyes and nails. Soon their bodies broke, literarily. Their arms fell of, their legs and so on, then the ghosts disappeared and two transparent creatures appeared and started dragging the mutilated bodies away, heck they even started spinning the arms and legs around spraying blood on the walls, ceiling, floor and anything that was close…or far.

A bright light consumed Kakashi and Jiraiya again. They found themselves facing a bloody cantina, some of the light bulbs were red and dripping with blood, they were giving away a red light. They could hear blood dripping from everywhere. It was fresh, it only meant that the 'attack' happened just a few hours ago.

Kakashi walked inside the cantina carefully, Jirayia also walked in paying attention to everything around themselves. Kakashi looked up front and saw the Root ANBU strangled by the light bulbs wire, the wire couldn't take the weight anymore and broke from the ceiling. The body dropped on the ground and the light in that area disappeared forever.

"Kill him now."both Jiraiya and Kakashi heard, it sounded like Danzo's voice.

The two ninja looked around trying to figure out were the voice came from, they couldn't see anything and they couldn't see any speakers as well. Kakashi looked at the end of the cantina and saw the blond child standing in front of the door. Suddenly the blond child disappeared in particles of black smoke.

Kakashi started walking towards the door were the blond was a few seconds ago. Jiraiya was following Kakashi and at the same time he was wondering were the rest of the bodies went to. He looked to the right and saw a door leading to the bathroom, the men's bathroom. Something seemed strange about that door. He raised an eyebrow and walked to the door. Kakashi sensing that Jiraiya was going another way turned to look at him.

"Jiraiya-sama?" asked the jounin

The sannin put his finger on his lips motioning to the jounin to be quiet. He looked back at the door and reached for the knob. He turned it and opened the door to reveal……a bloody bathroom, otherwise empty. Jiraiya shrugged and closed the door, he saw the door to the woman's bathroom, he grinned pervertedly and walked to the door. Kakashi shook his head seeing that.

Jiraiya didn't know why but he always wanted to see what was in the woman's bathroom, he had seen them before but it was only when he was spying on woman and he always got caught in the end. As he reached the door the lights started palpitating manically. The sannin stopped for a second, his hand inches away from the knob.

Jiraiya looked back at Kakashi and saw the jounin looking around tensed, he looked back at the door and grabbed the knob, he turned it and opened the door. As he opened the door he gasped in fear and jumped away. Inside the bathroom were the remaining corpses of the Root ANBU, all on top of each other. Some mutilated beyond recognition.

The sannin felt sick, the make it worse a head rolled down from the pile at his legs. Jiraiya looked away and threw up. When he was done throwing up and closed the door and walked back to Kakashi. The jounin patted the sannin on the back and opened the door were the child was a few seconds ago.

They walked out the cantina in another hallway. They looked left and right and once again they saw bloody foot steps leading towards the left. They once again started following the foot steps, it seemed like the child wanted them to get somewhere, wanted to show them something.

"I help you now…you help me take over Konoha." the two ninja heard again.

Once again they looked around trying to figure out who said that, well they knew who said that, it was Danzo but who was he talking to and where? Kakashi and Jiraiya turned to the left at the end of the hallway and came face to face with one of the bedroom areas, on the wall and ceiling were burned corpses standing up, their heads shaking in all direction violently.

Kakashi and Jiraiya were about to attack the corpses but said corpses disappeared in particles of black smoke before they could do anything. They look around and saw dead Root ANBU on the floor. Once again a bright light consumed them, when they uncovered their eyes they were looking at the same hallway only that it wasn't bloody and ANBU were walking through it.

Suddenly the blond child appeared at the end of the hallway and a scream could be heard, the ANBU were thrown to the walls and doors on the side. The child disappeared and the thirty transparent creatures appeared and started attacking the Root ANBU. It was a bloody fight, both ANBU and creatures died but in the end the creatures won killing everything. The creatures seeing that their work is done started running away.

The light consumed Kakashi and Jiraiya again and they found themselves back in the bloody hallway. They started walking through the hallway, suddenly something grabbed the hand of a dead ANBU and dragged him away behind a door that was then slammed shut. Jiraiya and Kakashi decided to ignore that door. They passed said door and they thought they heard a grunt.

Suddenly a door to the left creaked open and an arm came out, Jiraiya saw it was burned but Kakashi saw it was normal. A female voice then called out.

"Save me!" the voice shouted as the arm moved back inside the room and the door shut close.

Kakashi was about to run and open the door but Jiraiya stopped him. Kakashi looked at the sannin strangely.

"Jiraiya-sama, we need to save her!" he shouted alarmed

"No Kakashi, there is no one there." replied the sannin calmly

"But you saw it and heard it as well…"

"No…" cut in Jiraiya "Kakashi, tell me what are the odds for someone to still be alive here?" he asked and the jounin nodded sadly

"Come on, lets see what Naruto wants us to find." Jiraiya said as he started walking away

Kakashi looked at the door one last time and then back at Jiraiya and started following him. They turned right in another hallway and continued followed the indications, it was either the child appearing and walking in one direction or bloody foot steps.

It didn't take long and they arrived…at the offices, to be more exact in front of Danzo's office. Kakashi and Jiraiya looked at each other and then at the door. Jiraiya out his hand on the knob and turned it, he opened the door to reveal a normal office, clean with …Danzo behind the desk looking up at them curious and furious at the same time.

"What is the meaning of this?" he demanded

"Danzo?" asked Jiraiya

"Yes, who would you think it is?" he asked pissed of

"What…how…?" Kakashi stuttered with wide eyes, how come he was alive?

"What do you want?" roared Danzo "Don't make me call the ANBU."

"What ANBU, they are all dead!" shouted Jiraiya

"What do you mean?" asked Danzo

"Something killed them, didn't you hear the screams? The commotion?" asked Kakashi furious

"There was no such thing, I didn't hear anything." responded the head of the Root

Jiraiya and Kakashi walked in, Danzo stood up from his chair and glared at them. As soon as the two ninja walked in the door slammed shut making them jump in surprise, the lights started palpating dangerously and they heard something move.

Jiraiya and Kakashi looked at the wall at a frame, inside the frame…was Tsunade's necklace. The frame dropped on the ground making the glass shatter, Kakashi walked over to the necklace, this was Tsunade's and then it was given to Naruto.

"Do not touch that, it is mine!" shouted Danzo

"This belongs to Naruto!" roared Kakashi

"The demon is dead, it belongs to me now!" shouted the Root head.

"How did you get this?" demanded Kakashi

"Ha, like I will tell you." replied Danzo smugly

Suddenly all three were consumed by a bright light, so bright that they had to cover their eyes with their clothes. As the light receded they looked around and found themselves in a forest. Looking around they saw Naruto facing Orochimaru.

Naruto attacked Orochimaru head on with the Rasengan in his hand. Orochimaru seemed wounded and if he would take that hit he would most likely die. He was about to strike when a kunai hit his left leg making him trip and fall on the ground, he canceled the jutsu before he could hurt himself.

As he stood up someone suddenly grabbed him from behind securing his arms with chakra reinforced chains. Naruto, Kakashi's and Jiraiya's eyes widen seeing it was Danzo who cuffed the blond.

"What are you doing?" demanded Naruto furiously

"Ah, Danzo of the Root." grinned Orochimaru "What do I owe this pleasure?" he asked

"I just came to make sure the demon dies." replied Danzo

"Oh…but I am sure you want something else out of this…" Orochimaru said

"Why yes I do…I will help you if you help me."

"And what do you want?"

"Help me kill Tsunade and take over Konoha." replied Danzo "We will become allies and crush the villages."

Orochimaru grinned."Deal." he said as he grabbed his sword and approached Naruto who was trembling

"Before I forget." said Danzo as he grabbed the necklace around Naruto's neck and tied a rock around his neck and placed a genjutsu to make it look like the necklace.

Orochimaru smirked, he approached Naruto and started stabbing him. The blond screamed in pain. Suddenly both Danzo and Orochimaru tensed, Danzo uncuffed Naruto and looked at the sannin.

"I will give you information of the defenses soon…" he said before vanishing

Taking his example Orochimaru ran away as well. A few seconds later Kakashi arrived and he started trembling when he saw the dying Naruto.

"No!" he shouted "Naruto! Don't die on me!" he shouted as he grabbed the blond and started trying to heal him "SAKURA!!!!!" he shouted as powerful as he could to attract the attention of the medic nin to come and help

The flash consumed them again and they found themselves back in the office, Danzo was sweating bullets. Kakashi glared dangerously at the man, he grit his teeth and clenched his fist.

"You…" he said with venom "You killed Naruto!" he shouted "You killed sensei's son!!!" he shouted as he charged the Raikiri in his hand and charged blinded by rage. He jumped over the table and extended his arm to kill, Danzo jumped away and the attack hit the wall destroying it.

Kakashi turned towards Danzo, he charged a second Raikiri and charged towards Danzo. The leader of the Root was about to do something when two kunai hit his legs making him fall on the ground, he looked towards Jiraiya and saw him glaring. He looked back at Kakashi and saw the Raikiri in front of his face, the jutsu hit him in the head destroying it and spraying blood everywhere.

Kakashi dropped on his knees and started panting, tears were falling from his eyes. He clenched his left hand in which the necklace was. Standing up he looked at Jiraiya.

"We should return this to Naruto." he said as he looked at the necklace

Jiraiya nodded. "I will tell Tsunade about this tonight." he said

Kakashi nodded and started walking towards the door, he opened the door and because he wasn't paying attention he stepped in a black spot. Two hands grabbed his legs and started pulling him down.

"SHIT!!!" shouted Kakashi as he tried to break free

"KAKASHI!" shouted Jiraiya as he rushed over to the jounin. He took his hands and started pulling with all his force. Suddenly Kakashi screamed in pain as he was completely pulled out of the hole, the zombie started dragging himself out to grab Kakashi again, the jounin took out a kunai and threw it at the zombie killing it and destroying the black spot.

"Kakashi you alright?" asked Jiraiya

"Yeah…" panted the jounin, but the truth was that he wasn't, he lost a lot of blood and he felt that his end was coming soon.

"Come on, we need to take you to Tsunade." Jiraiya said as he helped Kakashi up and slung an arm around his neck and started running away.

Behind them, in the office a blond boy appeared, he was giving a sad smile towards Kakashi before disappearing in particles of black smoke.


"What the hell is going on here?" shouted Tsunade

She had just arrived at the cemetery to see the villagers and most ninja with objects ready to destroy Naruto's grave. Yuugao and the Konoha 9 with their sensei's, even Gaara was there and they were all trying to hold them off, a few ANBU and chunin were also helping as much as they could.

"Just let us destroy that grave!" shouted a villager

"Yeah, then the demon will disappear forever!" another shouted

"You idiots you will only enrage him more!" shouted the Hokage

"Fuck that!" a ninja shouted "Destroy that grave!"

Suddenly there was movement heard, everyone stopped what they were doing and looked to see who was approaching. Appearing from behind the bushes was Jiraiya and Kakashi.

"Jiraiya!" shouted Tsunade "Kakashi!"

The jounin let go of the sannin and started leaping towards the grave.

"Wait, let Tsunade heal you." said Jiraiya

Kakashi shrugged it of. He stopped in front of the grave and smiled under his mask. He leaned down with his back at the tomb stone and opened his palm revealing the necklace. He looked at Jiraiya.

"It's already too late, I can feel my life passing."

"That's bullshit, let us help you!" shouted Tsunade

"I deserved this." replied the jounin "For always ignoring him." he said as he closed his eyes and breathed for the last time

A cold wind blew and everyone stood silent, no one knew what to do or what to say. This was tragic, they had lost a large number of ninja and villagers and now they have also lost their copy-cat ninja.

Suddenly the wind blew powerfully, everyone looked beyond the graves and saw a blond child there, to his left and right side were over a hundred transparent creatures and over a hundred floating corpses. Everyone tensed and started sweating, this was nothing they could deal with.

Suddenly about a hundred or so fox ANBU dropped behind the blond child, fifty armored men dropped near the fox ANBU, fifty red masked men also appeared and twenty electric men as well. A fox ANBU and an armored man started walking towards the blond. The wind blew more and more powerfully, the two advancing men stopped. Then the white masked man dropped in between the two men that had advanced near the blond child.

Everything was silent, the creatures were looking between the ABNU and the Konoha inhabitants. The child remained still, like a stone. He didn't even flinch. Suddenly he started raising his hand, it seemed like he was about to deliver the final blow seeing as everyone in Konoha was in the cemetery.

"Naruto!" someone called, it was a loving voice, peaceful and lovingly.

The blond dropped his hand and looked towards the area were the sound came. Everyone looked to see who called, their eyes narrowed as they saw the blond man, the Yondaime standing a few meters away from the blond looking at the child with a smile and a red headed woman kneeled near the Yondaime smiling at the blond.

The woman extended her arms towards the blond. "Naruto-kun, come here." she called sweetly

The blonde raised his head and a smile appeared on his face, he turned towards the two, the transparent creatures and the corpses disappeared. The blond smiled widely at the woman and the deceased Kage.

"Kaa-san! Tou-san!" he shouted happily as he ran towards the two proclaimed parents. He jumped in the woman's arms that entangled him in a hug.

The Yondaime kneeled next to Naruto and put his hand on his shoulder. "Musuko (Son), why did you run away from home?" he asked worried

"I'm sorry Tou-san." replied the blond as tears appeared in his eyes "I lost baa-chan's necklace." he said

Tsunade would have been angry now, but she was too confused to even care what the blond had said, she was sure now that the child was Naruto.

"Did you find it?" asked the red head, Kushina.

The blond shook his head as he wiped away a tear. "I didn't and when I asked for help everyone called me demon and monster and ran away from me." he cried

"There, there Naruto." Kushina said as she tightened the hug. She let go of him and stood up. "Lets go home, we will find it sooner or later." she said smiling at him.

"But…but…" Naruto said as tears started forming in his eyes

"Naruto!" called someone again

Everyone turned in the opposite direction and their eyes narrowed, well at least everyone's except the Yondaime's, Kushina's and Naruto's. In the opposite direction stood none other than Kakashi, he had both his normal eyes and he was smiling at Naruto. To his left stood red black eyes, black haired teen, one Uchiha Obito and to his right stood a girl with marking on her cheeks like the Inuzuka, Rin.

"Kakashi-shukufu!" shouted the blond happily (A/N: Shukufu means uncle)

"Look what I found." Kakashi said as he opened his palm to reveal the necklace

"My necklace!" shouted Naruto happily as he ran to Kakashi. The silver haired teen chuckled and tied the necklace back around the blond's neck.

"There we go." he said as he patted the blond on the head.

"Thank you Kakashi-shukufu!" he said

"Naruto-kun!" shouted Kushina "Let's go home." she said

Naruto nodded and walked over to Kushina followed by Kakashi, Rin and Obito. Kushina kissed Naruto on the cheek and took his hand, Yondaime took his right hand and they started walking away like a family with Kakashi, Rin and Obito behind them

"Wait!" shouted Naruto as he let go of his parents hands. "Kyuubi!" he shouted and everyone tensed, red chakra started leaking out of the entire army, all except one fox ANBU, one armored man and the white masked man. The rest of the army collapsed on the ground and turned to dust that was blown away by the wind.

The red chakra started taking shape, then a small fox with nine tails appeared that ran over to the blond child and jumped in his arms. Naruto hugged the fox smiling. He then looked at him.

"Missed me Kyuu?" he asked

The fox stood silent.

"I'm sorry, don't give me the silent treatment." said the blond, the fox huffed and turned its head away. Naruto sighed and walked back to his parents.

"Don't worry Naruto, I'm sure Kyuubi will get over it." said Rin smiling at the blond

The blond smiled at her and nodded. He took his mothers hand and held the fox with his right hand. A bright light consumed them and they disappeared, even Kakashi, Rin and Obito.

The Konoha inhabitants suddenly looked at the three remaining people. They brought their hands up to their face, the fox ANBU took of its mask revealing a red headed woman, the armored man took of his metal helmet revealing a blond man and the white masked man took of his mask to reveal a sixteen year old Naruto. The three smiled at everyone.

"Thank you…everyone." said the teen Naruto as they started transforming to dust and being blown away by the wind. "Thank you for everything…especially you my friends and family." his voice could be heard all around them. The cloud disappeared from the sky and the sun started to shine over entire Konoha. The blood and corpses mysteriously disappeared leaving cleaned buildings.

Those that loved Naruto looked at his grave and smiled despite everything that had happened."Your welcome." they all thought.


Somewhere, in a unknown place, a blond child could be seen running through a field with flowers laughing and enjoying himself. A small nine tailed fox was running after him, it looked like it was also smiling and having a good time, his tongue was out of his mouth bouncing as he was running.

A white haired teen was running after the blond laughing, at his side was a black haired teen also laughing and he was holding a can of paint. On the side lines a girl with markings on her cheeks could be seen giggling at the sight, a blond man and red headed woman were holding hands and smiling at their son.

A/N: Well this is the last chapter, if you still have doubts well…I will explain everything now, but first try and answer this questions in your reviews before reading the explanation.

Why did Naruto kill Kakashi? Why was he looking for Tsunade's necklace?


Now, if you remember Naruto wrote in blood in the hospital the following: "He will die, she will die, the curse will stop." What he meant was that he will kill his teammates to end the curse of Team 7. If you remember Team Yondaime was Team 7, Obito died, Team Sarutobi was also Team 7 and Orochimaru became missing-nin, Team Kakashi is also Team 7 and Sasuke became missing-nin, Naruto wanted to end this curse line.

Now…when Yondaime said "What she did" he refereed to the fact that Sakura made Naruto promise something that sent him on a death man's path (Vld you were right, good job)

The flashes were either flashbacks from Naruto's memories, or what he did in some places, or simply just to scare the living shit out of everyone.

White masked man, was teen Naruto, good Naruto that forgave the village and everyone. Fox ANBU, one of them was Kushina, the other were special Kage Bushins made with Kyuubi's chakra to make them flesh and bones. Armored men, just like fox ANBU, red masked men, the dead ninja of the Kyuubi incident, same goes for the electricity men.

When Yondaime asked Naruto why he ran away from home, he actually meant why didn't he pass on to the after life. Naruto said that he lost the necklace, meaning that the necklace was keeping him bound to earth and didn't let him pass on, the necklace's curse.

Naruto killed Kakashi to give him a second chance, a second chance in making up for ignoring him and so on. In Naruto's eyes, killing Kakashi and reuniting him with his teammates and him would make him happy, which it did.

Naruto didn't kill Sakura to be with her, he killed her to end the curse of Team 7.

Kyuubi is also dead, but he helped Minato find Naruto to help him pass on. You see, when Minato and Kushina saw that their son didn't arrive in the after life yet went to search for him. As they reached Konoha their wish on finding Naruto was almost replaced with their wish to punish Konoha for how they treated their child. But by killing the council that wish was eradicated and they found Naruto and helped him pass on…with Kakashi's help retrieving the necklace.

Danzo stole the necklace to get rich…simple as that…

End explanation.

Well I hope you enjoyed it, this was in my opinion my best story (smiles)