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Siri: Man I completely forgot about this story.

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Destiny: What is this story about anyway?

Siri: Yes I forgot I think I wrote it 1 or 2 years ago. And I'm not going to tell you it'll be a surprise.

Dark+Destiny: Surprise? (Look at each other and gulp)

Siri: (Looking innocent) What?

Dark: Don't what us.

Destiny: You know as well as I that surprises are never good with you.

Siri: (smiling mischievously) Then you won't like that I have another surprise.

Dark and Destiny looking downright scared.

Summery: InuYasha's father has decided that he will mate another half demon, one he's never even met. His name is Yoh and he's just as mad about these arraingements as InuYasha. Can they figure away out of this mating fiasco before the get mated together and lose the chance of finding their true mates?



Scroll 1

What the Hell's Going On?!

The sky was alive to day with dancing sunlight, a playful wind, and birds singing. The land was peaceful as the farmers tended their crops and priests did what ever priests did in the temples. The children played and laughed in the street as their mothers sat near by doing laundry and talking to each. It was a beautiful perfect day. One for picnics and lovers to come together and rejoice. That is it was until and earth shattering shout was heard from the direction of the nearby lords castle.

The reason, one half-demon prince named InuYasha. You could tell what ever he had talked about with his father had not made him happy as he exited the room. The young prince might have been only half demon but he had a temper that could rival a full one. As the servants well knew since they scurried out of his way. All wondering what could have angered the incensed demon.


"What?!" yelled InuYasha

"Calm down, Inu." The tall white haired golden eyed demon said. "There's no need for you to get angry."

"No reason!" growled the prince. "You just told me I'm going to be mated to some one I've never even fucking met."

"InuYasha! Watch your tongue!" Inu-no-Taisho said as he looked sharply at his youngest. For being half demon InuYasha was pretty strong and knew how to take care of himself. He had snowy white hair with two puppy dog ears on top of his head. The hanyou had his fathers golden eyes but his mother's quick temper. He could usually be seen wearing the fire rat haori due to it being comfortable and durable.

"Besides this is not and open discussion. You will due as you are told." He slammed his fist on the desk in anger making it crack in two.

"Fine" InuYasha snorted and stormed out of the room. His puppy dog ears flat against his head.

End Flashback

Listening to his sons retreating anger filled footsteps. Taisho took out a scroll and wrote something down on it before rolling it up and striding to the window. On the ledge was a white demon bird with clear blue eyes and long tail feathers. Tying the scroll to its leg the Inu lord let the bird go and watched it fly away.

"And so it begins." He said to himself.

"What begins?" a deep yet soft voice behind him said.

Turning around Taisho saw his oldest son, Sesshomaru, staring at him. Sesshomaru had silver white hair, some of which was tucked behind an elfin ear, and golden eyes like his father. He had a purple magenta-ish stripe over each eyelid and on each cheek, as well as his arms. In the center of his forehead was a blue crescent moon. The only thing he inherited from his mother was what could be described as an elegant build and pale porcelain skin.

"Nothing that concerns you." Taisho chuckled, Sesshomaru raised a delicate eyebrow. "Did you need me for something son?"

"A small entourage of Inu demons has been spotted two days travel from here. I assume this is your old friend?" he asked.

"Most likely." Taisho replied not elaborating.

Sesshomaru stared at his father warily. He could just tell his father was up to something and that it somehow included him. "Father, what ever you have planned. I suggest you leave me out of it."

Taisho watched his oldest leave. Oh, but I can't do that my son. You are one of the key components for this to work.

Inu Lord Shadow sat watching his best friend's only son, Yoh. Shadow had to admit that his friend Dark hadn't done to bad in picking a mate even if said mate was human. No disrespect to his now deceased friend, he couldn't understand how he could love a human. Their lives are to short and they could break easily. Which was the reason Dark wasn't around still today and raising his own son instead of Shadow.

Shadow looked Yoh over. God he looked so much like his father with his lanky but muscled build and the midnight black silk like hair and the star in the middle of his forehead. The black dog ears on top of Yoh's head did not detract from his looks instead gave him a cute appearance that had females swooning at his feet. The only thing he had inherited form his human mother was his deep violet eyes. Which were glaring at him right now.

"Not that I don't appreciate this Father but do I really have to?" Yoh asked.

"Yes you do." He sighed. "I and Taisho decided that it would be to our benefits if our lands became allies in not just writing."

"But I'm your adopted son wouldn't Renji be a better choice to mate with then me?" the young one pleaded.

Shadow rubbed the bridge of his nose. "We've been over this Yoh. Despite the fact that it would be beneficial to have a mating between our families we can't use our oldest because they will take our place someday as lord to our lands. We want to be close allies but do not want our lands to merge together."

Yoh got up and left the carriage mumbling something under his breath. After he left another dog demon entered, this one full blooded. He had gleaming silver hair just like Shadow but his eyes were a smoky grayish white with some flecks of silver where as his father had penetratingly dark as night black eyes. This demon had a blood red tear drop shape in the center of his forehead and matching blood red stripes on his cheeks and arms. His skin was a dark golden color but his fathers was a transluctant white that glowed some what in the dark, which made people think he was some type of spirit.

Shadow stared at his son as he took the white demon bird that was handed to him, it always surprised him how much Renji looked like his mother but still managed to keep a masculine look about him. He shook himself from his thoughts and turned his attention to the scroll he had taken from the demon bird's leg. He quickly scanned it and smiled to himself giving a little chuckle before putting the scroll away someplace safe.

Renji watched as his father smiled evilly. He narrowed his silver flecked eyes at his father that he knew was up to no good and it most likely had involved him, like all his fathers plans seemed to. Hopefully he leaves Yoh out of whatever his evil intentions were.

Two Days Later.

Lord Taisho and his two sons, Sesshomaru and InuYasha, waited in the courtyard as Lord Shadow's carriage pulled up. His son watched as an Inu demon with gleaming silver hair and pitch black eyes stepped out. The demon was wearing a simple blue yukata with a sword attached to his left side. Their father smiled.

"Welcome old friend. It is good to see you again." Taisho said as he hugged the demon.

"It is good to see you too." Shadow turned toward the two half-brothers. "These must be your sons."

"Yes, this is my oldest Sesshomaru and my youngest, InuYasha." Taisho answered as Shadow smiled knowingly.

"Why don't I introduce you to my sons? This is Renji, my eldest, and my adopted youngest, Yoh." He pointed to each in turn and then introduced them to Sesshomaru and InuYasha. "Come forward Yoh and greet your future mate, InuYasha."

Yoh and InuYasha stepped forward, eyeing each. Unnoticed by the two, Sesshomaru and Renji stiffened. Both thinking the same thing:

Yasha/Yoh is going to be mated?!

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