"Where are we goin'?"

"To find Iseabail lass, now hurry," MacBeth rushed the girl to the car and dusted off the snow, "in the car, in the car."

"All right!" Beathag retorted. "Not so bossy!"

Getting into the car, Beathag hugged her coat close to her and then MacBeth got in. "I won't have tha' girl's blood on m'hands," MacBeth muttered as he pulled out of the driveway, nearly hitting the wrought iron gate, "son of a—"

MacBeth glanced at Beathag and she was about to finish his sentence. "Don't ye dare." He commanded then got out to open the gate manually.

Soon the gate was opened and MacBeth started his drive down the lonely road toward the inner city at top speed. "No need t'be goin' so fast," Beathag crossed her arms, "ye might—"

MacBeth reached out his arm in front of the girl as he skidded to a stop, spying the car he had given to Iseabail upon her arrival in a ditch. "Stay here." MacBeth ordered.

With that MacBeth got out of the car and went to the one in the ditch. He checked the license plate and then saw the door was swung wide open. "MacBeth!" Beathag shouted, getting out of the car.

"I said stay put!"

"Watch out!"

A shriek filled the air as Demona came down hard on MacBeth, throwing him into the snow. When MacBeth finally gained his bearings, he saw Demona going for the girl. "Ye demon!" MacBeth growled. "Ye stay away from 'er!"

MacBeth threw himself on top of Demona to stop her and the two began to scuffle in the snow. Demona managed to scratch MacBeth across the face, but it proved faulty. MacBeth held Demona down, keeping his hands around her throat as she scratched at him, inevitably hurting herself as well. "Where's Iseabail?"

Demona gritted her teeth, her eyes glowing red. "Release me, MacBeth!"

"Let her go!" Beathag cried, running to MacBeth and beating on his back. "Let her go!"

"Away, lass!" MacBeth shoved the girl back and kept his grip firmly on Demona's neck. "Tell me where Iseabail is!"

Suddenly a police siren wailed in the distance and Demona freed herself of MacBeth's grasp with ease. "You'll get yours one day, MacBeth!"

Demona took on final swing as MacBeth, knocking him to the ground, and glared at Beathag as she disappeared into the wilderness. Beathag hesitated before running to MacBeth, she saw the scratches on his face as he lay unconscious on the ground. "MacBeth…" she shook him as the sirens came closer, "MacBeth…awake, man, awake!"

Seeing that MacBeth was not rising, Beathag feared the worst. "Not ye, too, please…" she felt tears sting her face, "Father, awake!"

MacBeth groaned as the lashes on his face began to fade and he blinked, looking at Beathag. "Beathag," he said taking the girl by her arms, "oh thank goodness yer all right!"

"Oh MacBeth," she hugged him tightly, "I thought the worst."

Lights shown on the pair as Elisa Maza approached them. "Is everything all right?"

"Oh Beatrix!" Iseabail ran to the girl. "Are ya all right?"

"Iseabail?" MacBeth stood. "But how—"

"Demona fancied throwin' me off the bridge," Iseabail laughed, a few scratches lining her chin, "not before old red here found me first."

Brooklyn was glad no one could see him blush as the rest of the gargoyles flew in. "I just took her to the police like she asked."

"By the fight the three of you had put up," Elisa remarked, "Demona may not be bothering you for some time."


Iseabail brought in the hot chocolate as Beathag rubbed the sleep from her eyes, then gasped at all the presents beneath the large tree. "Is this all fer me?"

"I reckon someone was a verrah good girl, lass," MacBeth replied, hiding his excitement with a chuckle, "now g'on."

Beathag proceeded to rip open the presents she was given while Iseabail laughed at the sight. "Tis a wonderful thing, havin' a child 'round this time o' year."

"Tis." MacBeth replied.

Iseabail snuck her hand into MacBeth's and smiled at him. "Our little family is nice, inn't it?"

MacBeth coldly pulled his hand from Iseabail's and then, surprisingly put his arm around her shoulders. "Tis."

Beathag stared strangely at the saddle that she had unwrapped. "What's this fer?"

"Go look out back, lass."

Iseabail gave a surprised look to MacBeth. "Ye told me nothin' aboot a—"

"A pony!"