"I do not understand. Why does he not like me?" Kida asked, mouth slightly down turned in concentration as she ranted (though she would never admit that) to one of the more sensitive guards.

The guard, significantly unnerved by the situation that his break had brought on, attempted to string together some words that would pacify the queen without possible reprecautions.

There were many possible reprecautions.

"Maybe, there is something in his culture preventing such a thing to happen, my queen?"

Though he didn't really jump back and cower as he would have wanted to, payoff from years of training, he did flinch when Kida's head suddenly turned towards him.

"I have been with him to his country, and have been with his people. We live among them now that Atlantis is restored. There is no cultural reason for him to act the way he does!"

She paused here, breathing hard from her tirade. "I do not understand him..."

"I have tried to speak to him about this, yet every time I attempt to even start such conversation he finds reason to avoid it. It is not that he is so absorbed in his work, he makes time for me and anyone else that asks for it. I simply... do not understand..."

Kida's expression by the end had become so dismal that the guard began looking around the room for anything that might cheer her highness up.

This is not what I was trained for, he thought.

"Maybe... Maybe he is merely afraid?" The guard tentatively offered.

Kida contemplated this for a moment. "But what is there to be afraid of? I am a woman, and he is a man. I have clearly shown interest in him as he has in me. I do not see anything to be afraid of."

"I do not know, your highness. Maybe it would be best to talk to his people?" The guard asked, hoping to use this as a chance to escape.

"You are right!" Kida exclaimed, standing up. "I will go to his friends and I will ask them!"

Fueled by determination and love, Kida stood and went off towards the nearest ship.

The guard, meanwhile, looked on and sighed. "I am very glad that that is over." He said before returning to his post.

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