Title: King
Rating: G
Pairing: Milo x Kida
Word Count: 311
Warning/s: None
Summary: Milo doesn't want to be king
Dedication: None
A/N: My sister loves watching Atlantis because of the 'Big Water' (Land Before Time reference), and therefore I love it too (Everyone does after the 20th time). Though I'd really wish Milo would wear pants more often in Milo's Return.
DISCLAIMER: SUE PLOX! (Don't own it)

Kida has always wondered why Milo never wanted to be king. After the restoration of Atlantis, and after the tears shed for her father, she told him that with the position of her father's crystal, he is technically the kind of Atlantis.

And then Milo sent that crystal back to the surface, to the person he said made their trip to Atlantis possible. "He would deserve it more than I really. It's all thanks to him." He said as an explanation, and she had taken it.

Later, after days of stress, when they finally admitted their feelings to each other, she had asked him again if he were to be king.

"But Kida, despite what I helped achieve, I am not in fact an Atlantian. The throne should belong to its someone of its blood." He said.

She had, of course, told him it didn't matter to anyone where he was born, and that he could in fact be king. Milo had found an excuse to run away at that point.

After their marriage, before Kida was to be crowned queen, she had looked in on Milo to find him asleep over a pile of old Atlantian books. All were law books, all turned to pages speaking of ancient accessions to the throne.

She took pity on him at that point, and told him the next day that, if he didn't want to, he doesn't have to ascend to the throne until he's ready.

When, consequentially, Milo hugged her; she could feel the relief rolling off of him.

"Why do you not wish to be king?" She finally asked him as he released her from the embrace.

Another excuse, another time he ran off, and so she still doesn't know.

And Milo, Milo is still waiting until the day he will feel worthy of all that has been bestowed on him.