It was a cold, silent night in Tokyo. It was an ordinary day for Tara Street, they woke up early and went to sleep late. They were mostly fishermen and craftsmen. They lived happy, content, and peaceful lives till that night on the blood red moon.

A figure clad in a red tee-shirt, black white-wash jeans, and a pair of Nike's walked down the street. A long, black jacket finished off the outfit. The figure stepped out of the shadows. He smiled showing sharp fangs tinted at the tips with blood, and listened to his I-Pod.

He had chilling purple eyes with a thick, dark gold swirled in. He had blonde hair the color of the sun that reached his shoulders.

He slowly walked down the street. Suddenly, all the lights went out, and a laugh eachoed through the shadows to be followed by the sounds of the terrified screams.

"Sakura, time to get up!"

A girl rose from her bed yawning. "I'm up now!"

Sakura was a teenage girl of fifteen, and was the a only child.

All the rest of her family lived in th North. She was living with her best friend, Kira, so she could go to school at a boarding school.

Sakura walked down the steps in a Black Rose tank top, her favorite band, and in black jeans. Kira was in the kitchen drinking some milk, and watching the news.

"Morning Kira! You ready for school?"

Kira yawned and nodded her head.

On the televison a newsreporter was looking gloomily at the buildings.

'Today a terrrible deed. Four people have been murdered. They were drained of their blood through multiple cuts on the arms, neck, and legs.'

Sakura gasped and shuddered. Kira sat there watching intently.

'On the walls the blood was written in phrases. Phrases such as there is no god, only a hell. If you have any information on who did this please contact the Tokyo police.'

They showed pictures of the phrases, then the homes, and then lastly the bodies of the two adults and two children that had been butchered.

"Oh my god!" yelled Sakura.

Kira sighed got up and motioned for Sakura to follow. They grabbed their stuff. Sakura left the house first followed by Kira.